Sunday Music, Notausgabe

Achachach … When I pressed the button of the Blaue Engel on Saturday morning nothing happened. What means exactly – the button worked and its blue led came up ; the screen became white ; the familiar sounds of the hard drive’s rödeling did not come to my ears, there was only the death rattle of the cooler left. Followed the usual, like switching things on and off, controlling cable connections. Than I had to go to work and driving through dense fog really made me forget this calamity. There are a few Saturdays over the year when we have to bring the kids in the “Zentrum”, usually when they have some kind of event there, parents are involved, and normally they take their kids home in the afternoon. Thankfully all of “my” parents decided to go this traditional route.
Nevertheless the Blaue Engel stayed silent on my return, not one single peep. The hard drive does nothing at all, the operating system is not near being loaded into the memory … I shook the disk a bit, but it stayed unimpressed.
Is this bad ? The most important things, stuff I did for clients, is copied onto another physical storage medium ; the emails … well, some were nice and I would have liked to keep these – would I ever have them read again ? What is more important is that I have no more addresses at all.
Pictures –  ah yes, something I wanted to do for some time and looked for in winter vacancy – weeding out, getting rid of the nonsense … some few were good, some were la-la, most were not good ; anyway, I have not to go through the collection, the collection left. So I have to take new pictures. Texts & letters – don’t care.
In the end it is no real damage, unpleasant, yes, but no catastrophe.
A young friend advised me to put into the Blaue Engel a new hard drive, a ssd which promises rapidity. Perhaps I will switch to windoof 10, we’ll see.

Enough of this technical babble, let’s do what the hard drive did – Let’s Misbehave !
Enjoy the 1927 version performed by Irving AARONSON & His Commanders – here’s to a hopefully un-hectic and perhaps even peaceful week !



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Notausgabe

  1. Gut Gott! [crosses self over demise of Der Blaue Engel despite not being religious]

    There may be a way to retrieve the important files from the disc. (1) Boot using a Knoppix USB stick or CD and copy the files, or (2) take it to the village PC repair shop and have them copy the files.

    Best wishes.

  2. I hope you can get your files back.

    I have a bunch of pictures on an old computer I barely use anymore. Every now and then, I turn it on and look through the pictures. I have the same attitude (I think) as you do toward them…some are good, most are crummy, I know I should probably do something about them…I’m not sure what, because there are so many…so there they sit. Until one day the computer no longer turns on. (Or I no longer turn on.)

  3. Oh, no! It just goes to show that angels – blue, or otherwise – cannot be trusted for long term commitment. Maybe it will sputter back to life briefly enough for you to retrieve anything really important. Good luck!

    In the meantime, I’m enjoying the misbehaving! Thanks, Mago.

  4. What LX said about taking it to the computer shop.
    Also, the word around town is that Windows 10 is a nightmare! Several friends advise NOT installing it.
    Now I will listen to the fabulous Cole Porter.Thank you.

  5. I will not call it des Blauen Engels “demise”, until it’s clear that nothing works again – what I doubt : I think it is really the hard drive and nothing else. I totally forgot the Knoppix, I’ll try and make a portable version on a stick – thank you for reminding me LX !

    Welcome back HappyApathy ! Pretty much so as you describe it with the pictures !

    Volatile creatures IDV – I think the blue one here has a bit of Phoenix in it …

    They just hurt my waist-line Norma – no matter if one calls ’em plaki or else. Time is fleeting and it’s this time of the year again – happy hanucka, shnukkele !

    We’ll see about the computer shop, Dinahmow. I hear good things about win 10, like fast, seemingly reliable, nice design. I have no clue what to do. First I need a working computer, what means a portable operating system on a stick, and it must start the “Blaue Engel”. Then there should be a new hard drive etc.
    Possibilities are a) win 10 with the new browser – and nothing much else (office), so basically a more or less pure microschuft computer, or b) PC-BSD as operating system, Sylpheed (mail) and Qupzilla (browser), Libre Office. This would be the total counterdraft to the first one.

    Sorry now. The rightful owner demands the machine back – see you soon !

  6. Nothing works. 32 MB (!!) of ram is ridiculous, also firefox 3 running (?) under ubuntu 9, no email program. This is a machine I found in the dark & deep of my closet in the sleeping room. There was another one, better equiped, running an old windows, but it refused to connect to any screen, so useless – guess the graphics controller gave in.
    As for the Blaue Engel, I think her days are numbered, but am not sure about it.
    Anyway, a lot is going on, in any respect. I hope I can return to Blogsville in a few days, I miss the place.

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