Sunday Music

… crackle *spotz* … things are not exactly working according to plan, as always. I use now a museal artefact to connect to the web & read the news. But firefox three will not allow me to see most of the images, and forget videos. On the other hand it is a very relaxed way of surfing the web. Ubuntu (9) is a nice operating system and handles the 32 MB of ram very carefully. I have no clue how long this situation will persist.
So here we have a young Caterina VALENTE (Ger., Eng.) with a light bossa titled  Recado, the message – I hope you like it, and that there will be only good messages next week …



27 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m sure Santa’s gonna fix all your problems. (I’m not being sarcastic… well, maybe a little)

    Keep the spirit up, mein Lieber!

  2. Thank you y’all !

    I’m “partially” back – the ancient tower under my desk allows me to read news, now & then I’m allowed to use a more modern machine for commenting & fun, as a reward for good conduct …

  3. For Your Information

    I tried to comment on blogger blogs, but it sadly did not work. The captcha-thingy did not show up, the wordpress-“thing” was not accepted, I have no clue what’s going on.
    I use right now actual software that already has worked properly before, so no change on my side. Another thing Santa should fix asap !

  4. Merry Christmas, dearest Mistress !

    I’m working on it and trawling the second-hand-computer-sites. I already have my eyes on something astoundingly cheap – not one of the regular bitches, mind you ! – and with a little luck & Santa’s help my services will return soon to their former glory !

  5. —–((*))

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your friends and loved ones, Mago.

    May the holidays bring you peace and joy. And may the New Year surround you with happiness, good people, & good times.

  6. I’m late for the Merry Christmas side of things, but early to wish you all the best for the coming year.

    May your 2016 be filled with stable and fast internet connection as well as good health, love and prosperity (and lots of sparkly fun).


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