Sunday Music

Yes, I’m still here. In fact I would like to be a little more here, and chances are that this could come true in the course of the coming week. Because hardware arrived – a big white mega-tower of a personal computer, heavy like lead, now sits silently rumbling under my desk. It has two processors, two hard-drives (one should be pretty modern, it’s called “ssd”), 2 giga-dings ram and comes with a museal windows-xp that takes the fun a bit out of computing.
I remember this program well, was the modern os in 2001, I think I used it until 2012 – ? As I found there is no direct way from xp to windows ten, so I will give bsd a try – sometimes next week, other things need to be done first, before I can play computerles again. And – I have to learn to get up in the damndarkmorning again, time to fire up the bolide again.
Because I can’t hear music actually with this machine – not yet – and as relief from boredom – variatio delectat – this Sunday we go on a trip to Mars, as imagined by Mr EDISON in 1910 : I hope you like it !



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I just wanted to see it again, when “An error occurred.”
    It’s fascinating what one can find on youtube. Some of these old films are real gems, some are touching in their naivity, while others are real “gruslich”. I thought a trip to Mars would simply do right now, dear Z.

  2. Thank you for poiting me in the Mistress’ direction, dear Norma.

    “Spiffy” – is this something like “posh” LX ? Guess in German it would be “schnieke”, especially in Berlin.
    Yes – I just need a blank disk. And must have a look into this machine’s BIOS first, it’s not sorcery after all.

    No way darling ! Living on Mars will be terrible : Always someone or somewhat – in the worst case a depressed computer called Marvin – will tell you what to do, for safety ~, health ~ and what-not-reasons ; or because they find it funny at groundcontrol to make you jump through hoops … I think you can smoke on your own ground Happy Apathy, but am not sure …

  3. Old films are fascinating! And it’s not just because they look strange, but they are interesting and creative and a wonderful peek at how the medium was first used, developed, and experimented with to create art. Those early films are wonderful experiments in human imagination and ingenuity! It says a lot about technology–we may not always fully understand the it, but through experimentation and freedom to explore, we learn not only what new technology can do but what innovative and beautiful creations we can make with it.

    I still have my first laptop with Windows XP, kept it because it still works and I much prefer interacting with it compared to anything Microsoft has put out since. I used it back in college and for many years afterwards. Even though I eventually got a new computer, I still like having the old laptop–still has some old files and applications and programs on it that I like and enjoy and can’t find on the new computers anymore. I stick with what I like. I hope you get to enjoy exploring and creating things on your newly acquired computer.

  4. That reverse gravity concoction would be useful for when Broom’s paying up. Thanks, Mago, and good luck with your new/old tower of technical jiggerypokery!

  5. Thank you Eroswings – I always enjoyed to poke around in programs. This installing was done easily – it is really running “out of the box”,
    I have kept only two old computers, simply because of their technical equipemnt and the ports / connectors. I learned this when I worked in an archive – and we were handed some boxes of floppies, but nowhere was a floppy drive to be found !

    I like it Roses : It is definitely bigger, faster in some respect, better in some respect, all in all I’d summarize it as “different”.

    Wahnwitz ! I never have seen such a thing before LX ! I really must work on the sound here, I do want to hear this. Do you think the disk is made from copper ?

    And – was it a Mars-week, dearest Scarlet ? If so, the actual one may be ruled by mighty Aphrodite !

    Thank you Savannah ! Actually this getting up in the ddm works remarkably well. Senile Bettflucht ?

    Yeah Hoppelschaum, zum Kotzen, sozusagen … :)

    NAh IDV, trust your broom !

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