Musical Interlude

Thank You all, venerated readers, for your insightful comments on the last post. Please excuse that I, this time, do not answer each and individually to Your remarks. It stays true what lady Z once observed – the comments make the blog.
Before I continue with the usual posting of boring historical stuff and / or descriptions of my own sillydities, I think there should be a musical interlude, just to change the tone – and what would be more suitable than what Nikos mentioned :
It’s Only A Paper Moon ?!
I put here an early (and upbeat) version of the song by Herb GORDON & his orchestra, sung by Rose BLANE, recorded October 1933. Just for fun, for a more sedate version from November 1933, sung by Joe MORRISON, click here.



15 thoughts on “Musical Interlude

  1. “But it wouldn’t be make-believe if you believed in me…”
    One of the songs I’d have sung at my 70th birthday.

    And there are some blogs where some people sometimes get a bit too sharp and forget their manners.I usually just leave quietly.

  2. I like this one. It’s one of those that has been covered so many times in many different ways.
    I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I still have a wordpress account but I don’t blog there any more and for some reason comments I make using that account get eaten as Spam!
    If it makes any difference, I can be found at or or
    Hope you are doing well.

  3. I tried to leave a comment, but I think it got eaten as Spam. If this is a duplicate, please forgive me.
    I miss hearing from you. I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been working 12 hour night shifts as a home care nurse for the past 8 months. I like it, but it takes a lot of my time.
    If it matters, I can still be found at poetryofthenetherworld dot blogspot dot com or peppersfetch dot blogspot dot com or wickedwednesdaynetherworld dot blogspot dot com.
    I hope you have been well.

  4. Thanks for sharing both great versions, one perfect for a dance party fun, the slower version for a romantic or reflective mood.

    Blogging, like all forms of communication, is best when it engages & encourages exchange between people.

  5. Oh, you have a list of songs for this occasion Dinahmow ?

    Hey ! I lost sight of you some months ago, the usual places saw no more action – and I confess, I should have been a bit more active searching. Glad that you are here Cara !
    I can’d do 12 hour night shifts anymore – this would lead to a severe heart attack within half a year.

    I will look for this version Wawanon. The only singer “Morrison” I know is Jim from the Doors, yes I’m not up to date …

    I remember to have seen this film ages ago LẌ, on the tv in b/w, perhaps in the late seventies ? Doesn’t he sell bibles ?

    Careful what you wish for Eroswings, bullets are also “exchange between people” …

    That is new to me LGS : As mentioned to LẌ I remember to have seen the film, but I did not know about a tv-series. And to my best knowledge (which is admittedly not very large in this respect) it was not broadcast in Germany.
    The same goes for the Deep Space Nine episode you link IDV – had no idea of its existence.

  6. blogging is a way of connecting with a diverse range of people world wide… like Mr Lax says “elctronic pen pals” I somtimes “talk” more often to bloggers than friends and family closer to home.
    we are curious creatures. I love blogging and other bloggers. Like many, there are times and circumstances in our lives that change and impact the way we blog… particularly when it comes to the frequency of blog posts. In my case when life gets busier my leftover energy wains and posts become much less frequent… It’s not that i love any of you any less it is just that life is distracting me. But sometimes a blogger friend will just “pop in” after a spell of absence and prompt me into putting aside some time to make an effort for an update of my world or just some general sillyness…

    the realness of blogging shines through in the converations generated in the comments.

    Thank you for the musical interludes you provide here Mr Maggs they are often an opportunity for a moments calm that i cherish… Paper moon is a frequent hum around here…

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