Sunday Music

Or should it be “müsic”, LẌ ?
February is nearly gone, but goes out with a “bang” ; the weather forecast tells me to expect snow and strong winds over the next two days, so it will be sliding over Franconian back streets, a welcome change from that simple driving over cold clean tarmac.
Last week saw business as usual, no earth-shattering events around here. I wish winter would finally give up, it is still cold when I come home in the morning, and I do not find the courage to go walking – what I should do very soon in order to fight the expanding waistline ; instead I drink a coffee, smoke a roll-up, read the news and sleep for an hour. Coffee & cigarette should be replaced with a brisk walk through the hills, afterwards is still enough time for news & rest.
Perhaps around Easter. I want to enjoy the excercise, stomping through cold mud facing wind from the East is not really enjoyable, perhaps I’m not masochistic enough.
This Sunday Music shows a man who enjoys to play his guitar, m. Samy DAUSSAT (who has seemingly no website, but can be found on diverse “social” thingies) performs two songs by Django REINHARDT, Nuages and Daphné – hope you enjoy it !




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Tim and I really enjoyed that, thank you. I can’t imagine how anyone could play like that (nor does Tim and it’s his instrument) – though Django managed it with a distinct lack of fingers, of course.

    Due to warm up a bit here tomorrow. and about time too. I’m huddled in front of the fire with a gin, right now…

  2. Enviable – here it’s central heating and cold water … and a rug over the knees !
    I found DAUSSAT via the incredible Tchavolo SCHMITT, who also does some strange things on guitar. I think he published a Django-tribute some years ago.

  3. M̈üs̈ïc̈?

    We never really had any cold Winter weather here this season. Now the early spring wildflowers and Redbud trees are blooming. 75f/22c today.

    Have a good week.

  4. Very pleasant to listen to! Here in the centre of Canada, it is still winter and is currently snowing but the temperature is only -6C so much warmer than it usually is at this time of year. I recall coming home from a vacation in Mexico at this time a number of years ago… it has been +35C in Huatulco MX when we boarded the plane… and it was -35C when we landed at home! That 70 degree difference was a bit too much!!

  5. What a wonderful, lively performance, very enjoyable & a great way to pass the time during the cold winters.

    I’m with LX; thanks to the El Nino weather phenomenon that happens on the Pacific coast every couple of years, it has been a very pleasant winter, more spring and even summer like than other past winters. El Nino keeps the Arctic cold fronts up in Canada & the northern US, keeping those of us in the southwest US with very pleasant weather.

    I hope spring comes for you soon. And I luv hazelnuts!

  6. Ponita dearest, such a difference would probably kill me, I doubt that my system could handle this gap !

    Glad that you like it Eroswings ! I only learned abut “el nino” a short time ago, but as with all natural-science-related stuff it takes a bit of time until I “understand” it.
    Spring partly arrived, but winter decided to give us a last kick in the derriere. It really is over only after Easter.

  7. Like what you see ?
    I hope you have a fireplace & a working furnace ?! Dry clothes are a good idea too. And of course a cup of something hot to drink, not necessarily tea, or maybe tea with Amaretto or somesuch. I drove through snow this morning MsScarlet, but over the day it vanished. The sun is already strong. No worries, dear, in a few weeks winter is really over ! Just one more freeze.

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