Sunday Music

Right now my weekends tend to be more busy (and more demanding) than my working days, so sorry again for the delay in posting.
Without further belatedness, round and round it goes. Wonderful world of lathes – Zugspindeldrehmaschinen, Sattelrevolverdrehmaschinen, Spitzendrehbänke : Lathe by Arcane Device, this is David Lee MYERS (Ger.). I guess it would be good to hear this piece on a large sound system ; some grinding involved, so careful with the tweeters.
Let’s hope for a relaxed week ahead.



17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. You are a strange woman Dinahmow. Lovely in a bustiere, with a knack for lathes.

    Glad you like it – and I hope you are feeling better LẌ ! It is a bit “Forbidden Planet”-ish, the great machine. Perhaps Asmus TIETCHENS is also interesting for you.
    Thank you for the link – I did not know this book. I’ll try to get it via Fernleihe.

    Yes, I guessed he is somehow related, dearest IDV. And there is Uncle Al Chimy too …

  2. I admit that it possibly sounds like a tube accident in slow motion, and some of the high pitches may be a bit exhausting, but summa summarum I think the excitement is larger than the frustration. I would not call it “relaxing” but stimulating, image inducing, certainly not nerve wrecking – there is other stuff for this !
    What examples would you cite, dear Mitzi ?

  3. Oh GOtt, Zerspantechnik. Räumen, Honen, and what not ! Inside, outside, and even in-between. I look at this as a kind of art, a distant and foreign art, well aware of my inability to reproduce the simplest of these objects, with respect to everyone who has a clue about the functions of these things. At least I know that the inside of an engine cylinder needs to be honed when you rebuild the machine, but that was it Nikos

  4. Well that was a new experience for me. Not sure how to feel about it, but always glad to try new things. That’s how we make new discoveries & learn new things. I hope you have a great week & good weather.

  5. Nikos could always go as tyre-repair-man, when another Stradale brakes down, dear LẌ.

    I like, Roses darling !

    If you are interested in electronic music Eroswings, try to get a copy of “OHM. The early gurus of electronic music“, very interesting introduction.
    Also interesting, but different, is the work of Joachim-Ernst BERENDT (Eng. “Die Welt ist Klang” / “The World is Sound” & “Vom Hören der Welt. Das Ohr ist der Weg” / “About Hearing the World. The Ear is the Way”.

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