Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Nearly on time, this one … Strong wind outside, this morning I had to clear the path for my vehicle from “yellow sacks” that were blown all over the place. Some ripped open and the village looks like a dump. Heavy rain since yesterday filled the village creek, even the Main river is filled to the brim.
So without further ado here is Mr Barney KESSEL (Ger., Eng.) with his version of JOBIM’s (Ger., Eng.) Wave – may it be a gentle week for all !




14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The wind’s finally died down here, so I hope it has for you too? Although, maybe you need another few gusts to blow all that rubbish back into the bins?
    “Wave” was a lovely, calming end to the day, thank you.

  2. Injured bird ? Hope the eagle will fly asap, dear Dinahmow !

    It’s a roll of sacks, very thin, yellow-sih, that every household gets for free Müllraum LX. In fact as many as one wants – but because they are so thin they are no good for other use. In goes plastic & stuff, no paper, nothing wet. We do not have wheelie bins fort his stuff here, so you fill your sack and throw it on the top of the other sacks. Here we have a designated place for them, and once a week (?, no idea, sorry) the lorry drives by and a man in shock-orange throws them in the munching apparatus. I am not sure whether the plastics inside are sorted in a way or not. I know that sorting machines exist, they work with air (pushing light things in one direction) and I think with some light – but I’m not sure about this.
    We have blue bins for paper, and scattered throughout the village are large bins / skips for glass. “Küchenabfälle” are collected in the brown thingies, where also garden stuff (leaves, I have no idea, the janitor fills them up with stuff from the greenery around) goes in. The rest is just garbage and goes to the big oven, from what they generate “Fernwärme”, heat. Another of these objects, on a minor scale, helps to heat a quarter, einen Stadtteil, feat with the quarter’s garbage.
    To answer your question – no, they are for no special use. It is the same system as in Berlin, they simply did not give out wheelie bins to the households, but yellowish plastic sacks that tent to brake / rip open, especially when thrown around on the street or in the bushes by strong winds.
    I do not know who makes the dollar where, but garbage is a big business. And we – the environmetally conscious citizens – do the sorting for free. Just sayin’ …

    No way IDV. Strong winds, gushes of rain – I’ll have to take care tomorrow morning that this metall brick I drive is not thrown from the road in some corners. Glad that you liked it – Barney makes some nice “Ziselierungen”.

  3. This is a nice vision Jon ! I have a cold beer and crawl into my bed. Today they poked needles in me again, and the whole of my body as inspected, I had to wipe ultrasonic gel from a lot of my parts. At least the result of the whole procedure is that all is correctly working and there’s no need to worry – “just skip the fags and wouldn’t you like to loose a little weight ? – Darlings, I’d love to loose a little weight !” – so all ended in smiles and friendly laughter, even the needles were friendly … glad that it’s over.

  4. Once every two weeks, we have paper recycling here. We place newspapers and anything made of paper into a special bin and set it by the curb.

    Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to properly pack their bins and the papers blow all over the neighbourhood on a windy day.

    I am constantly picking newspapers out of my bush.

  5. I spent the weekend on the sofa listening to the wind howl. Since then we’ve had one really nice day. Now we’re back to grey and windy.

    Hope it’s improved where you are!

  6. Maybe you should consider a bush-removal, as MsScarlet once did, dearest Mistress

    Thank you Roses – greetings from sofa to sofa – windy and grey as usual, but thankfully not freezing. I guess this is spared until Christmas.

    We did use des Teufels Gebetbuch and strengthened us with the Jaegermeisters Elixier, so it was spent in the spirit of Krampus LX !

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