Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Here we are again.
Sorry for the long break, it was not intended. It is simply a fact that I’m too old for some “hau-ruck”-actions.
Last weekend I went to Switzerland, and a simple driving job turned into something pretty demanding. A friend asked me to pick her up in a small village and drive her back to Franconia in her car. On arrival on Saturday afternoon, I met a pale & shaky person I could barely identify as my friend, at least it was the right car. To make a long story short, our mutual friend, whom she visited and who lives in Switzerland,  had to go into a home for the elderly, so the household had to be cleared. I skip over Saturday evening, Sunday morning & afternoon, in the end I pulled the car – loaded to the brim, the car, not me – into the parking lot here on Monday morning at three. Half an hour later it was clear that my friend had lost or forgotten the keys to her flat, so I (literally) pushed her into the bed at a friend’s place, and went home.
It was senseless to go to sleep – I wouldn’t have woken up in time – so brew some coffee and turned to my bank account online to get things sorted, after all it was the start of a new month. I skipped the shower for another coffee and went to my job. At midday I slept for at least for one hour, before some blokes started to renovate a bathroom next door, tile by tile, could have shot them …
On Thursday morning, just when I was ready to climb into my vehicle, my dispatcher called & told me that my co-driver had fallen ill. That’s fine with me, thus things take a little longer, but anyway, it is fun with the boys.
There was a bit of additional hassle, so in the end I was not in the mood to read something, forget to post something. Only over the last few days, with (finally) a lot of sleep and some Silvaner, I bounced back to my usual, happy self.
I noticed that I have to work on myself a bit. Yesterday when I had to fold meself into a sleek driving machine, I noticed how clumsy, how un-bendy, I have become, some of my joints even had the nerve to make cracking noises : That’s a no-go ! I do not want to creak when I enter a cool looking driving-machine – and a bit less of belly would be nice too. At least I was wearing good clothes and I can assure you that anything Ms de Günzburg mixes together is great.
Here is some music that I can relate to right now, The Chico Hamilton Quintet gives us The Wind, recorded in 1956 – a bit melancholic maybe, I hope I did not post it before (if I did, excuse me please, it’s a great piece anyway & I can’t be arsed to check this now) – hope you enjoy the music.
Have a great Sunday and a relaxed week !




9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Nikos says:

    I stopped inserting myself into sleek cool driving machines many years ago after a humiliating bottom first exit onto the pavement. Facet joints worn out. Have a good day!

  2. Leaky too ? Oh GOd …

    Yeah, getting out is even more undignified. One sits low, upright with the legs sticking in front in nearly ninety degrees. The door is swung open somehow and then one faces this very large sill. Best would be to throw oneself over in a roll, what you do when you learn to fall.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend in Switzerland. I hope they are in good hands to get the care they need. I think it’s quite an accomplishment when you’ve made it to the age where the body starts showing the wear & tear. It means you’ve lived & survived long enough to appreciate life & you must take time each day to appreciate its wonders, & do the things that make you happy.

  4. Ah yes, dröppje for dröppje qulitet or something like that. I think it was a commercial for a Netherlandish product, but I forgot about Nikos.

    Hidden camera IDV ?

    He’s in good hands there eroswings. He’s well over eighty, has brought all books he needs with him. As a catholic priest he wants to celebrate mass, but he can’t stand long enough at the altar. Right now at least. But as I guess he will teach his legs some discipline and move on …

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