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Sorry for being late again, this is really a nasty habit forming … maybe I should call it “Monday Music” ? No, I will stick to the old form, I really should be able to do a post at least every seven days. I spent the weekend mostly reading and sleeping, now & then I tinkered with the new operating system. The change of weather & temperature was amazing, from -9 to +9 today, the birds sang this morning, I drove back home in a wonderful red glow the late afternoon sun gently provided, all the snow is gone, over night. Feels like an early spring, but winter is not yet broken, perhaps we’ll see him again towards Easter.
For whatever reasons the sound on my machine now works over earphones, totally sufficient for me ; I had some ancient loudspeakers that simply did nothing any more, not even hum or drone when plugged in, now I do not have them longer.
Driving is easy under these conditions, especially since one of the boys is away for a week, what does shorten my drive noticeably. Next week all will be back to normal, but then a week off looms, called Fastnachtsferien, tough job …
A tough job does imho the young pianist Lukas HUISMAN, who seemingly has a Faible for moderns like STOCKHAUSEN, XENAKIS – to name only the most prominent composers mentioned on his website – and SORABJI (Ger., Eng., archive).
Until some months ago the name SORABJI was totally unknown to me. I do listen to the classic station here for some years ; they cover a lot of other “fields” of music too, like experimental, classic modern, what is called “world music”, of course jazz in all its forms, and sometimes pretty strange corners of the musical universe – but to my best knowledge I never had heard from this man before, be it on this station, be he mentioned by musicians I know, or in another way. And I can of course not describe his music,  or – GOd forbid – “judge” it in any way. All I can honestly say is that it seems to be very distinct.

Here Lukas HUISMAN plays the introito to SORABJIs Opus Clavicembalisticum (Eng.), just some minutes of the total four hours.



I hope it’s an easy week for all of us – and may my American friends play happily in the snow !

13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Nice break in the weather for you guys!

    We desperately need some rain to wash the cedar pollen off the trees and out of the air. The trees are golden with the pollen and it is a great bother to those with allergies.

  2. Our pollen comes mostly from palms.Well, in our yard that is so.

    That piano piece is rather good, once he actually starts to play.I think I could manage the first bars…!

  3. Glad to hear the earphones work. I’m always impressed when talented musicians show their skills, esp. when performing a piece passionately. I may not always understand it, but I know art when I see (or hear) it.

    It’s always nice when the weather changes into something pleasant, however brief it may be. A beautiful sun and cheery birds make for a lovely day.

  4. It is a warm day, dear Scarlet. As I type I have the balcony-door open & the sun shines through my gold-orange courtains giving a wonderful light in my cave.
    The British Islands seem to live up to all their wet jaundices …

    I thought you were busy building snowmen & snowcastles LX !
    Isn’t it great to see MsScarlet back – even when she appears only as shade in the greyish rain !

    Humble opening to some very difficult stuff, at least that is what I read Dinahmow. I have not heared the entire piece. There is an interesting take on yt where the master himself plays a piece called “The Rosegarden” from a larger oevre called “Ghoulistan”.

    I really can not say wether SORABJI is one of the greatest ever or a fool Eroswings. But I think the young pianist is good, I will explore his work as far as I can reach it.
    Hope you have a lovely day too – or are you shoveling snow ?

  5. That piece very much reminded me of George Gershwin’s work. Similar phrasing, maybe? Although, perhaps when George was having a bad day, or in a mood…

    Snow is nice, but not when one has to travel in it, so I’m happy that the weather in Franconia is milder for you now.

  6. Why ?
    And why does one expect such a thing to happen when a video of a tuned car on a dynometer appears on youtube ? The thing is called a “Rollenprüfstand” in Geman, or “rollende Straße”. At least someone was clever and shut the bonnet fast after they turned their equipment into hot junk.
    But we can’t stop looking at these things ! Guess I will peep at the Russian Road Rages again, I think it makes me a better driver, a kind of inoculation perhaps …

    As I read Sorabji is kind of re-discovered over the last years Hoppelschaum, there may be even CDs available.

    I haver to confess that it reminded me of a drunken students’ party years ago IDV, Gershwin not so much …
    It’s all turning green outside. First motorbikes on the road.

    Gah – all frozen over ! Good to hear that it has melted away Happy Apathy. Did the big snowstorm deliver some stuff to you ?

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