Sunday Music

The temperature dropped sharply. Yesterday midday / early afternoon we were in the late 20s° C. A “weather” approached, windfists hit the building (I think it swayed a bit), and in the evening one could watch lightning on the horizon, wandering from West, via North to East. I slept badly. Today it’s all cloudy, fresh. The rain was good for earth and plants.
Yesterday evening I felt a bit blue at the edges, crackling, sometimes life seems to be a long succession of goodbyes. After some time in search for a Sunday Music I gave in and went to bed – in the end it would have been another melancholic Purcell song by Deller or some such. And as much as I like Alfred’s voice, not today darling.
So it is time to turn to another classic, from Herbie HANCOCKs (Ger., Eng.) 1964 album Empyrean Isles (Eng.) a little number called Cantaloup Island (Ger., Eng.) – hope you enjoy it !



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I love that tune; I used to play it on my saxophone… maybe I ought to pick up my sax again.
    Not a lot of warmth here – frozen to the core. Have a good week!

  2. Thank you MsScarlet. I feel a bit under the weather, tired-out. I will spend the next days presumably in bed.

    MsScarlet on saxophone, Z on clarinet, LẌ on cornet, Tim on guitar – as they cross my mind. The rhythm section could use a little amplification LGS.
    Yes – readers and commentaters make the blog, I am very thankful for them.

  3. I love this song! I’ve never learned its proper name before, so thanks for sharing this. It is a very fun, lively tune.

    I hope you’re feeling better. I think life is all about letting go. So cherish your loved ones & embrace every moment & friend that makes you happy. It’s ok to feel sad sometimes, because it means that we miss someone or something we really love. I hope the weather is wonderful & that you have a great week!

  4. I know that you are right Eroswings, and I admire your positive attitude towards life and whatever it brings. I usually try my best to do so either. But sometimes there seem to bee too many of these goodbyes.
    The weather is cooler and wetter than yesterday, my hands are shaking & every movement is exhausting. I feel like having hauled sixteen tons … Time to read a good book !

  5. Like Eros, this is a tune I know and love, but had no name for, so thank you!

    I hope whatever book you picked up banished the blue edges.

    P.S. The rhythm section would still be lacking, but can I join your band? I play piano and flute. Played, more like, as it’s been a few years…

  6. MsScarlet on saxophone,
    Z on clarinet,
    LẌ on cornet,
    Tim on guitar,
    IDV on piano & flute

    Feel free to join in !

    I took up the collected works of Herr Arno SCHMIDT, and I do not know whether it did me good, dear IDV. As much as I like him, as much as I grow older I feel the borders, the lines that should not be crossed. Ach, it’s always special with this guy.
    Anyway, reading these texts helps (and helped) me a lot, besides sleeping, music, just being me. I wish some other ones could do this too …

    They help, that’s for sure, dearest Mistress. And they stay – people, persons, individuals – how ever you call them, humans – us included -, we are here just for a while.
    The beauty we give when we are alive vanishes with us : Beauty (as in : The Only Justified Reason To Exist !), as in any work of art, a text, a music, a picture – has at last the chance to stay, to survive – us. And hey !! – this’s all we are given : A Chance.
    To survive in our works. Or to die, with all our love buried with us. each & single one. Never mentioned, never seen again, just gone. It at least would be nice to be mentioned in a footnote, as someone who has tried …
    GOd I hate this idea.

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