Sunday Music

What a delightful weekend it was – I did near to nothing at all. There was one hour of cleaning activity, and some clothes were thrown into the washing machine, but that was that. I enjoyed it beyond description to stay in bed on Saturday morning and having the sun shine on my feet. Last week I had my share of psychopaths, especially those on the road – I think it’s the weather : When the sun comes out and the temperatures rise above 28° C the average Franconian brain stops working, not that it would be too active in the rest of time. Anyway, all that was, now is a new week. Rain & thunder is forecast, I am happily expecting it.
Now let’s hear a little piece composed by LISZT Ferencz (Ger., Eng.), performed by Olivier GARDON (Fr., Eng.), En Rêve. (Here is a version by the Belgian pianist Catherine van LOO, just for comparison.)
I hope you enjoy the music ; sometimes I think it’s the only escape from this world of barbarity.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Ah…the music always eases the hurt doesn’t it? Whatever genre.
    As for idiots on the roads.^$^$%#&****ing maniacs! Someone in a SUV,towing a caravan, suddenly decided to TURN ACROSS my lane at an intersection. Ah, well, the car behind me was far enough back for me to brake without a bump.(I did call some German swear words into play!)I hope your week ahead will be betgter.:-)

  2. Thankyou Mr Maggs for bringing some civility and calm to my crazy week… Rehearsals are in full swing at present and alas… not without the usual drama and meyhem… the show opens on the 21st JulyFor 3 shows plus a matinee in the afternoon on the Saturday.
    your choice of Music was a delight to my ears and soothing to my jangled nerves…

  3. Rain…. but yep… the sun brings out the crazies…. the speedy drivers…. and the nut jobs who want to spend the only sunny afternoon of the year revving up a hedge trimmer for FIVE WHOLE HOURS. Give me strength, give me peace, give me a cup of tea and a very large cake….

  4. Ah yes, the old : “Oh, I’m standing in the wrong lane – I’ll just turn in over all the others, nobody will notice !” Saw this last week too Dinahmow. And was slowed down by an idiot on the open road not once, not twice, but trice. Of course always hitting the pedal to the metal when I made a move to overtake. This was one of those occasions when I am glad to be in Europe : In the US I’d have grabbed my gun and pumped hot lead into his arsehole after the third near miss. This bloke really deserved a medal. Compared to this inbred goat splat (created by the insult-generator MsScarlet has linked to) the rest was kindergeburtstag.

    Getting to the sofa was too much effort LẌ.
    I have to make a confession : I watch “Russian Road Fails” on YT.
    I feel guilty now.

    Ten more days Princess ! Aaah there’s room for enhancement, for more drama – bring it to the boil ! I saw your cha-cha-gowns – they are great ! Hals- und Beinbruch !

    This is either a very large hedge, or a very intricate hedge-design, dearest MsScarlet … Frankly I would not know what to do with a hedge trimmer for five hours. The first cut is the deepest and all that … When back from the emergency room it will be all quiet, tea & cake and all … on the other hand, then it could be time to tend to the lawn …
    If I had such a hedge, I would hire a gardener, who knows what to do and when, and has the correct tools for the job. Giving such a machine in my hands is a bit like the proverbial kid with the loaded gun, an accident waiting to happen.

  5. Just too b hot for my liking down in Wiesbaden. Not enough energy to even get Franz and Liszt but C vanLoo looks like the sort of lady who could be Prime Minister of Little England?

  6. The music is perfect for relaxing. Thank you. Glad to hear you survived the idiot drivers & got to enjoy a nice weekend. Here’s to wishing you a wonderful week & hopefully, the storms are gentle & cool things off. Cheers!

  7. On the balcony an admittedly old & cheap thermometer showed nearly 40° C last Saturday late afternoon. A bit much much Nikos.
    Catherine surely could do it : Well-educated, absolutely not connected (=entangled in spiderwebs of political give&take backroom hustles), of Belgian origin, she could handle affairs between two concerts. But as I learned from the news Ms May will do the cleaning-up now.

    The air is already cooler and not so damp / wet anymore Eroswings, one can move now without dripping like grovel truck. Thank You for the Good wishes – cheers !

  8. So, Franconian crazies come out when the sun is out! I always thought it was the full moon that brought out the crazies. Glad you had a good weekend.

    Update on our model challenge:- Help, I can’t find any paint for sale! Keep you informed if there is any progress.

  9. Good that you mention the paint – I have to go and look for a can of white. Let me know when all is ready Lone Grey Squirrel.

    Thankfully I do not have to drive at night, so I am not sure what happens on the road through the Full Moon.

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