Sunday Music – Monday Edition

Here we are, filled with Cartesian dualism (Eng., Ger.), back to “Normal”, what is strictly speaking nothing else but an ongoing and stabilized & stabilizing improvisation, a volatile state of “order” in the usual sublunar (Eng.) chaos we call a world.
I spent the hottest day of last week – of the whole year so far – on a cemetery and on the road, all that had to be done was done in good order.
Meanwhile a little tussle took place in the United Kingdom, called “Brexit”. As I understand the population of Great Britain decided to leave the European Union. So be it. What I do not understand is that now a petition is launched to repeat the votum – the deed is already done, how many more “decisions” does one need ? I do not think that this is the way democracy works – let’em vote until the “wanted” result is reached, wanted by whom btw ? – but a mockery of the whole process.
Personally I do not think that it was a wise ruling to leave, because the British gouvernement this way is cut out of the process of decision-making within Europe. Wouldn’t it be better to have a say inside the institutions, work in them and influence politics, instead of being out with no real possibility, no right to vote, no secured right to be heard and have the national interests incorporated ? Seemingly not.
So back to “splendid isolation” (Ger., Eng.), and other amenities of the 19th century too, perhaps ?
What I do not like at all is that now all those right-wing proto-fascists in other countries of the Union, notably those in the East, have a blueprint for further actions. Not that I would shed one bloody tear if these former Eastern bloc countries would leave, with their rudimentary understanding of democracy and underdeveloped civil societies dominated by the old corrupt “elites” from yesteryear, but was it necessary to walk ahead as shining example ? Seemingly yes.
Anyway, que sera sera, Pandora’s box was opened long before.
Now let’s hear some music : The Saltarello Ensemble, Francisco VILLEGAS on Baroque guitar and Eli MAGAÑA on castanets or palillos, performs a Fandango by Santiago de Murcia (Ger., Eng.) – I hope you enjoy it.
Let’s have a peaceful and uneventful week.



21 thoughts on “Sunday Music – Monday Edition

  1. Oh that petition was just Facebook twatter. Completely stupid. All of it is completely stupid, the campaign was completely stupid and dangerously divisive. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!! David Cameron’s fault for making the referendum an election pledge because he thought he would be forming another coalition with Nick Clegg. WHY???? WTF would he think that there would be another coalition???? Nick Clegg was supposed to veto the referendum. Quite frankly everything is Nick Clegg’s fault…. AND generally our politicians have absolutely no idea what, or how, the people they govern think. Far too much wealth has been syphoned off by the very rich and not reinvested in social infrastructure, and this chaos is the result.
    ENOUGH with the politics. I have had enough.

  2. There seems to be no unity in the United Kingdom right now, and as I see from the news there is a lot of in-fight … We could ask Ms Merkel if she steps in temporarily. I mean she’s busy, but we could send over some people. You could spot them easily in their black unif – suits ! Suits ! With silver buttons … No worries dearest Scarlet, Alles wird gut !

  3. I shall be retiring to Mogwash for the foreseeable future, Mr Mags….. at least there is only sensible nonsense there.
    Thank you for your offer.

  4. An independent Texas would be a power to be reckoned with LẌ. I wonder if the Second Republic of Texas could use the embassy of the First Republic in Paris again ?

    If Mr Cohen is right, Nikos, the whole “Brexit”-affaire is just a symptom of an underlying moral and social crisis. An opposition seems not to exist right now. Labour seems to be “cleansing” itself (Stalin style ?), but are there not Greens and Liberals ? I think Cohen mentions them – it should be a Reichsparteitag for them ! Strange island.

    It’s a lousy French invention this metric system, stay Imperial with slugs, rods and chains ! And let’s not forget the drachme, dearest Mitzi, Nikos surely likes it …

  5. Sorry Scarlet – Mr Swings ?
    edit : You mean Eros ? Saw / found no comment by him, sorry.

    This is exactly the danger,lone Grey Squirrel : It is a start sign for the new nationalisms all over the continent. This could well end the dream of a “united” Europe.

  6. … caramba : I show up at his place irregularly, just noticed that he is gone private, no invite here, dear Scarlet.
    I’m sure he will tell us, and has some reasons for this ; Eros is very communicative and not someone who simply kicks all & everybody out just for fun. No reason for feeling “isolated and downgraded” m’love !

  7. Glad to see that you’re back, & we all move forward in life, together. Democracy is a wonderful thing when it works. It gives everyone a voice & a vote. The problem is, sometimes, the majority of those voices & votes come from the shortsighted, easily manipulated masses with mob mentality–in other words, idiots! And unfortunately, some lessons can only be learned the hard way.

    I love the clickety clack sounds of the castanets! They definitely liven things up.

    Apologies to you, Scarlet, & everyone else for the temporary blog blackout. I was doing some blog maintenance when I got distracted & didn’t realize that I had changed some settings. Things are back to normal now. Have a great week!

  8. Glad that you dropped by, no need to apologise Eroswings ! All is well, I’m sure MsScarlet feels better.
    “clickety clack” – Bogarth ? “Die Cain war ihr Schicksal” ? Ah yes, the interrelation-machine called “head” is already back to business …

  9. Looking at the UK’s inner politics, it’s a bit like Julius Caesar right now. Julius impersonated by Mr Johnson, who just vanished, pulled out of the race. It is really a bit like a play by the Bard. Brutus would be Mr Gove. Anyway, I hope that the lady wins. She’s the one to keep all this idiots together and the only one to make sense. We could call her Merkel’s sister, if you will … GOd, it’s a bit awful, isn’t it ? Is Corbyn brain dead after all ?
    Enough of this.
    Next post will be about something else. And something important. Books read perhaps, or such.
    I usually rarely mention politics here, it is a blog about me and You, venerated readers, and all in between, but “politics” (especially those in the UK) is out now, what an ugly business.

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