Sunday Music

Technically speaking it is still Sunday, just a bit extended into Ostermontag.
Sorry that my blogging vigor shriveled a bit over the last week, other things needed my attention. And – to the uttermost disappointment of my venerated readers, I know ! – there will be a blogging break for some days : Tomorrow I will chauffeur a friend to Switzerland, everything regarding my return (when, how, if ever) will be worked out in the shadow of towering Swiss mountains. Or on the road next to heavily armed border guards, we’ll see.

This Sunday Music is dedicated to K.H.G.B.

Take care.
See you soon.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Best wishes on your journey. If you become a refugee, you are certainly welcome here — pending background check, of course.

    PS: Did you have an Ostereierbaum?

  2. I have to thank You LẌ for the very nice Osterkarten !
    Sorry, no Ostereierbaum, not even one single Osterhasi or a coloured egg this year. I am looking forward to have an Osterhasi ready in the course of this week so that i can bite its ears off – a Franconian tradition dating back to the Voelkerwanderung

  3. Be safe on the busy Autobahn! maybe the Osterhasi will be on sale. Your blogging rigor is still quite rigorous, Mago, compared to some bloggers..

  4. You’ll be in a Peep-induced coma for the coming days LẌ

    Ey Herrschemolher, de Palz hat ze viel lessefähr :) … I’ll use a modern car, will be “ausgeruht”, all will be good, no worries m’dear …

    “I thought its Basilicum, officer, and that bag doesn’t belong to me – maybe this hitchhiker forgot it … heck, it’s not even my car !” The impex-business never was easy Tim

    It’s more of a business trip Norma, not so much recreational. But I’ll send you a picture from the chalet !

  5. Your friend isn’t a Bond villain going to their Swiss mountain lair, is he/she? Their chauffeurs never come off very well, so make sure you retreat to your chalet to consume easter eggs/bunnies when a man in a tuxedo rappels in…

  6. I enjoyed some strange cheese, but there was no Swiss chocolate, and no time for fondue, sorry Eroswings. But there was a lot of Swiss silence, clean air, and tons of catholicism.

    Aah – I get it LẌ, wonders of homonymism !
    I wonder if these machines will be rolling through the cities of the world LẌ. Around here one man uses an electrical “Roller” – it is very unusual to see him move without any engine noise. Others use electrical trikes, but frankly I would not sit in one and drive over German streets, simply because they have the hight of a reclining bicycle (“Liegefahrrad”). If I had too much cash I’d buy a H²-powered car, perhaps by Hyundai. H²-filling stations are in reach, according to plan until 2020 a lot of them will be built along the autobahn.

    Thank you for your concern Mistress. In case of need I will trustfully turn to you.

    *BRUHAHAAA …* – no tux in sight nowhere IDV !

    Let’s swing along sister Scarlet : No more scrubbing, no more grout – the stuff is here !

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