Sunday Music

First of all : I have to say Thank You to all my venerated readers, steady commenters and occasional lurkers – especially to all the well-wishers in last post’s comment section ! *
Without You the last year would have been less funny in total, this blog would have been far less entertaining (if it is at all, it is because of You – but Your refined tastes can’t go wrong ! ), my life would have been a dull boring drag etc.etc. – you get the idea.

Christmas came and went, it was a quiet and uneventful occasion, just as it should be ; the new year strolled by – the local fireworks were reduced in comparison to earlier years, maybe the dense fog played a role. It was not as thick as some years ago when it was impossible to see at least something over 50 cm distance, but close – I at least heard some rockets & stuff.
But besides these islands of silent quietness and leisure there were bursts of activity – yes, there was (good) change at Mago Inc. As one result of this transitional flux I am now flat-sitting and in (temporary) charge of a modern computer – ha ! If things go well I will have my own computer at the end of this week, a machine that once was a gaming-monster constructed to mash electronic behemoths and today is considered an outdated yet interesting piece of hardware-history, still stronger than anything I owned before and good enough for my humble daily needs any way.
In fact I have the coming week still off, I’ll climb aboard the flying bus in the damndarkmorning of the 11th, not one second earlier. So I will take the baubles from the christmas tree, potter about my appartement, sort some books, oozing benevolence in general.

Now let’s have some light Sunday Music, it’s A New Day by J.C. DAVIS (about), hope you like it.
I wish it will be a gentle year, easy & unburdened, unbeschwert, this would be nice.



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21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I saw in the news that parts of the UK were badly flooded. Devon seems to be completley soaked by rain – Poor MsScarlet ! I hope your tiny hut is still standing and the hearth is not fuming …

    I only know that there will be a former gaming monster, but have no clue about details so far lurker LX. I was promised more ram & stuff, we’ll see. AT the moment I tend to bsd instead of win 10 – ach problems …

  2. Welcome to the club…of miscreant computers. Yes, mine too! But mine’s all fixed now and it seems you’ll be snapping back any day now.
    So, a good start to the year. I did try very hard to send some of our relentless sun up your way and I thought I’d worked a wonder when we had heavy rain …whatever the weather, we have blogs! Happy New Year!

  3. Hello Mago and a Happy New Year to you! Good to hear of the new-ish computing device coming your way. El Nino is blessing us here in Central Canada with a (so far) mild winter. Yes, we have snow but with day time highs in the single minus digits, I am not complaining! Beats the -20s or worse that we usually have at this time of year. Wishing you a lovely year with lots of good things!

  4. What an interesting word “miscreant” – heretic computers ! Straying from th right path, doing their own things, laughing at their masters … I hear that because of the racing development of car-electronics and the “promised” “independent driving” new computers, faster ways of data-transmition (in real-time) are in the making & artificial “intelligence” gets a kind of boost … One day we’ll face a real mean and hung-over supercomputer. Wonder whether this farcebuk-founder will then be able to leave his new house – according to some report he’s busily working on an AI-managed house for his own. Goodness, one day the hut in the woods stuffed with books and simple tools will be paradise.
    Thank you for the good wishes Dinahmow – the sun did not make it to Franconia, we have snow instead. Not very much, and it will not stay with us, but nevertheless snow. Blogs ‘n snow !

    Thank you Norma dearest – and you look so cute in that little red number !

    HA – best wishes for you Nikos – hope you have it warm in Arcadia !

    Thank you Scarlet – this thermovest is really a looker !

    Thank you Happy Apathy – and thank you for dropping by – I lost all my contacts, email-addresses & stuff, so rely on people making a comment here. I read what you say about wikipedia and will comment soon. BTW I am very much tempted to use bsd as os – it really will be an experience, if it works as promised, and I’m curious for this. I won’t burn the web, but would appreciate a fast computer very much ! Preferably without maleware, too.

    Glad that you dropped by Ponita – all the best for you in the New Year ! All these fishes, you know, hope the right one bites.

  5. Happy New Year & Cheers to a wonderful year full of peace, good fortune, & good health & good times!

    Gaming computers are awesome–they’re a lot more powerful than ordinary computers. Even the older gaming computers are still more effective & useful compared to the new mass produced computers geared toward ordinary use–better & more practical compared to tablets or netbooks. Cheers to your great find!

  6. The new monster masher is not yet here Mr Peenee – I hope he/she/it will arrive at the end of this week.

    Thank you for the good wishes Eroswings – may it all come back to you !
    As I learned the monster masher has a good graphic-card, so I possibly can play around with photographs, something I always wanted to do. I think my monster-mashing-days are over, perhaps I’ll build some civilisation or something like that …

    Terribly, dearest Mistress, terribly. Instead of putting them on shelves and making them parade like tin-soldiers I take them in my hand, look critical at their frontend and most likely start to read in them … It is a bit like one of these games where you have 24 squares and 23 tokens : You can bring it all in the correct or desired order, but you have to move the whole stuff step by step. Takes awefully long and needs some Hirnschmalz !
    Cheers m’love !

  7. Sounds like you’re going to have a lot of books to report in The Mistress’s first book post in a couple of months time, then? Unless, your new computron encourages procrastination and devours time when you get it, of course…?

    Happy pottering!

  8. The new used computer fell in my hands today IDV – things are still strange, the brand new, modern and powerful graphics.thingy seems to be a bit too much for my screen, and / or I have not found the correct settings yet. There is no sound from these boxes – but I know they work … achach … And books, yeah. actually I read a book about glas, a handbook for collectors. See ? No silly screen, no deaf boxes, just printed paper – works.

    Thank you Roses, all the best for you, boy, and all close to you.

    This is good Z !I had a look at your blog now and then, but did not comment – as I mentioned somewhere, some changes around here. But things will go back to “normal” soon

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