Sunday Music, kinda …

Technically speaking it’s Tuesday evening, but mere minor technicalities should not be allowed to have such an impact, f.e. interrupting the ongoing Sunday Music series, no they shouldn’t.
This weekend was great – I did nothing. Sunday night I watched gentle snow flakes fall, and yesterday morning I drove through a beautiful winter landscape. Later in the day I had to see my doctor, and as a result I was treated with sharp instruments today – and even forbidden to have a breakfast ! So I crawled back into my cave like a waidwundes Tier, to rest and lick my wounds. But I do not want to bore you stiff with tales of my suffering, ha !
Here is some belated Sunday Music. It starts as a rather plain note-to-note-cover of Knock On Wood by Eddie FLOYD (1966), but – give Jerry HANSEN & The Ramblers Dance Band a chance : Ghana’s finest make their own music, sorry that it cuts out so sharply.
I hope you like the music, I wish the rest of the week is a bit easier & un-hectic.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music, kinda …

  1. Yes, just as it was starting to really cook! I have a rare, unique in fact, copy of my band DAM doing this song – rather ponderously.

  2. I love listening to this grooooving music whilst doing nothing.
    We had our first snow today too.
    Lets keep sharp tool away for the rest of the week… year… decade.

  3. Curious as I am, I could not find something about DAM on the internet. Yet, it was just a superficial search. But I take it Tim that you are not a Palestinian hip-hoper !

    It’s great, isn’t it dearest Mistress ! All one needs is a good sofa.

    No, white-clad harpies were dancing around me, sticking needles in my body & connecting me to a big electrical machine, laughing ! Heartless creatures ! “Waidwund” or “weidwund” see here – think bamby’s mother *snirf*

    As Tim saied, I would have liked to hear them getting on. Nice snowy drive this morning btw.
    Sadly the sharp tools will come back next week, dear Jon, but I think that was it then for another year or so.

    Thank you Dinahmow – I feel strengthened now !

  4. You do mavelous things with a wand, Mr Mags…. never stop.
    Meanwhile, no beautiful winter scenes here. It is grey… endless grey, punctuated by soggy bottle green grass, and howling winds. Nice.

  5. Today its fog, dearest Scarlet I was driving through the late night / early morning right into a frosted wonderland. Thankfully no strong winds, I could not use them on narrow & slippery roads, this brick-on-wheels reacts easily to a brisk squall. At least it is reasonably warm inside.

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