Sunday Music

I can’t understand what happened, why this week is already over and tomorrow in the cold damndarkmorning I will have to leave not only my cozy bed but my warm appartement, to climb onto a cold and noisy vehicle to drive through the night into godforsaken regions at the end of civilization as we know it, mostly Württembergisch Franken, where the dragons roam … ach
Let there be beauty !
The existence of cold diesel fumes & silly blather is only justified as counterpart, as black background that helps to make Schönheit shine, and Talmi sparkle. GOd give me strength !
This Sunday Music is a short piece composed by Friedrich LISZT, Forgotten Romance or Romance oubliée (about), performed by Claudius TANSKI, a melancholic version, hope you like it nevertheless.
Good week to all of you !




18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. There is never enough time for the things we enjoy! Here’s to wishing you much warmth & a safe drive. Hopefully, all the dragons are hibernating for the winter & won’t bother you on your journey.

  2. If I understood the latest ballyhoo about waves in the space-time-continuum correctly, dear Mr Peenee, a certain Mr ADAMS (who wrote a hitchhiker’s guide) was right when he predicted that there are “eddies”, big warbles in space-time-continuum that jumble all & everything up and leave us discombumbulated. That’s possibly why we are not living in the 18th century at a court, or in Renaissance Rome …

    Thank You Eroswings, but these damn dragons are actually pissed, miffed and generally not in the best mood … driving through their region in a warm car on a reasonably clear road is on the other hand pretty nice ! Especially when morning looms and the world turns from b/w to colour !

    Yeah, Schnappsidee LX has a way to lift one up, dearest Dinahmow !

    This is by far the nicest thing I was told to day, Mistress, as up to now …

  3. Say hello to Fafner for me! ;)

    I was looking for the pianist to move for about 30 seconds before I realized it was only a still picture and not an actual video. HA!

  4. Chop that fertility symbol in your driveway and have a decent fire ; make Charmaine put up some buckets in the attic studio. Or better – make Harold do all this while you look dreamingly to the horizon, dearest Scarlet.
    On the other hand, you could just jump on a ship and travel South – “Espagna here I come” !?

    Call me Sigurd, dear Jon.
    I did exactly the same, wait for him to move.

  5. The bus comes in one colour only, white, good camouflage in winter time.
    The adventure nearly took a turn towards disaster this morning Happy Apathy when I avoided a major impact by two meters – an idiot decided to make a u-turn over the whole damn Bundesstrasse : out of a parking lot, over all lanes, fuck that fat white line in the middle & the thick of the morning commute. I travelled with 90 km/h (100 allowed) and managed to avoid his damn rear axle by said two meters.
    If I had been a little faster this arse would have sent us in the oncoming traffic & the woods ; if I had slammed the brakes just a second too late I would have hit him in the middle of his fucking bimmer 5 touring. The bastard escaped while we sorted us out – good for him, all drivers on the lanes he crossed would happily have ripped his head off.
    Besides from this little adrenaline it was easy. Heck, it keeps the veins free from plaque, doesn’t it ?!

  6. “fucking bimmer 5 touring”

    Around here, it’s about a 80% chance of BMW drivers being self-adsorbed dickheads. About 33% for Audi drivers. If I see either approaching it’s time to prepare for a bad driver encounter!

  7. Couldn’t agree more LX !
    The worst on the fast lane are bimmer touring, Audi 6 touring and VW Passat Kombi. These last two cars (VAG products) are built for fleets, what means basically they last for two years (VAG’s guarantee) or sixty thousand kilometers. Then they are replaced & sold off, and chances are very good that the new possessor faces some fat bills for the turbo, the dual-mass-flywheel, belts (!) for the overhead camshaft and the oh so great “automated” gearbox : All this works like a charme for sixty-thousand, then they fall apart. That’s why no cab driver worth a shot buys such a banger. They come for 90 % as diesels with the two-liter engine or (fewer) in three-liter-lay-out. The gas engines are a bit better, but make only a fraction of what is sold.
    The BMW at least has a better engine and a no nonsense gearbox.
    For whatever reasons these cars bring out the worst in the drivers, seriously. In older days there was an adage that Mercs would have an in-built right of way, but nowadays and on the road, it’s bimmers and Audis who behave like reckless boy-racers, piloted by thirty- or fourty-somethings who should know better.

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