Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Puuh … here we are. Cold outside, with the occasional drizzle of rain, no freeze, but one has to think about gloves (and something for the ears).
A very fast week it was. I found somewhere an older version of my bookmarks – I remember making this backup before I weeded them out some months ago – so at least this will be solved. (It only takes some hours of sorting, but I guess basically all is there.)
Sadly my old rss-feader is gone, perhaps I’ll try what is built into chromium, because this is the browser I now use (Note: It is not “Chrome” !).
I also found a backup of my photographs, so not all is lost. I really want to play along with these snaps. I always had harboured the opinion that a picture should stay “as snapped”, no darkroom-trickery, etc. but in the end it is nonsense : I want to show pictures just for fun, I want to play with the possibilities of editing. A lot of the results will be simply foolish, crap & boring (giving my penchant for structures), but what do I waste ? My time, yes, & perhaps the time of the few people who want to look at it, but I do not produce waste-waters filled with silver-salts etc., I’m environment-friendly in my own foolery – ha !
Next week I will have to drive regularly, but then it’s a week off and I plan to play around with some photo-editing-software.
The new used (*cue Springsteen’s Used Cars now *) computer refuses to brake down, and does what it is supposed to do (except mashing monsters, those days are over ; but there’s a little Doom anyway, these BSD-gents know their customers : Maybe we are all in the same age-bracket ?) – and that’s it all about, not braking down.
So this Sunday’s Music is a little number by bluesman Eddie TAYLOR (Ger., Eng., bio), of course absolutely gender~ and politically~ incorrect, Please Stop Breaking Down, from his 1972 album I Feel so Bad – hope you feel good !
Now come on, let’s fight through another week of … whatever comes away …




17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh thank goodness!! Sunday Music. I was fearing you would run a day late on a day when I am feeling particularly glum and lonely…. I was silly to fear that magnificent Mr Mags would let me down.
    Thank you for the music and for not breaking down.

  2. Bam – I publish, I roll-up – and here are the ladyies !

    No Dinahmow, I see no typos !

    And no – Mr Mags will not let you down MsScarlet ! Carissima – look at the good things around you – like … the hole in the wall is reasonably fixed, no water from the roof (?), Charmaine is doing her job … come on darling, don’t let me down !
    I have to go to bed now – for this silly thing called work is looming – just DO say something nice -pleeease !
    Otherwise I feel like I have abandoned Bamby in the cold rainy woods ….

  3. Tim says:

    Perfect! Just after I’d picked up my guitar after a too long lay-off, to hear my target! And it even sounded good on the laptop’s tinfoil speakers.

  4. Dunkelraum LX – the bookmarks are from some months ago and terribly overgrown, really need some cut back. I am very happy to have found the backup of the photographs, and will play along with them.
    Goodness – please take care of MsScarlet while I’m afk ! What a delicate flower, pride of Devon !

  5. Oh…. you are abandoning Bambie in the cold rainy woods… I will just shiver here until your return…. I would have a blogging flounce and go private or something like that, but I fear no one would notice this old time dramatic ruse…
    I am fine my dear, please go to bed and get plenty of sleep!!

  6. HA ! Great to learn that you grabbed the thing again Tim ! Eddie was versatile, from the Delta to Chicago – glad that you like it !
    The guitar is incredible, ohne Grenzen, always new.

  7. A “blogging flounce” ! “Go private” ! “No one would notice” – !
    TA !
    Goodness – half of the web would notice !
    All the people dropping by at “WonkyWords” would notice, The-Infomaniac-community would notice, it would be a major disaster if you would stop to publish your entertaining, thought-provoking and sometimes seriously silly pieces !
    Where to turn to ? What to read ? How to fill the mornings / evenings / afternoons – without MsScarlet’s inspirational shenanigans – or is it more like “fibbertigibbet” ?
    Fibs ?
    And where’s the fob ?
    Ach … I beg for Your pardon … I’m exhausted now – yes, send me to bed, MsScarlet, I need it, see you tomorrow, un-glum-ed I hope, and there’s always the hot-water-bottle … *mwah*

  8. Thank you Mr Mags, you are very kind…. and at least your comment thread now goes extremely well with your tune!
    I feel a little less glum now… and I will check in here tomorrow.
    SLEEP WELL, and sweet dreams.

  9. What a great selection for Sunday! Really great music. Luv the guitar & the sound of that voice.

    Glad to hear the bookmarks haven’t all been lost & the pics are still intact. Go crazy with the foto editing. I find adjusting the lighting and colors bring out the best details of a foto. Hope you have a warmer and wonderful week!

  10. Wonderful music choice as usual.

    I stopped fighting long time ago. I keep my want simple. Got no ambition, got no goals. It works for me. Not for everyone… yes, I know.

    Have a great week off. The days are definitely growing longer. And winter is pretty soft on us this year. Feels more like England – although I wouldn’t know since I’ve never crossed the Big Pond.

  11. Did Eddie Taylor say something about “bashing her brains out”? Well, you did say it was gender and politically incorrect 🙂

    It sounds like you’ve had a technologically good week even though it did fly past quickly. Reminds me that I must back-up my own photographs and things. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your edited photos.

    ::averts eyes from LX’s smothering hugs::

  12. It feels more like April Norma : Rain in the morning, sun on midday, snow in the afternoon – April macht was er will / weather in April is unpredictable.

    Thank you Eros – I am happily looking forward to my week off !

    According to MsScarlet England is a very wet place, especially Devon, dear Jon.
    Goals, ambition – ? A few are still left …

    I think we know what Eddie means there IDV. Now that you mention it – LX is so silent lately … ?

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