Bah !

I do know that I’m not photogenic, so as any slightly vain and self-conscious person I avoid to be photographed in public. Especially on “occasions” like a reception or a convention – as if I would attend such “occasions” on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis !
The last time I attended an official event it became a kind of game between me and the photo snapper of the village gazette. I did not wear insignia or badges, as most of the grey-haired gentlemen attending did, but only a small button on the right side of my jacket, and stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. Instinctively I always found something interesting to look at when the click-machine was turned at me, usually it involved to move the head behind one of those grey-haired skulls. I think I got out un-clicked. I am not as good as an old school-friend, who managed to vanish even from the obligatory class-photo …
But what the Bavarian police sent to me today in a letter is a plain insult.
Yes, it was taken on a whim, spontaneous, and on the go, one could even call it action-photography, not carefully lighted in a warm studio against black background. The chiseled lines of my significant face blur into an amorphic grey mass against a more or less black “background” – sfumato ? Grisaille ? Or incompetence, after all ?
Anyway, it’s just a lump on 6,7 x 5 cm. And they even demand me to pay 25 € for this !
Really, this inspector should put a little more care & effort in his work !


16 thoughts on “Bah !

  1. I prefer to call it “reacting to an unforeseeable traffic situation”, dearest Scarlet.

    And I’m glad to see you – you were rarely seen over the last weeks on the interwebs. I hope you are alright, alive & kicking, as they say.

  2. Nabbed by a Kojak-with-a-Kodak? Take heart, Sir.I have just had to get a new licence (all micro-chipped and hologrammed these days) and you’d expect such hi-tech equipment to produce a better image than the hideous hag which will be me for the next ten years! Bah! indeed.

    By the way, E25 seems paltry!

  3. A new licence ? I have mine since the eighties, it’s a bit hard to decipher and the image, well … but it is still better than what I got sent today ! I at least still remember that seedy jacket I wore, it was a good one.
    Meanwhile those licences changed their form several times, today it is a kind of credit-card I think – I could not identify a modern German drivers licence, come to think of it … “Hideous hag” – TA ! You’re a grace of Southern hemisphere’s womanhood, I am sure, dearest Dinahmow !

  4. These data will destroy themselves when I work my magic powers, lovely Hoppelschaum !
    This renewal-thing may theoretically be all right, but I would find it really annoying to have a new test every year or so. I mean, it is connected with a test (like rechts-vor-links / driving, or filling a form or such / theoretic test), or are you only made to pay for it ? This would be even worse ! Guess the golden calf’s name is “security” today …

  5. It’s renewed every 5s or more. There is a test, but it is primarily a short vision test. And ,yes, it does cost money, but, altogether the amount I’ve spent here in the states on drivers licenses has yet to approach the amount I spent on my German license in the 80s.

  6. Oh! here we do not have to take the driving test for renewal, but after you reach 70 years you have to produce a doctor’s certificate to affirm your physical ability to drive. And that bothers me, because, yesterday, as The Man and I parked outside the art gallery, an elderly-looking man got out of the DRIVER SIDE of his car, reached to the back seat for a pair of crutches and , with his RIGHT leg heavily bandaged at the knee, hopped away.If he cannot put his weight on the leg to walk, how can he manage car pedals? I hope I don’t meet him on the highway at 80kmh!

  7. Mitzi Carte-Blanche says:

    It’s all revenue for the government, it boils my piss. €25 Euros that’s cheap. When I was caught doing 33 mph in a 30 zone (they’re keen as mustard where I live) I was fined £90 and had to go on a speed awareness course or failing that have 3 penalty points put on my licence. My maid of all work attended the course on my behalf as it was held on a dreary industruial estate, full of undesirables.

  8. traffic camera photography!! LOL i hate them because the last time it happened here, it was my son driving, but all the cam took was the rear license plate on the damn car! yes, we paid he fine LOL

  9. Melanie Reynolds says:

    Darn! I was hoping said photo would be attached to this post so that I could judge for myself. I hope you are well. I’m not even looking for work and getting many offers. I just accepted two; Real Estate Assistant and Editor for Spanish textbooks being translated to English. I also volunteer in my son’s school library.

    Take care,

  10. Ah yeah, it was damn expensive Hoppelschaum !

    From seventy onwards I am not allowed to drive vehicles with kids in them, but basically I can drive until I drop Dinahmow.
    This guy is really out of his mind – he should have used the crutches for the pedals !

    “Tcha” ? Was “Tcha” ? Hmpf ! Sowas passiert DIR ja nie, liebste Anna !

    Bayerisches Polizeiverwaltungsamt in 94315 Straubing, dearest LX

    All this boiling piss makes you so hot, lovely Mitzi

    “Eltern haften für ihre Kinder” – a sign that was usually put on any construction sites etc. where kids would play, meaning that any damage done by the little lovelies the parents would be held responsible for … nothing changes Savannah

    Melanie ! Glad to see you – its ages since you vanished in the woods ! Editing text books i something I can relate too – but the real estate part escapes me ? Will I see some of your work on this famous site with real-estate-photography ? I’m sure you’ll do great !

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