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Are weekends not meant to be restful ? A chance for the body to rest, for the soul to find peace, and generally do-nothing-ness all around for 48 hours ? That was the plan, it’s why Schabbes was invented. Here things were a bit different, not in an unpleasant way, more in a tiring one.
So I am tired and feel a bit blue. I do not have much to say. I’ll go to bed early and catch some sleep, tomorrow it will be early. I’d like to kill my co-driver, but we have only one week before the Easter holidays, these four days shall pass too. Then there will be silence from this endless silly chitterchatter – incredible how much nonsense a person can utter within a few hours. The poor woman either suffers from logorrhea or from frantic silence (anepia ?), not much in between. I prefer when she finally shuts up – please excuse the rude expression, but you’d understand if you sat in my place.
In other news, there were some elections over the weekend in Germany, in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Sachsen-Anhalt. In all three states the “AfD” (Alternative für Deutschland) reached double-digit results, in Sachsen-Anhalt more than 24%. The two parties that form the ruling coalition on the national, federal level – CDU & SPD – both suffered more or less, also did the Green Party – with the notable exception of BW where they became the strongest party with over thirty percent.
Critics of chancellor Merkel point out that the less than satisfying result for the conservative party would be a direct result of her politics in the “refugee-crisis”. Notably the Bavarian chieftain says this loud and again. What in my humble opinion is nonsense, because the Green party, especially in BW, wholeheartedly supports Merkel’s politics. The Green BW head honcho Kretschmann was indirectly even supported by Merkel when she toured the land. People are not against this politics, they do not like the conservative politicians in this state. To be fair, it was a remarkably ill-fated campaign for the conservatives there from the start. Also in Rheinland-Pfalz it was in the end about persons & personalities, less about federal politics, and it seems that the conservative frontrunner – who was some weeks ago in a comfortable lead – made simply some (personal) mistakes.
It seems that a lot of nonvoters came to the polls because of the actual developments – and they mostly voted for the AfD. As it seems the loss of votes for the established parties went directly to the newcomers, with impressive results. But the AfD has a problem : It is a party against something, not for something. They are against the influx of immigrants and they serve all prejudices imaginable – and of course it is okay to use guns against immigrants to protect the borders. Really great idea. They tout a new (is it that new ?) nationalism and are against any solution on an European level. And that is it in respect of their election programme. It is even less than what Trump has to offer !
The AfD stands for simple solutions, is basically anti-European & nationalistic, and – at least on the fringe – has connections to Pegida etc. and openly far-right groups. In Sachsen-Anhalt they reached 24 percent from zero, lead by a young bloke with absolutely no political experience, who is managed by the leader of the AfD in Thuringia, a certain Herr Hocke, who is even in this right-wing party too far out for most of the members.
It is the East. Where refugee-shelters are torched on a regular basis ; where left, green and conservative politicians are threatened by fascist militants on a regular basis ; where no-go-areas exist for coloured people – and I do not want to know what would happen to an orthodox Jew or an Muslim imam in the Saxon province.
The AfD is imho not “nationalsozialistisch”, it is a (proto-(?)-)fascist movement, comparable with the origins of Mussolini, in as much as it is a movement against something, with only hazy ideas what it should stand for (like e.g. pegida’s Abendland, what is basically wishy-washy), with strong anti-liberal, anti-democratic and anti-humanistic tendencies. It floats in the same drab dishwater as other Eastern ideological movements in Hungaria, Poland, Slowakia, or the Front national in France, all this. To be fair, the Front National has a consistent ideological basis and program, the Saxon hobby politicians only have a vague emotional condition, what makes them not less dangerous.
Let’s turn our backs on this ugly stuff.
This Sunday Music is a bit longer than usual (nearly 15 minutes). It features a hard-working drummer whose name I could not find out (sorry mate !), a black jacket worn by Joey DeFRANCESCO, and two tweet jackets playing guitar, called Pat MARTINO and John SCOFIELD. They use as a starting point the theme from the song “Sunny”. I hope you like the music – and I hope that we all have an easy week ahead !



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Blue times, Mr Mags. What is your co- driver chitter chattering about? I imagine you to be such a calm easy going character that I doubt you’d be offensive to anyone, let alone murder them!!
    Chin up, only four days AND it’s finally stopped raining here.

  2. I was reading about the election results. Thanks for your take on the AfD. I don’t recall the source, nor can I make a direct quote, but there is an observation goes something like this: “The key to success in politics is to find a group that is going somewhere and get in front of it.” Perhaps AfD (and the others) are benefiting from something like that?

    Our clocks changed this weekend, so I have been especially punchy all day Sunday and Monday.

  3. Great to hear that the rain stopped, dearest MsScarlet !
    The lady in question is a bit corrosive, but meanwhile I see it as a kind of exercise to strengthen my deep relaxation. Some of her comments are like koans and help me on my way into zen by making me realise the great doubt and break through to the true cognition of meaninglessness.

    No worries Dinahmow, no true leader in sight. We just must realise that a large part of the population does not share essential values, is xenophobic, egoistic and has the cultural & political horizon of a sewer rat. And is happy with this.

    Whoever saied this LẌ, was right. One could watch this in the eighties when the founding generation of the Green party was ousted and replaced by the “realos”, mostly last remaining survivors of the 68-movement. One could watch it when the founding figure(s) of the AfD was/were replaced last year by the actual leaders, what brought a notable swing to the right into the movement. What started as a bourgeois movement out of unease with the conservative party and its politics became a pool for right wingers, organised or not, of all kinds and flavours.
    What did you punch at ?

    All will be better under pres Trump ! I heared in the radio this morning that there are some elections, Florida ?
    Thank you flickfoam, but I doubt she noticed. One would need a sledgehammer on this Schädel, and it would not make a dent …

    Rosen’s Joys of Yiddish is somewhere in the shelves, dear Norma.

    Silence is good Nikos, the “companionable” may be a bit questionable, at least in some regard.

  4. Actually, we also have our primary elections today in North Carolina. We also were able to early vote, so I voted on Saturday.

  5. The only thing worse than a boring drive is a drive with someone who’s a terrible conversationalist! I got stuck next to a person like that once on a plane, & she wasted two hours of my life yapping about whether or not she ought to sell her house. I didn’t care! As soon as she started talking to the person on the window side, I put on my earphones & pretended to be asleep for the next two hours!

    We’re experiencing the same level of idiocy & chaos as each party goes through each state holding a primary or caucus election to pick their nomination for the candidate to represent the party in the national general (real) election this November. I’m hopeful the voters are smart & passionate enough to come out in November & do the right thing, pick out the best, most qualified candidate that best represents all of America, to unite us, not separate us into this destructive us vs them mentality.

  6. Now I know all about her flat without having ever set food in it Eroswings. And family I never want to meet.
    Yes, unity is important, but I fear the centrifugal forces are getting stronger. Some people risk the foederation & make politics impossible by blocking all and everything – at least that is my impression. Less and less things get done, the federal state seemingly stood never in a good reputation, so there develops a kind of circle – and the “hard man” who promises “solutions” all of a sudden is in high regard, regardless of the lack of ideas. All promises, no substance. But perhaps I am totally wrong, and all will be good in the end …

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