Sunday Music

I’m busy doing nothing. Like look out of the window, wash up the coffee mugs because I need one for a cup of brew, read a bit, look out of the window. A quiet weekend, lots of sleep, reading and looking into the interwebs are my main occupations. Tomorrow I will finally find my way into the house of the local gouvernement, where they undoubtably will wriggle the last money out of my cold hands, for an ID card nobody ever wants to see … ach
I lost myself a bit on youtube, unsure what to post this Sunday, until I remembered Bix : Here come Mr TRUMBAUER (Ger., Eng.) & his orchestra, together with Eddie LANG (Ger., Eng.) on guitar, and the great Bix BEIDERBECKE (Ger., Eng.) with I am Coming Virginia, recorded 1927. I hope you enjoy the music.
Sorry for this seemingly crabby post, I’m not in a bad mood, just tired, and hence not very chatty.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Fine musicians – and sad to learn that four years later Bix drunk himself to death, and Mr Lang died from complications of an unnecessary op, while Trumbauer survived WWII as test pilot and instructor only to die from an heart attack in the 1950s. No need to thank me Tim, I did not bring those three together.

    I’m surprised spiel LẌ ! If I’m understanding it right it is a kind of locked room mystery, and the task is to get out not the Duke-way, but by the clues hidden in the room. This can be a great game, or a frustrating experience. God-mode ? Thank you for the link, this escaped me totally !

  2. Yay! The wonderful Bix.Thank you so much…I had to take my car for service so I went to the library and read for a while.And then the very small children and their mothers arrived for “sing-with-mummy.” Yes, the wheels on the bus DO go round and round all day long, so I walked around to a friend’s house and we caught up all sorts of news
    Bix is much better

  3. Neat music selection, very nice! Some weekends, it’s necessary to just do nothing & relax. It allows us to reset, rest, & recuperate, ready for the tasks ahead in the coming days.

    Here’s to wishing you a good week & better weather! Happy Easter & Spring!

  4. We abolished ID cards because they were thought to compromise our human rights. I expect you knew that. Happy equinox in Franconia!

  5. Yeah, all of a sudden mass murder is an option, at least in my untamed imagination, dearest Dinahmow ; but the lacquer of civilization holds us together, even when it’s a bit craqueleè

    Thank you very much Eroswings. I tirelessly work on the relaxing thing …

    Sorry Nikos, escaped me. So you returned to tattoos ? We had a try, but abandoned it mid-century …

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