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I feel a bit blue. The weekend that was, simply was. Tomorrow is another day, start of another week, end of this month soon, things will be better. No doubt about it.
What will not be better in foreseeable future is the state of the German society, especially its stance towards refugees / asylum seekers. The events in notorious Saxony over this weekend are just the tip of the iceberg. I think it is the toxic heritage of the former socialist societies, societies because it is all the same in Eastern Germany, Poland, the former Tschechoslowakei, Hungary. I do not understand it, but I think I can tell the symptoms.
Back in last summer, early autumn, when it became clear that a large trek of people was on its way towards Europe from the Middle East, conferences were held, there was a kind of “key” how many people what state should accept etc. : The Eastern states simply & blankly refused to accept any refugees. Exactly those blokes who now fence and wall their national borders.
Last week it was in the news that one million of asylum seekers came to Germany last year – and boy I heard a lot of crap from some co-workers about that. It is the total number. Even conservative estimations state that one-third of these people are coming from the Balkans and have no chance of any refugee status what-so-ever, and are sent back at once, or when the paper-work is done. Leaves us with – six-hundred-fifty-thousand ?
Reduce those guys from Northern Africa who were already crooks in their homelands and come here for a happy crook experience – again, conservative estimations said this would be a tenth of the total amount, leaves us with roughly five-hundred-thousand people. This is btw the number the responsible authority gave out as to be expected for this year 2016. From toddler to old man, all included : And about these people is not yet decided, so the real number is just somewhere behind the horizon.
Those heads of the states mentioned above, the Vishegrad-group as they are called after the place where they gather, do not only refuse to follow along the lines of European solidarity, they also happily do things within their states that are alarming and appalling. They simply are working on reducing democratic institutions to rubble and turning their states into what can be called “Demokraturen”.
One of the first actions of the new Polish gouvernement was to make the secretary of justice the highest attorney of state. This may sound innocent, but by this they simply kicked out one of the most basic democratic principles, the separations of powers : Now the man who “makes” the law is the one who also runs the institutions that enforce this law. It goes without further mention that they also reached out for the highest judges.
The Poles follow the Hungarian blueprint. Let’s not forget that gulyash-Putin Orban is successfully running his antidemocratic course with substantial support of the openly fascist Fidesz-movement. Openly fascist as in marching through Budapest in uniform-like outfits, openly fascist as in threatening Jewish people (not only intellectuals), and any other “un-Hungarian” person – definitions are open, as in what Goering said : “Wer Jude ist, bestimme ich !” / “I decide who’s Jewish !” Yoh.
Besides this we saw something very interesting in the last weeks. There was a report in the news that a girl would have been raped & killed by “migrants”, a girl coming from a Russian-German family. And all of a sudden demonstrations were held by “Russendeutsche” in small-to-middle-towns all over the place. Each & single not very large, perhaps four hundred people max., but from North to South they came together, marched silently to the local “Rathaus”, holding up their paper signs reading “We want safety !”
Do not get me started about the whole idea behind those people who are called “Russlanddeutsche”. But what is amazing is the fact that they are usually the most silent and quiet group in the prospect of the populace. They usually drink their vodka, live quietly, visit their markets where they can buy products from Russia they miss, and look astonished and ashamed on their drunk offspring. Yes – I am not very objective here. The point is that a usually very silent & carefree part of the population all of a sudden is organised and shows up in public as force. And yes, they are voters too.
The news of the child-victim can be traced back to a news-outfit in Moscow, you know where all those free & independent news organisations roam. Even the Sowjet Russian secretary of Foreign Affairs mentioned the case, and brought it up on the agenda in bi-lateral discussions. Of course the whole thing was a canard.
So they showed what they can, what they are capable of. Someone thinks that it is a good idea to de-stabilise this society, or, to put it better, it would be a good time to start activities that could lead to a inner-German social crisis, or aggravate what is already brewing – look at Saxony, where the brown mob rules the streets & they burn houses, neat occasion to add a little fuel to the flames.
It was a mistake to expand the European Union towards the East, the Balkans are not Europe. The Balkans start somewhere behind Vienna.

So, here, some music, at last, after all this blah. Of course I thought about linking Tom Robinson’s Power in the Darkness – originally from 1978, everything changes and still stays the same – but actually I feel more inclined to Rory’s power :
Rory GALLAGHER, Crest of a Wave, loud hard and funny from 1974, more than a generation ago – hope you enjoy it !



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  1. All those years ago, when Harold Wilson wanted join “that club” and meetings were held all over England for the opinions of British voters…I thought it would be a mistake.
    And I still think it was a mistake. You simply cannot take a huge collection of small and very different countries and get anything less than a bland, saturated mess.

  2. It’s astonishing how history seems to repeat itself & people seem doomed to destroy themselves. I hope that we evolve quickly as a species & realize that we are all the same species, no matter our colors or origins, we are all one race, the human race. Though it may seem challenging at times to face the darkest of human nature, I strongly believe that we also have the strength & light to beat the darkness & show the best of humanity through compassion, kindness, courage, & action to protect the freedom & dignity of all people.

  3. It’s a mess, dearest MsScarlet !

    I would not call Spain, France, Italy & Germany especially small ; they are not great, yes, that’s true Dinahmow. There will be a votum in some months about the “Brexit” and it will be interesting to see what happens if Britain leaves the union – and who will follow.

    Just stay this side of the Iron curtain, and all will be well LẌ !

    I already said it & I say it again : All will be better under Pres Trump ! Now that he won another round of primaries you better be prepared, Norma Desmond ! Perhaps I can adopt you, Alvie & the kids …

    I think that’s not very likely Nikos. And frankly – then I would go.
    In the end the number of members will be reduced. I remember that someone (forgot who) was talking about a “Kerneuropa” some months ago, with different kind of connections to other states which hold different status. Complicated.
    Who wants to leave the union should be allowed to do so, with all consequences and definitely no way back.

    Well said Eroswings. Sadly they speak no English in Saxony. They only understand the knout.

  4. president trump? sweet mary sunshine, i’ll stand my ground and go down with a fight if that happens here! with my name, there’s no chance for a peaceful 4 years for me and mine under him. xo

  5. Yes. Things will be better, Mago. Even though it is Monday already, I hope your blueness has dissipated and that you are now feeling brighter?

    I don’t know what to say, never mind think, about what’s going on in Europe and the potential Brexit? I don’t normally read or watch the news, but felt that I should have at least some idea of what’s going on so I can make an informed decision about which way to vote in the forthcoming referendum, so I ended up making myself miserable this weekend by swotting up on all the hoo-ha.
    I fear there’s not enough tea in Britain for everyone to sit down with a nice cuppa and sort things out civilly 😦

  6. All I can say for all the ill in the world is…. ((hugs)) all around. We humans are dooming ourselves right out of existence. It is scary, and sad. I hope sanity prevails soon. And I hope your blueness has dissipated as well.

    @ savannah: You can always come north and stay with me if the Trumpster makes it into office. 😉

  7. I’m as bright as the sun outside IDV – in fact sol’s brightness lights up mine ! It’s cold, but dry, yesterday I was driving through snow in the morning, and all of a sudden the valley I followed looked like a medieval landscape, marvellous.
    I am absolutely not sure what the results of this Brexit would be, economic & juridical, for all parts involved. It’s the nation that will answer.
    Don’t despair IDV, I find that people usually are pretty civil in personal contact & commerce. Its anonymity, mass and un-reflection that rips off the layer of decency and grace. Look at fatzebuk, or in the comments section of the daily of your choice.

    WWWÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄäääääääähhhhhhh … my goodness LẌ ! James Bond’s morning routine ?

    Careful – the new president will switch of the waterfalls again – there you have it !
    I am remarkable un-blue right now, just damn tired, so I will sleep for an hour before the afternoon round.

  8. As you know, I have been feeling blue for more than a year now. I think what Merkel has done is a light shining in the darkness- demonstrating compassion, showing faith and giving hope. Every little bit helps. Wishing you well. Always good to have some music when you got the blues.

  9. Hopefully it won’t swing very far this time.

    Maybe we need to go ahead and elect Trump. Maybe we need to have these hard-liner governments like that in Hungary. Maybe we need just one more go-around with these dummies so that we can see their folly one more time (hopefully all they’ll do is make fools of themselves…not actually cause any real harm). We might need to have another round of this before our world is ‘inoculated’ against it once and for all.

  10. Yes, I think Merkel did the right thing, LGS, and unwillingly she put the EU through a test, and the German society too. But I think it is the better way. The alternative would be bunker in, close eyes and change nothing. So at least the fronts are clear and defined.

    I doubt that the next president will “inoculate” the American society against anything Happy Apathy. BTW the idea of Mr Trump playing around with the big red button is not inspiring too much confidence, maybe he nukes Northern Korea out of a whim.
    I think candidate Trump is a symptom. I looked at excerpts from these “debates” on yt, and what I saw reminded me of a school yard brawl, or maybe a “morning show” with this strange Mr Rivera – or what his name was. It was all yelling and insult, not a serious political debate. They “sell” “politics” like used cars or snake oil. In the end it means that of the only two parties that are relevant in the US, the conservative one is selling out the last traces of seriousness, a degradation – I at least can not take them for full anymore.

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