Sunday Music

I look up from the desk & out of the window, only to watch thick snow flakes whirling down. The sky is just one large greyish surface without any depth. A little more snow, a little more intensity, and the horizon line is blurred.
Things happened, sometimes I was in a hurry over the last week(s), but most times I was simply exhausted. Add a cough & sneeze my asinine co-driver gifted to me – et voilà, there is (was) a silent mago. Actually I was up for nothing, and spent the time outside the job on my sofa, mostly sleeping, sometimes reading – what reminds me : Dearest Mistress MJ, isn’t it time for the quarterly post about reading stuff ?
I felt no inclination to trawl the web, so except from the daily check of comics / news / mail the computer sat undisturbed.
But the usual services will be resumed, actually they re-start right now.
This Sunday Music is a song composed by Mr PURCELL (Ger., Eng., society), Music for a While, performed by Alfred DELLER (Ger., Eng., about). Solemn, stately, yes – there will be enough time for more springy pieces.

Music for a while
Shall all your cares beguile.
Wond’ring how your pains were eas’d
And disdaining to be pleas’d
Till Alecto free the dead
From their eternal bands,
Till the snakes drop from her head,
And the whip from out her hands.

Hope you enjoy the music – and that we all have a carefree week ahead.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Gesundheit! Take care.

    Wow, late season snow! There was massive rain and flooding in Houston. But we were on the outer edge of the weather system, so just had several days of much-needed light rain.

  2. We have hail and rain here and I lit the fire after lunch. That choice of music fits the bill rather well. I hope you feel well again soon, dear Mago.

  3. We had some snow, sleet and hail here, too! Luckily, not a lot, and it didn’t settle, but still, it’s practically May! Hope you’re feeling better after your reclined week.

  4. Thank you !
    Sadly the snow had absolutely no intentions of staying here, so I could not make a snowman, not even the tiniest of snowballs, LẌ !

    I had to turn up the heating yesterday. dear Z. Glad that there was no hail. Good that you like the music & thank you for the good wishes.

    So be it Mistress. It will be a rather short list from me …

    I start to feel like a human being again IDV, and leave the zombie-state behind me.

  5. Get well soon! And I hope the weather improves to your liking. Like LX said, we experienced some much needed rain–drought has plagued my southern coastal area for several years now, so some water is needed, esp for the farmers struggling to grow their crops. We are having a little more rain & cool temps today, but I rather like it. In a few weeks, the summer is going to bring much heat & humidity & we’ll definitely miss the rains & cool weather as we roast & sear in the blazing summer sun. People in snowy areas up in the northern parts worry about winter blizzards; people in my southern coast parts worry about summer hurricanes.

    I wish you a wonderful week!!!

  6. WHY!!!!!! Did you have to remind Ms Mistress about the book reading thing. I will now be gone for some time whilst I try to catch up….
    I hope you feel much better soon.

  7. There is nothing worse than than than feeling ill… particularly when it is passed on from a co worker… It could be much easier if the culprit had just stayed at home for a couple of days… I’m over “Martyrdom” in the workplace… Sharing is not always a good thing.
    Hope you are back on your feet soon Mr Maggs.
    No snow and no rain here yet… We are turning into a facsimile of a desert around these parts… everyting is dry and crisp. the rivers and lakes are all sporting magnificent blooms of Blue Green Algae making water dangerous to drink without boiling it first…

  8. Thank you very much for the good wishes Eroswings !
    It is not so that I would not like the weather as it is : The opposition of blooming & blossoming spring trees scenting the air and a greyish white blanket of whirling wet snowflakes is alluring. In a few months we will be baked …

    There is nothing I could say Norma dearest …

    Dancing round the May pole ? Everything will be better in May ? May be true, Nikos !

    Sorry MsScarlet … Maybe because I’m curious to learn what y’all read …

    Exactly Princess : Instead of moaning & groaning about her headaches and coughing germs in to the cabin she could have been at home for two or three days, as I suggested, and all would be fine. But nooo, “heroes” drag their sorry a***s to work …
    Desert ?! Drying out ? But didn’t you have floods only some months ago ? Be you careful with that water Princess, filter and boil please !

  9. [off-topic always welcome]
    I have seen such things only on 19th century drawings or illustrations and thought they’d have gone entirely. I know of none of such structures surviving in Europe.
    The light-arc lamps (“Lichtbogenlampen”) are seemingly totally gone. I think in Paris (and possibly in Berlin) socalled “candles” have had been installed, called after the inventor “Jablochkoffkerzen”. It is possible that at one bridge over the river here a few of these were installed too, simply for representation. This light-arc must have given a very “grell” light LẌ, I guess it was impossible to look into it without danger of damage to the eye.

    Thank you Roses – in fact I wear the winter rugs, including Bommelmütze and shawl.

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