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I look up from the desk, over the room and through the window. And instead of the slope of a hill with some trees to the right and on top, and vineyards to the left, I see only a white flat, no deepness ; occasionally greyish-white objects swirl in front of the window-pane – perhaps LAWSONs “zig-zag & swirl” wasn’t so foolish ?
While driving through a village this morning I saw a public temperature indicator and learned that it had 9 °C minus, winter finally arrived. The vehicle drives pretty well on ice and snow, but the engine finds it hard to heat the cabin ; an additional heating system is fitted, but one can watch it gulping down the driving juice – anyway, the alternative would be sneezing kids and a grumpy co-driver, so let’s stoke, weaklings …
After some to & fro the big white monstermasher accepted the new operating system – no fear I will not bore you with technicalities. It does things a bit different from windows, takes notably longer to start, but when it’s fully loaded it works fine, wie der Herr so’s G’scherr. This means that I’ll be slowly trundeling back to normal regarding my online-habits, all I have to do is re-collect some of the three hundred or so bookmarks I lost. The computer works remarkably silent. Sadly the BIOS showed no inclination to accept the wonderful ssd-harddrive, but I do not give up on this – ha, take this ! Also the sound needs improvement, at least I hear the start-up & start-down dingle-dongle, so the speakers do work.
Let’s travel a bit through time and space : As antidote to the white freeze outside let’s visit the sunny India of 1953.
I hope you like it, and may we all have a relaxed and easy week ahead !



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  1. I bring you holy cows, holy men and even the Taj Mahal, all in colour, the tourist’s postcard view of exotic India in the early fifties – and all you mention is this old bird ? At least she’s admittedly a beauty. Confess Nikos, you are an engineer ! :)

    The white stuff is gonna stay here Foam, but over the next days there will be no “Niederschlag” of any kind, just real coldness with up to -15 °C. Schneeregen on Thursday, that will be fun !

    Thank you for the link LX, bookmarked it. In the bsd-repository I found the driver-set for my nvidia card. This really works : click and install, seamless, no fuzz. Better monitor solution instantly.
    Interestingly the sound device is listed as recognised and working – I simply have not yet found where things go wrong.
    I must ask the young man who had the machine before me how he did what with the ssd. In fact the BIOS says that there are two hds, but both are given as normal sata harddrives and the second (physically the ssd) is identified as identical with the first normal one – ? Can’t get my head around this.
    But these things will be sorted out : I am happy to have a running computer, now I will re-collect my bookmarks, blog, write some stuff, and hang around the web, I have a lot of free time all of a sudden.

    Just had a look into the diagnostics sheet. It says that there is an Intel HD audio controller and nvidia audio stuff. Seems there is a conflict. I will put some good loudspeakers on it and try it out.

  2. I was doing alright until I got to your response… despite being known to my Man as “high tech chicky-babe, I am flummoxed when faced with this sort of thing. But I am glad you’ve resolved it.
    Oh, yes – that was a very good ‘plane.

  3. I love vintage travel films! Everything looks so exotic and enticing and invites you to come have an adventure. When I was younger, the only things I needed to embark on a trip were transportation, a place to sleep, and enough funds for food & emergencies, and a backpack full of clothes.

    Nowadays, I have to research weather; check with the State Dept on any travel advisories regarding illnesses & safety; look for possible internet access; & pack way too much stuff than I used to.

    Glad to hear that the new machine is working out well, & the vista out your window sounds beautiful. Here’s to wishing you warmer and more pleasant weather.

  4. Sorry to hear there are still technical hitches. Boo.

    Hope you are staying safe on the icy roads. I hate driving in wintery conditions. Mind you, I came to it late.

  5. Good work finding the potential sound system conflict. [fingers crossed]

    At some operational level, the SSD will indeed look like a conventional hard disc to the OS, i.e. RAM vs spinning disc is not important. It is important at the driver level to handle the specific technical differences.

    What OS and version?

  6. Sorrz Dinahmow – what flummoxes zou ? [Had to fix the keyboard layout, sorry.] “dict” (the dictionaire I use) translates “flummoxed” as “perplex”, or verwirrt. I hope I did not confuse you ? I guess NIKOS knows how to handle this comment of mine, I think it is in no way “herabsetzend”, intrusive or such. It’s just a “pieks”.

    These old travel films are great – arn’t they ?! Of course it is the postcard-view, it is all make-believe – but in technic-colour ! I very much like them, especialy those from old Europe.
    I totally agree Eroswings, travelling nowadays is a bit more complicated as it was – only some years ago (!). BUt I would not like to sleep in the train on the normal seats these days, living out of the backpack, hoping for the best, fuelled by all the good trust in mankind … – perhaps I’d check the sleeping waggons, if I could afford the passage – and we do need a lot more of papers. Even in Europe, where we tried to create this free and open space called the “Schengenraum”, no borders, no IDs. just move on – people. goods, everything. I very much like(d) this dream and now we see how it gets cut up, slowly, country by country, border by border … because it may be all good for “us”, but not for these strangers … I’m slowly but seriously getting angry over this.
    I have my camera not at hand, but if it is possible in any way I’ll snap a picture of this view, just for fun, just for you – hach !

    No worries Roses, the technical hitches are small. In fact I re-installed the os this evening just for fun (and to check some stuff), it worked and it is good.
    In fact I am growing to like the wintery conditions – at least to a point – simply because I can master ’em. And to be fair, I was not yet really challenged with terribly adverse conditions, but only with snow, cold, fog, and some ice, for what I have the deepest respect. I know what I can do with this vehicle – and most important, what I can do not. Because of technical limits and – more important ! – because of limits of mine. In the end it’s easy driving.
    Roses, I very much like that you dropped by.

    I think BIOS can be tricked – I have the feeling that I made a big mistake somewhere LX – but hit me – ! – i don’t know where & when !
    Perhaps I will simply switch the on-board-sound-driver off via BIOS – it all needs just some testing, and I need – finally – to use the modern boxes of our mutual friend. I have simply effing old hardware in this respect, and the cable of the earphones is just too short too – booh !
    As I see it the OS simply took over what the BIOS had to say. And BIOS says there are two identical hds. But I think BSD 2015 is perhaps a little bit more clever than BIOS 2007, but I have no clue whether BSD can “override” BIOS – ?
    What we have here is :
    PC-BSD 10.2-RELEASE-p11 Diagnostic Sheet
    Generated: Tue Jan 19 23:07:03 CET 2016

    If you like to read the whole diagnostic sheet, let me know.
    All in all it works well – I am learning a lot, it is a little bit like in the old days when we faced “DOS”.
    What angers me is that the desktop environment I choose (LUMINA, the one they developed for this os) comes with GIMP and some other stuff pre-installed. I tried to get rid of it via the “App-Caffee” – that’s how they call their repository that generally works very well – but no success. It is simply that I do not like to have unnecessary code lying around.
    And I do not like & I do not want to use GIMP, for what I want to do it is useless anyway, also the “Qt”-development-thingy is useless for me : I am strictly a user, not a developer ! So I will go down the “port-package”-route via command-line to uninstall these things – don’t get me wrong : I can do this (at least I hope so !) ! But it is a little bit in-consequent, when they already do develop a very comfortable graphical surface for handling packages – and then you can not get rid of stuff they sent you via the install procedure n the same easy way.
    Anyway, I need to collect bookmarks – and finally want to hear some noise !
    afk now, sorry, too late.

  7. I am a bit weird… I sort of like losing bookmarks. I have all blog links copied in a multiple of places, but I went through a phase of bookmarking things that I very rarely returned too… I realised I was better off physically writing them down if I felt they were that important.
    A tad chilly here too… until the weekend when we have the return of the big wind.

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