Sunday Music

Swiss time was running out, so I travelled to Suebia by train. Nobody ever wanted to see travel documents from me, not even the conducteurs. I must ooze out respectability – or, more likely, total harmlessness. The trip itself was exhausting, emotionally & physically. I was glad after my return yesterday evening to crawl into my bed, I slept for ten hours or so. Sorry Norma, I have to beg your pardon, no pictures, of no chalet or something else, there was no time for these follies.
My stay on the Schwäbische Alb fell together with the only two foggy days there in living memory – at least that’s what I was told by Suebians, who did not become tired of praising the beauty of the landscape, the poetry of prospects and wideness of horizons. I want to believe. I’ll give it a second chance in summer.
Tomorrow morning the engine will be started again, business as usual for the next six weeks or so, nothing exciting to be expected, just routine – nothing to spare a thought about.
But well worth another thought is the amazing Vivica GENAUX (Ger., Eng.), who is specialised in pants roles (Eng.), Hosenrollen (Ger.), and thus “naturally” had to “do” HÄNDELs (Ger., Eng.) Rinaldo (Ger., Eng.). Here she sings Venti turbini, Rinaldo’s aria in act I, scene 9 :

Venti, turbini, prestate                Winds, storms, lend
Le vostr’ali a questo piè.               Your wings to my feet.

Cieli, numi, il braccio armate      Heavens, gods, strengthen my arm
Contro chi pena mi diè.                  Against those who have caused me sorrow.

I hope you like the music. Over night spring arrived here, bushes and trees all of a sudden wear colours like stark yellow, several shades of white, diverse pink and rosè hues. It’s magick, every year again : Hope you can enjoy it !



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank you fire in the sky LẌ. I just came in from the balcony, it is notably warmer than days ago, and than in Switzerland and Suebia. Perhaps I will start to go walking again after the morning sortie.

    Yes, she wears the trousers dearest MsScarlet !

  2. Une femme qui Porte Les cullotes? I do like the odd jolly jig about wind turbines, absolutely super, epharisto para poli!

  3. Si elle porte les culottes, she’s the boss !!! What a nice voice. Handel is perfect for every day. Here in Canada, Quebec, Montreal, it’s still very VERY cold. No flowers, no nothing, only maple syrop ;) Happy for you !

    Do you come from USA Mago?

  4. Yeah, Hosenträger rule ! Καλημέρα σας, Nikos

    Sorry, no Wawanon, I do not come from the US. I am Franconian.

    Excellent LẌ, excellent ! He is definitely good for one of the top ten. To secure top placement maybe one should make him familiar with the Poor Man’s Flamethrower : “It’s fun ! Try it !”

  5. Roses !
    You snug in while I searched for the noisy rooster. All best for You and Your man.

    edit : Just saw that you posted – sorry, I’m too tired now to read, afk, see you tomorrow.

  6. Glad to hear your trip went well, all is safe, & wonderful spring has arrived in your part of the world. Enjoy it while you can. Blooming flowers are just so beautiful & lovely. I love their colors & wonderful smells.

    Have a great week!

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