Dravel Tream

And how would it be  … ?  Being away, “free”, floating ?
No obligations, no “other half”, no persons no job no limits. Nothing that pins one down to a certain situation or designation, a place on earth or on mind. Free to move, to follow whims – and, let’s assume, no monetary limits – ? Unbehaust, perhaps ?
With the smallest bag for essentials and spare clothes, a very useful west with pockets to carry stuff at the body, some electronic devices to keep you connected. And the best shoes one can buy for money : Shoes are essential !
I’d carry a pair of dancing shoes in a spare bag. Don’t laugh. I’m a terrible dancer, but I try, and know how to use my a**e.
Using cabs, buses, planes, boats – all transport where you do not drive yerself – I’m a passenger. (YES ! Of course it’s Iggy.) I want to look out, see the scenery, watch the light … driving is work, I do not want to work, I want to travel : Going places, hey !
How much would a cabby charge in a place like London / Paris / Barcelona / Turino / Vienna / Rome (!) / Berlin / Warszawa or Athens when you ask for being driven around for some hours ? Of course one should have a basic idea about the place, but wouldn’t it be great to just sit and watch – as life pulses by, as architecture changes from imperial via bourgeois to wtf, just being allowed to look at things as they happen.
I’d ask cap drivers in NewYork, Frisco, KualaLumpur, Jakartha, Delhi, Bombay, Peking, Kairo, Tehran, Moscow – and a lot of other places – “just show me the place” : Here is a map, this place’s name sounds nice, oh and here is even a picture of something – let’s go !
I would not snap pictures then – I’d be too overwhelmed with all : I’d just sit and look and allow it all storm at me. I’d take pictures at some points of this voyage, not outer locations, but when it feels right to me, and would have no idea what they’d show.
I’d need some kind of electronic supervisor, something that would record where I’d be. I think I’d get lost after the second aeroplane latest – especially because I hate to fly by aeroplane and it would need some severe drugs to calm me down. At least I want to be stoned beyond recognition when the effing tin can hits the ocean.
Going by ship would be something different : More time, more reflection, better pictures – and my liver would also appreciate.
Is travelling the art of getting lost ?
I doubt. Usually it is about getting from A to B, without hassle, in style, and without too much unwanted surprises.
What I am dreaming of is blowing up the bubble and then pushing it onwards until it bursts, perhaps finding a new direction.
Hey, it’s a dream. And i’m just jabbering …

20 thoughts on “Dravel Tream

  1. I find very much that I love being some other place, but I hate getting there: airports, trapped in a plane for hours at a time, the other travelers. Ick.

  2. This is like ten Sunday Musics all rolled into one! And what a collection – I find a good soundtrack is essential for travelling. The Doors’ Riding on a Storm is a favourite. I’m currently on Deep Fried Dub’s Submerged.

  3. I was, after Russell died, working towards much that sort of thing, though I would only have chosen to do it for a limited time. Now, of course, things are different. I realised at the time that it was just a pipe dream, but it made me feel better. I do find that travelling alone has its advantages in some ways, though – people talk to you and make you welcome, you can please yourself without compromise …

  4. Jezz fühl’ ich mich angesprochen … *blush* I’ll check the timetable, dear Hoppelschaum.

    You made it on the cover, dearest Scarlet !

    The images of people’s behaviour in those tin cans are not encouraging, Mr Peenee. But People in Planes wasn’t that bad.

    I like it, but have the feeling it could have been a little bit shorter. But may I draw your attention to this obscure last group I linked IDV. Lovely Z brought them to my attention.

    In a way it is an escape, a relief, but I think a friend is actually doing something of this kind, dear Z.

  5. Travel well, return safe Dinahmow.
    What “glitz & glamour” did you get ? I find it fascinating – Strass, Gablonz, bijou, all those shiny things !

  6. My solo trips are like that–just the essentials, in a carry on & backpack. And it’s fun when planned out, allowing for flexibility & changes, & taking chances & listening to your gut. Half my friends think it’s crazy that I luv solo trips like that. The other half think it’s an awesome adventure. My point, do what makes you happy. Life is short. Live every day fully!

  7. Depends on the road Nikos – for whatever reasons I have to think about “Yol – Der Weg” now …

    Cheerio – you know that there is no obligation to click links, dearest Z, I do not expect this. But now and then one finds an interesting, obscure band …

    But one can overdo it too, dearest Anna K.. All this “simplifying” & “reducing” is well and nice, but …

    Yes ! With the licence for deviants, Eroswings.

    Goodness Tim – you make me feel like a PR-guru.
    BTW I liked what I read.

  8. I heared that KL can be a bit overwhelming for a newcomer, especially for a Franconian provincialist. I would need a helping hand for a start LGS !

  9. Sorry Nikos, I did not know the film, and what is behind it. Thank you for pointing me in this direction. Man kann sich langsam fragen, wen von ihren Nachbarn die Türkei nicht angepisst hat …

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