Arg …

I just phoned a friend, we had some gossip, and he told me that he’d listen to some music via tv, because there is an 80s-special program, somewhere in between the 60+ channels he can get with his extra-wide idiot box.
This reminded me of things I heard in the radio over the last days – all those stations jingled onandon “We play the best 80s music”.
What means in the end that they get adventurous and bring some QUEEN.
It is depressing. Sometimes I feel like grandpa driving through Mississippi  listening to Grand Old Opry – the image may be wrong, but I guess you get the idea.
DO I have to listen to the same old crap over and over again, because some teenage redacteurs now imagine something like “the wild 80s” ? And if they do & fill their program slots with this stuff, it is always the same : No strange NDW, no punk – but some “Madonna” – JEsus, would someone please brush granny from the stage ? Get The Hook !
Is it a generation thing ? A lack of knowledge, just uninformed ? Bad taste ?
I do not know, I just do not want to hear the same old stuff over and over again. One of the local stations (here) now and then does a bit of different stuff and even plays something that could be called “R&R”, others can’t see beyond the status quo. Forget the Bavarian Stately stations – they are beyond description, with the notably exception of the classic station BR 4 (or Bayern Klassik as they like to call it now) ; forget the local stations – they all do this 80s-hype and are only relevant for local news.
The only one that plays different music is EGOFM – and what I hear there, sometimes does shake me a bit. I have no clue about the artists they feature, the names are unknown to me & do not speak to me, but some of the stuff is done very well : Some re-invent 60s, 70s or even 80s music. Prima facie they sound genuine, then you listen to the texts or realise something else and you understand it is different. What strikes me is how they use the old forms – and when it is good it is not imitation, but something new. But this is rare, I think.
Any way. We are doomed. We are forced to repeat. Over and over again. With minimal divergences. And every generation again and again has to discover that there is something else, whatever it may be, for them or for else, the different. A perpetual search.
But my curiosity fades, at least in the 80s-respect. What surely means the first symptom(s) of getting old.
On the other hand my curiosity does not fade, but steeply increases, regarding the next American election. President Trump seems not to be so out of reach as some months ago. And with vice-pres Palin – yeah.
Words escape me. It will be great, for sure.
If this happens, for reals, I seriously wonder if I will have to serve my country again in one way or another.
Ach was soll’s, I’m tired, I had my share of stupidity this week, and the radio was playing crappy music. In the end nothing a glass of Silvaner couldn’t solve.

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  1. Welcome to my grumpy world! In our house we have 5 radios, all tuned to the same classics station.Oh, and the car! I cannot stand the local stations, playing noises and gabbling so fast i can’t understand what they say.
    How do I know? Because in ALL the shops and cafes it’s the same. Yeah…grumpy, I am. :-)

  2. So, what you’re saying is that you want to change the Status Quo and stop Rockin’ All Over The World….
    Anyhow, you are correct, the repetition takes it’s toll…. maybe Trump and Palin will end it once and for all?

  3. Dritte!

    There is no music station here that I will listen to. Instead, I play music in the Jeep from a USB memory stick plugged into the sound system or listen around the house on the iPod plugged into the amp or earphones.

  4. In the morning they all seem to be on speed, anything is terribly funny, even the traffic-jam on the A7 caused by a truck accident … Thankfully in most shops and caffes there is silence, dear Dinahmow.
    I will do what I always wanted to do on the bus, I will bring my own cds and play stuff I like, regardless of the mutinity brewing. They will learn to love guitar-heavy r&r, blues and jazz, grousing means walking !

    One more time the Bohemian Rhapsody and I’ll do something nasty, live and uncut, dearest Scarlet
    I fear that Trump & Palin will end the world as we know it for sure.
    And btw you are always my first, my last and everything … hach

  5. Here in Raleigh Area USA – and in other places I’ve lived – I have been able to tune in a college radio station. The DJs are students. The students really dig into their genre of preference and bring out some obscure stuff. They are very studious. There will be a folk music kid, a reggae kid, a jazz kid, an indie kid, a metal kid, an ambient kid, a blue grass kid, a classical kid etc etc. Each student DJ will get a three or four hour show, and they post their playlists on their website. The only problem is their signal is very week. If we get a heavy weather system, it blots them out almost completely.

  6. Until this driving job I had not realised how important it is to have hte “own music” playing dritter LX. It realy becomes annoying over time when you can predict what will aired in the next ten minutes or so …

  7. I am driving between the two “states” of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, and after ssome 20 kilometers the signals from Unterfranken / bavaria become weak while the others increase – not that there would be a much greater difference in music or news … Sadly we do not have such stations on air as you describe it Happy Apathy : It is either the stately run one ( “BR” on the Bavarian side, “SWR” or “SDR” (I’m not sure how it’s called today) on the Suebian side), or the private one – and when you look into the organisation / business structure, you’ll realise that most of these “local” stations do belong to the same “united limited”, that itself is a child of one of the large publishing houses. They are clones, just a bit localised.

  8. I haven’t listened to the radio for more then ten years when they totally scraped the only decent station, Radio-Canada “La Radio Culturelle”. Like LX I listened to music on my USB stick or my laptop. I do believe that all those years spent exploring and studying music brought me to a point where almost everything sound the same as before and nothing new is coming out. Redundancy takes it’s toll… so does age.

  9. I think it is just a “phase”, this feeling when “almost everything sound the same as before and nothing new is coming out”. I encountered something similar with books, texts and lay-outs (and in other respects too) – it is always new Jon.
    Of course it is variation of some basical forms ( a mere handful), but it is always new – first for the one who creates the piece (be it music, a graphic, a printed page, a love affaire) (in retrospect, always !) ; and second for the one who looks at it, in whatever role, be it a critic, a connoisseur, a bloody layman … You may “kill” Beethoven on yer piano once, but the bastard is still there next morning. You may give it to Tschichold on your graphic editor, but his books are there for ages when your files are already digital junk … When you had enough, you’ll calm down, and all of a sudden, things will be easy again – it’s just a teapot, nothing else. Some things do not want to be something else, they just are. This is right for any human effort – and who wants to draw the line between “art” and “non-art” ? In the end it depends only on the way you look at things.
    We DO get fed up, but the music is still there, art is still there, and of course we create something new by re-arranging oh-so-old forms … vita brevis ars longa mon chere, the torture never stops.

    I would love to, Norma, but this would mean I have to have to listen to the inmates’ conversations, and I’d prefer to listen to chalk on the chalkboard … seriously, at the moment it is barely acceptable. You know my last co-driver was a mathematician, from Poland originally ; we did not concur on some things, but we had a lot of topics to talk about & found many things we were in sync, easily … i am basically friendly and dislike back-stabbing, let me put it this way : I hear vox populi, and the major part is disgusting.
    So I need music, darling, otherwise I’d start yelling – an option not totally ruled out btw. As I saied, they will have to learn to live with my own selection : Und wer mault, fliegt raus ! I really had enough of this dumb waffle.

  10. When my son had his greengrocer’s shop and was tuned in to a local radio station, I had to turn it off as soon as his back was turned. I find the ‘wrong’ music intensely annoying too.

    I enjoyed your rant!

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