Sunday Music

The weekend was lazy, too lazy to write or read. Rain, storm, snow forecast for Wednesday – lucky who has not to go out. I feel as if I’d caught a cold, ein bißchen Matsch in der Birne – so nothing new here, as some would say … Time to sort books, play with photographs, trawl the web.
And, appropriate for the weather, Arise ! ye spirits of the storm ! from Music for the Tempest by Thomas LINLEY iunior (Ger., Eng., 1756-1778), performed by the chamber orchestra Pratum Integrum and the vocal ensemble Intrada in Moscow 2011 under Ekaterina ANTONENKO. A lively piece, excellent performance imho – hope you enjoy it !



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What a magnificent performance! So exciting & fun to enjoy! I love the conductor’s facial expressions & gestures & the musicians & choir’s movements & actions. It’s as if the conductor was the storm goddess herself dancing in the sky, directing her spirits on which way to blow the winds & where to let lightning strike & thunder roar. That performance deserves a standing ovation!

    Hope you have a wonderful week & stay warm, cozy, & safe.

  2. Goodness, it’s a FIAT they try to pull out ! No wonder it does not work. Ripping out axles is a fun-sport all over the world, but only in Russia ice is involved. I really like those videos of icy roads in the middle of nowhere when all of a sudden something smashes in or stands in front of the unsuspicious driver – I guess I am a little bit perverse – careful LX !

    They really rock it, don’t they ! Ms ANTONENKO really goes with it. And you see that she learned conducting the old way : Very clear, very strong, very authoritative ( ? does this word exist) – but very effective. And they all follow her – as it should be. The tension grows out of the discipline, other conductors perhaps would let it slip a bit to gain more “ka-humpf”, to let it rock a bit more, but she runs a tight ship – with all the power and enthusiasm – and hence gets the best out of orchestra and chorus. I think it is a great performance of them all.
    And young Mr LINLEY also needs a bit of investigation – it is very sad to learn that he died only 22 years old in a boating accident. He and Mozart met in Firenze when they were both fourteen (Mozart five months or so older), became friends and Amedee held him in high regards.
    My plan is to stay in the warm, cosy & hopefully safe appartement I have here, and go out only for some errands. I have to go to the city once this week and get some “biometric” photograph for the passaport or ID, but that will be the limits of my outworldish contacts, dearest Eroswings.

  3. Well, the Sunday music is a treat.Thank you. And Mr Lax’s Russian tow truck brought tears to my eyes.
    it reminded me of the time I saw someone try to pull a car out of an Amsterdam canal – instead of calling a professional truck.Oops!
    Now I’m going to play the music again.

  4. It is interesting where they try to attach the chain or the rope. I once saw a bloke who looked flabbergasted when the exhaust pipes of his car were ripped out. They tried to pull it out of a ditch. I have no clue what he could have thought. Also very interesting to watch is things getting loaded on trailers, ach … Glad that you like the music Dinahmow.

    I imagine you clinging to a bare rock, gischtumtost, making it barely into the hut built from stone, where you sit in the light of a humble peat fire staring in your whiskey glass – visions … I hope you do not get washed or blown away, dearest Scarlet !

  5. Glad that you like it LGS – outside is strong cold wind & a mixture of snow and rain : You bet that I stay on my sofa !

    Aschermittwoch ist Alles vorbei (Jupp Schmitz) – did you go and get your Aschenkreuz, Hoppelschaum ? Me neither. No way that I set one food outside today !

  6. I got none Hoppelschaum.

    That reminds me of an early video game – I forgot the title or never knew it, something with “tatoo-enh” (?) – we called it “rasen-wie-blöd”, it was great : You have a kind of high powered flyer and race through iceworlds (there was a tremendous jump, I nearly fainted when I did this for the first time, and remember the screens we had back in the 90s !), deserts, mining areas (on one corner was a moving “Bagger”, (Mistding verfluchtes ! )). I remember to have concentrated on the point on the horizon where the next obstacle would show up or the next corner – it’s a bit like these corners and the gates. Sorry to hear them smack together, he was in the process of catching the opponent … next time Luft LX ! For you as passionate flyer this must be a real fiesta !

  7. Goodness – Mistress : Hans-Jürgen WOLF, Geschichte der Druckverfahren (amazon) makes a very good sleeping aid … better than counting sheep, but I do not know how he compares to Bowie.

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