Sunday Music, kind of

I spent the weekend mostly doing nothing, cooked a little bit, but avoided generally anything that could barely degenerate into “action”. Later I will post about books read over the last two months.
And because it is 4th of July, Independence Day, the 240th *  as it happens, this “Sunday Music” will not contain music, but a little travel to Washington in 1917, over the old canal (Eng., Eng., Ger., today) ; nearly 12 silent minutes with a lot of water and locks – I hope you enjoy it, venerated readers.
May we all have a peaceful week.



* Corrected after LẌ spotted the mistake – thank you LẌ !

5 thoughts on “Sunday Music, kind of

  1. I always was bad at mental calculation, but really ! Thank you for pointing out this mistake LẌ.
    A nice and fitting song. I wonder whether one of these barges survived, perhaps in a collection or a museum.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful Independence Day wishes! America thanks you for your support in the struggle for freedom.

    And we thank you for giving us kindergartens–playtime, snack time, & nap time were my favorite parts–along with hot dogs (wieners), sausages (bratwursts), potato salad, beer, & Texas Hill Country BBQ (inspired & created by & evolved from immigrant German butchers & farmers). Danké!

  3. 46 years ago today i sliced my forearm open (accidentally) while pushing a humidity swollen door open. when people see the scar, they more often ask, “was it an accident?” implying i tried to off myself.

    i usually answer them, if i’d wanted to kill myself, i’d be dead.

  4. Bitte, gern geschehen Eroswings !
    Yes, the Texas hinterland is definitely a place to be visited. Perhaps they greet me with a cold Pils

    You could always gnarl through gritted teeth “4thofJuly ’70” Rambo-style, dearest Norma.

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