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A lazy grey Sunday afternoon, dramatic clouds, now and then a bit of drizzle, a little snowfall expected for tomorrow morning. The last two weeks were easy regarding the driving. I had a nice young lady as co-driver, intelligent and witty she had a civilising influence on the boys. Tomorrow will be back to normal, for two weeks, then we’ll have a break for Easter. Then winter, hopefully, will finally be over, but it’s not broken yet, we have to expect one more onset of winter, one more kick.
Tomorrow I have to visit the municipal administration. They are grumbling and telling me repeatedly that I need an ID-card. They refuse to accept old photographs, these must be new and be conform to their new-ish regulations. So I went and had some pictures taken of my visage on Saturday. When we looked at the results on the screen and had to pick the one to use, I had to giggle, I look like something the cat dragged in. The photographer – a small lady my age – and me had fun over these pictures, I hope she deleted them immediately.
The Cat, O Gato, is the title of today’s Sunday Music, number three on the 1965 lp Bossa Antigua, with Paul DESMOND and Jim HALL, Mr WRIGHT on bass and Mr KAY on drums. I hope you like the cat, and may we have an easy week ahead.



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  1. When I had entered the shop and told what I wanted, she saied that I’d probably would like to “do something with my hair”, what i did not like to do. The light comes from overhead emphasising my reclining hair line. The view is full frontal so that eyes (helped by the horizontal line of the glasses) and mouth are parallels, & my try at a smile is more of a smirk – but it’s the best out of four ! And she did some re-touching too …

  2. I don’t know why the municiple administration just wouldn’t accept your 2015 Tin Foil Hat compo photograph?!

    I do like The Cat. As I’m listening to it, the sun has come out and the hail/snow is melting. Good find, and thank you.

  3. I just looked in their letter, they even want a birth certificate (!). And I am sure it will cost a lot of money too. I do not know whether I ever was in possession of a birth certificate ?

  4. We also occasionally need to show a birth certificate. I have a notarized copy of mine. In Texas, these are available in the county records office where one was born. Mine is similar to this one.

  5. I agree with Mr Devine…. the tin foil pic would have been fine.
    Meanwhile, I am dancing around the living room shaking a pair of maracas in an attempt to keep warm. Thank you for the tune.

  6. The problem is that I have looked at all the places where such a paper should be stored in this paper labyrinth, but there is no such paper … what leaves me a bit confused in my frustration … I really have no clue where to search in addition, LẌ. And I really can not remember to have ever used such a certificate. Maybe I’m only in-official here.

    As much as I enjoy the image of a dancing MsScarlet, as much terrifies me the idea that it is still raining (or snowing !) through the hole in the roof of your shed … I hope your thermovest is still dry, at least …

  7. Well, that’s a lovely 5am start to my day.A bossa beat and a cup of Arabica.
    A tin foil hat on an ID card? Perfect! And, good sir, don’t concern yourself- you should have seen the effort I went to for my passport photo.I floofed my hair, I put on some face paint, I wore a flattering dress…and got caught in a summer storm.And the shop that took the picture just emailed it to me and when I got home, there it was….black-and-white.And ugly, like those prisoner photos

    I need more music!

  8. They at least could have printed it out as a “photo-print” or something ! It is not black-white, dearest Dinahmow, but … brownish all over … And now that you mention it, and I have another look, I could well have “done something” with my eyebrows …

    I have no clue about the rules Nikos. The lady saied that the picture must fit into a kind of “mask” or “Rahmen”. They need to have the eyes horizontal. So it boils down to machine-readability. I had to smile while I looked into the camera and we made silly remarks. On two of the pictures taken I was smiling or looking unseriös (even more as usual), on one I looked awfully drunk, and one was finally usable after a bit of a retouch by the master craftswoman’s magic tool.

  9. Here in Canada, both passport and driver’s license photos are like mugshots. Absolutely expression neutral with no hint of a smile. Boring as hell, I say! The tin foil hat photo would be great.

    I have a small wallet sized plastic birth certificate. Have had it for years… since I graduated high school and started working. In checking out the link for the Texas birth certificate that LX posted, I always find it weird that married women back then (that one was issued the same year I was born) always signed Mrs. (husband’s name) instead of their own first name and their married surname. Times certainly were different back then.

  10. Thanks for the upbeat music, a perfect way to start the week, feeling full of good energy & dancing.

    I smiled a little in my driver’s license foto, & it was perfectly acceptable. It looked very nice. My previous fotos seemed a bit stern, like mug shots in prison. When I renew my passport, I’ll be sure to smile.

  11. Today I had to deal with the administration – I do not know : Do I carry a “Kick Me !”-sign ? I was friendly, but when I had read their letter again I learned that it is required to pay for this administrative deed, namely when the application is filed, what means at once. It is not a very large sum, but nothing I’d throw out of the window happily towards the end of the month (I get payed in the middle of the month).
    So I phoned in and saied that I’d follow their demand, after the 15th. Then the not so friendly lady started to lecture me about fines, basically I would commit a crime when not carrying a valid ID – ?
    I ended the conversation a bit abruptly, wonder whether they’ll send the Inquisition around. The day generally was not as delightful as it could have been from the start, the broken foot of my co-driver did not help, nor the detour they set up over the weekend and that lead me into the wilderness … so yes Ponita, a tin foil hat for me would be very adequate !

    A bit of anti-social death-speed-gunk-metal would be nice now, dear Eroswings … Actually I would like to have this as ID photo, but it’s taken.

  12. So let’s hope that nothing accidentally drops in cold water then LẌ

    I did well in Machiavellism, but only “so lala” in narcissism, a bit better in psychopathology … ach, way to go MsScarlet

  13. I took the evil test and the results say I am moderately nefarious!

    “Moderately nefarious
    Like Don Draper, you are moderately nefarious. You walk on the dark side of humanity, but your ruthless streak may just help you get ahead”

    Like they say, “Everything in moderation.” Puts on suit & off to start another day of doing moderately nefarious deeds.

  14. “Moderately nefarious” – it has an interesting ring to it Eroswings & LẌ . Sounds a bit “wicked”.

    Oh dear – there is a world in a book ! Thank you for the link LẌ, I have to explore these landscapes.

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