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It’s Dark

Thank GOd it’s Frayday. Just returned from my morning drive, one more turn in the early afternoon, and yahoo ! that is it ; the engine will be started on the morning of the 15th again, not one second earlier.
I do not know what made this week so exhausting – the snow ? It was not that bad, the wind was a bit scary sometimes. But the job itself is all bearable. What is not bearable at times is the foolish gibberish of some colleagues. Sometimes I wonder where these people have their brains, especially when they talk about “die” / “them”, referring to asylum seekers & refugees.
I do not like the word “Flüchtlingskrise”, perhaps best translated as “refugee crisis” – humans are no crisis.
What we see is a crisis of the European idea ; the rise of nationalism throughout Europe with a special emphasis on Eastern Europe and the post-socialist societies (where they happily chop democracy) ; a strong current of xenophobia ; partly openly racist and even neo-fascist or nationalsocialist movements in Germany and elsewhere : Only some days ago a police chief in Saxony spoke about “Pogromstimmung” in some areas there.
Some of my colleagues, the “hard-working” “salt of the earth” – I hope you get the sarcasm – have seemingly no ability (or will) to differentiate. Asked who “they” / “die”, would be it’s Auslänner, Asylande, Neecher – all the same. The sentiment is partly sheer enviousness (” ‘they’ do get everything”, “even i-phones”), or blank racism (” ‘they’ are too dumb”, ” ‘they’ just want our women”, ” ‘they’ never have learned to work”, ” ‘they’ are of no value” etc.), combined with the preference for very simple “explanations” (“Merkel ist schuld !” / “It’s all Merkel’s fault !”) and “solutions” (“Grenze zu – alle in’s Lager !” / “Borders shut, all in camps !”).
All in all it is depressing dumbness. No wonder that “AfD” and “pegida” & Co. enjoy a large clientele – the far-right “AfD” reached 12 % at the last Sonntagsfrage (“If there were elections next Sunday, which party would you vote for ?”), nationwide.
I never thought that I’d say this publicly about a conservative German chancellor, but GOd bless Angela Merkel, may she stay strong and healthy.
I only hope that the brutish simplemindedness of these zombies will not prevail.


13 thoughts on “It’s Dark

  1. Oh…my friend! I hear you.So very far away and there are the same bloody ( and I think they do want blood) voices here.
    I fear a wave of the same eugenics that swept Europe 80 odd years ago.
    At the same time, I am a bit annoyed at local government throwing a lot of money at, they say, efforts to help refugees.At the same time this government is locking children behind razor wire in an island offshore.

  2. Hi Mago, I know I have a lot to catch up with you. First question is what is this job that you are at now? I agree with you – May God bless Angela Merkel and grant her wisdom to handle the situation with fairness and compassion.

  3. They not only want blood, they are actually ready to spill it Dinahmow. Last week a life hand grenade was thrown on a refugee housing area. It did not explode when thrown, but the bomb disposal boys decided to blow it up, had no safety catch ready, ta ! No razor wire & no islands yet. The central gouvernement is not yet using a lot of money, it is the job of the single federal states to cough it up. Interesting to watch what is spent on what : Bavaria cries for more police and spends the money on “safety”, while Baden-Württemberg hires teachers & social workers in large numbers – what a shocking approach !
    As for Europe, this is a post of its own, soon to come.

    Glad to see you again Lone Grey Squirrel !
    Currently I earn my rent by driving (special needs) kids to and from a (specialised) school, very early in the morning and in the afternoon, getting payed by a large (Christian) organisation.
    I think Merkel did the right thing. Asylum is not a present one gives arbitrarily. Of course there is a system of checks & research etc., and of course there is misuse. But what our clever Eastern & Balcanese neighbours do is no solution – just built a fence and let people march through no-man’s-land until someone may care – this is an unethical disgrace !

  4. I was only thinking this morning that any of us could find ourselves in a refugee situation, for whatever reason [natural or man made], and…. oh my word… the terror of finding safe harbour…. with everyone wondering what they should do with us all whilst we reside in a wet muddy field… in a tent, with not much hope. What life is this?
    This situation needs a good plan, meanwhile we should keep calm and have compassion.

  5. I agree with Ms Scarlet. For a supposedly civilised people, we could do with reexamining what that means. Education is key, as people tend to fear (and ostracise) what they don’t know. Perhaps a dose of our own medicine?

    Have a lovely and relaxing week off, Mago!

  6. Evil wins when good men do nothing, so many thanks to you & countless others for speaking out about the plight of refugees & for showing that there are people who really do care & believe in doing the right thing. It’s how we act in times of crisis that define who we are. I believe that we can meet the challenges head on & succeed once we work together & learn from each other & from history. I stand with you & everyone who believes we ought to have compassion & mercy for those who are suffering. We have to look out for each other. It’s the only & best way for us to survive & thrive as a species.

  7. Ponita says:

    You have some time off… enjoy your rest!

    Regarding the refugee situation. It is a worldwide crisis and thank you to Germany and Ms. Merkel for willingly taking in so many. It is a hardship on everyone, but as a species, we so need to be more accepting and accommodating in times like these. Here in Canada, where we are taking in 25,000 refugees by the end of the month, the good ol’ US of A is quaking in its boots because we are letting hordes of ‘terrorists’ in… and they will be able to go across the border and wreck havoc down there below the 49th parallel. I shake my head. And with the US election campaign in full swing, we are watching the posturing and bantering of the bandy legged little cocks of the Republican party crow about putting up a wall to stop anyone from coming into their country. There is no sense in any of those people, or in the actual hordes who follow them.

    My wish is for someone to invent a kindness pill we can dump into the world’s water supply, so everyone will quit being suck assholes and start treating their own kind with generosity and warm hearts.

  8. You probably have seen a headline or an article about the stance of our Donald Trump, here, on immigration: Build a wall between USA and Mexico and ‘force’ Mexico to pay for it. Completely disallow Muslims from entering the country. When you consider the amount of people who buy into this type of thinking, it’s scary.

  9. What’s that tent you talk about, dear >b>Scarlet ? BTW you pretty much describe the situation my father was in as a young boy of fourteen years after the end of the last worldwar.

    Education is key, I agree IDV, but these fifty- or sixty-somethings had their chance to get educated, and empathy was not on the plan …

    I agree Eroswings. And I am sure you see it too – egoism rules.

    Yes, hordes of terrorists … interestingly many of those who actually did commit crimes are homegrown, not imported … btw those 25 thousand people – this is more than some European countries accepted Ponita, especially our Eastern “friends” …

    Ach the Donald & his easy solutions. This guy seemingly really believes that bullying, screaming and money solve all problems. He’ll become vice-president under Cruze or Rubio – let him be in charge of the foreign policy HappyApathy, and the world will change very fast …

  10. Shallow – you ?!
    Irgendwas mit dem “Licht unter dem Schemel” …
    It’s blogland, there is no need to say something to everything. Let’s apply our attention to serious things LX, like e.g. Russian Road Rage – I spent the last night watching them smashing their cars in the most unbelievable ways : What a country ! Grandpa was right, he only drove a tank there …

  11. Melanie Reynolds says:

    Wow, I must have been away a long time. You are driving children around!?!?! Not something I would have expected, but I understand the rent must be paid and the landlord doesn’t care how.

    I am beginning to delve into the rich history of Columbia to co-write a book of Columbian Folklore with a friend. That is the hope at any rate. Mostly we just meet up and talk about it over coffee. We should start taking turns to kick each other in the ass until one of us starts to write something! I am working on my “Evil Chicken” story formulation now. 🙂 I think I will get to kick her butt first!

  12. “Rich history of Columbia” – ? You always take me by surprise Melanie.
    You mean there was something before they started to produce white marching powder ? I confess, it’s a white stain on my personal map.
    I hope you can connect to your inner “chicken of doom” – and bring it on paper adequately :))
    Write, Melanie, I hope you find success in it. And hey – great that you drop by !

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