Sunday Music

Incredible – it is Sunday and I am actually posting a Sunday Music !
I’m busily doing nothing over this weekend. Everytime that I want to step outside it starts pouring down madly – it did so over the last few days. All the greenery shot out, unfolded. Through the village lead a lot of small paths between houses and gardens. These little rails are planned, they are part of the basic layout of the new-ish housing areas (built since the sixties). Yesterday I went to a shop and found it difficult at some points to follow the path between gardens, simply because brushes, hedges, trees had grown out from both sides so that I had to duck under a green arch. The rain water helped to press branches & boughs down. I enjoyed it, and only shortly thought about spiders.
“Back to the woods” is an always tempting idea, back to paradise – a nice illusion, escape and game of make-believe (Gedankenspiel). I do not want to miss modern comfort like plumbing and electricity for example ; and sitting on a comfy chair or a sofa in a real house is better than hunching up on a stone before the fire in a burrow.
So the answer to “Why Don’t You Go Back to the Woods”, asked & performed by Messrs Jerry DOUGLAS (Ger., Eng.), Russ BARENBERG (Eng.) and Edgar MEYER (Ger., Eng.), is simple : It’s not comfortable enough !
I do not have to go out and search & hunt for the shy carrot, the belligerent courgette or the treacherous potato – others do this for me. I just have to skin the prey, chop it up and roast them in my electric kitchen under generous administration of garlic, pepper and what else I find. That’s real progress.
I hope you can enjoy what you have over the coming peaceful & easy week.



22 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It’s pouring rain here too.

    The Mistress likes her comforts too and I never take them for granted.

    Now would someone please pass the smelling salts for Mr. DeVice before someone trips over him?

  2. Glad you like the music LẌ. The veggies turned out a bit too salty – because I cheated and used a pre-cooked sauce and put salt into my vegetables when they were in the pan. When I realised my mistake the deed was already done.
    Yeah – innocent teddies strolling through the wood and parkland, with MJ watching from a distance …

    Smelling salts ! Kampferinjektionen ! Schröpfköpfe !
    I’ll stay with the Laudanum, thank you IDV.

    It’s a miracle that you have some water left at all, dearest Dinahmow

  3. You just came in while i was working the word …
    Is the “big hole” now slowly turning into “New Big Lake”, Mistress dearest ?
    Things can turn around pretty fast, nothing is for sure and for ever. Except maybe the rain. And IDV is taken care of, no worries …

  4. It’s forecast to be 38C here next weekend, thank the aspergic aubergine that I shall be motoring up the Adriatic to the Muttieland then.

  5. I’d love to go back to the woods, but sadly you can’t move in there for doggers who enjoy a bit of open air tuggery pokery with complete strangers.

    It’s been pissing down here too.

  6. Great song. Glad to hear the rains at least brought new, lush life to your neighborhood. It’s amazing to see nature bloom!

    I like visiting the woods. Most of my camping treks are a minimum of two weeks–deserts, mountains, woods, beaches, etc. I like the solitude & exploring the wild spaces. But I confess that even during these long camping trips, I make sure that I’m close to the facilities with clean, running water, indoor plumbing, & electricity. I like sleeping in my tent, but having a flushing toilet is a must when I go camping. I may enjoy the wild, but I’m no savage!

  7. Glad that you like it, dearest Z. And if one of my venerated readers knows something about growing vegetables it is you !

    Glad that you like it LGS – and please tell me when you found the Mosquito.

    What a weird, randy bunch lives in your neck of the woods, Mitzi dearest …

    Glad that you like it F(aum) [?]. I found this take by pure accident, youtube can be a treasure trove.

    I like to go and visit the woods, wander around, as long as I know that I will be back in time. I’m built for comfort, Eroswings. And the older I get …

  8. you posted on sunday and here i am on the following friday replying! ;) so i’m either late for last week or early for next! love the music! camping? mine is done in hotels, not tents! xoxoxox

  9. A very attractive vegetable, undoubtedly, dearest MsScarlet.

    And I’m going lightning-fast and answer following Saturday – the web really makes our lives fast Savannah !

  10. Thank you very much Eroswings, I did not know that there is father’s day at this date in the US. It was a tough day for those around me, way too much cancer and death around …

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