17 thoughts on “Sunday Music, kind of

  1. Idiots, idiots, traffic (with idiots, some life-threatening), a long stretch of starving, idiots again. Nothing special. Just a very draining experience, and I am feeling tired tired tired, Dinahmow. This tit came for a reason.

    Glad you like it Squirrel – another thing is summer time when you want to sleep and all these feathered bastards start to scream at 4:00 !

    … ahem … you know that I love you and deeply respect you, do you MsScarlet ?

    And it is Al’s birthday !
    GOd is great and loves cold beer !
    And Lola, dearest LẌ.

    … ahem … you know that I love you and deeply respect you, do you Norma ?

  2. … ahem … you know that I love you and deeply respect you, do you Wawanon ?

    BTW there is a theory that our feathered friends only talk about flying, angles, worms, winds and the damn baby chicks who want to be fed. But I guess this was invented by a mean spirited over-tired & sleep-deprived driver.

  3. Yes I know, you respect Norma too….

    What I know is that my real name is Rainette, I’m a frog and I like worms too ! So, we will have to split, the bird and me :)

  4. All tits are beautiful! And I love that they come in so many varieties for us to gaze upon & enjoy! I’d love to hold them in my hands & caress them, play with them as they make beautiful sounds!

    I’d be tempted to leave some seeds or bread crumbs for the tit for its visits. But that might attract more of its boisterous friends. As much as I love birds, it does bug me when they gather in the tree above my car, because that means I’m going to be cleaning off their mess sooner or later. But I do love hearing their songs & they’ve such resplendent colors!

  5. It’s waiting for a chance to peck out your eyes and devour them, the horrible vicious bastard.

    Although they’re not much to look at, the sound of the black bird singing at dusk is just heavenly.

  6. I find bird song – even the rather shrill calls of the blue tit – is just the thing to get over a hideous day. Of course, when the little buggers surround one in the garden because the bird-feeders are empty and screech their little heads off, well, that’s just asking for trouble…
    Will you be putting up some sort of bird-feeder, or do you value your weekend lay-ins too much?

  7. I agree with Mitzi — the song of a blackbird is one of the loveliest things one can ever hear.

    A friend, similarly seduced but more of a philologist than me, once went looking (beyond Google) for references to appreciations of the song of the blackbird prior to the C20th, and they’re surprisingly rare. The very few references he found weren’t especially praising of the song. Strange how certain birdsongs can come and go in fashion.

  8. Wawanon, dearest Rainette, how do you prefer your worms ?

    Oh you are a squeezer, dear Eroswings !

    GAAAH – I do not think that I will follow any link to a video provided by you again, dearest Mitzi !
    Blackbird in the evening always gives me some memories, not that it would be a bad thing, it makes me melancholic.

    I toyed with the idea of feeding them IFV. Perhaps I’ll put one or two sunflower seeds on the balcony …

    I looked into the GRIMM s.v. “Amsel” (merula) and find only one citation, Hans SACHS : “die amschel schweglet auf der fleten”, inasmuch as “blackbird does the flute” – and that’s it ! Remarkably less, I thought there would be a bid more Looby ! WOnder if there is a work about birds & other animals in medieval / early modern European literature ? I vaguely remember that a book about plants and spices does exist, so why not about birds ? We have a wonderful madonna nearby (by Grünewald), she sits in a kind of garden and there are many flowers – but animals ?

    I am very glad to see you here again Austere !

    Yep, the condor passed, had his days, dear LẌ

    I simply love these featherballs Roses, even when they drive me nuts in the morning and cost me one hour of precious sleep !

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