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We live in strange and violent times. People do shoot at each other for no understandable reason, a Mistkerl decides to kill as many people as he can, and finally NATO country and wannabe member of the EU Turkey sees an attempted coup d’état : What a week.
No wonder that conspiracy theories are en vogue, which suggest that secret groups run the world, like the Bilderberger, the Norfolk conclave, or simply cats. And of course the internet is the source of all evil. Here we should stop for a moment and read Sir Tim’s, professor van Schewick’s & professor Lessig’s letter about network neutrality, it’s worth a thought or two.
That was my “good deed” for the day, time to crawl back on the sofa.
Today’s Sunday Music comes from Bob DUNN (Ger., Eng.) & his Vagabonds, a title called You Don’t Know My Mind. I hope you enjoy the music.
May we all be spared from the free-flowing madness !



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  1. It’s crazy, chaotic times like this where we need to be vigilant & calm & be at our wisest, not let emotion nor fears get the best of us. As long as we work together & look out for each other, we will survive this & we can make the world just a little bit better, a little at a time. Bad things are gong to happen in life. So what are we going to do about it? It’s our actions & reactions to tragedy that determine if we make it out stronger & better or become paralyzed with fear. I know we are strong & smart. Together, we are stronger & wiser & better able to overcome these challenges.

  2. That’s why the internet is so anonymous LẌ – and a clever disguise too !

    Well said Eroswings, but I fear …

    I think most of the “prophecies” of this obscure apothecary are written by Masterman anyway, dear Nikos. He probably saied something like “eene meene mingmang …” or “Töröööh, Benjamin Blümchen hat Diarrhöööh !”.

    Oh dear, a venial sin of youth, dearest Scarlet … let’s put a veil over it.

  3. No worries mate, all right here LẌ.
    Another madman, this time a whacky one. I used the train when travelling to & from the bookmines. Seemingly a lone nut. Jumped off the train after an emergency stop in Heidingsfeld, which was sealed off very quickly. Accidentially a special police unit was in the area and he felt the need to attack them too with his Hackebeil. As far as I know three persons in hospital with severe wounds, the rest with shock – well, you do not expect The Shining in a Franconian chuff-chuff train on a lazy Monday evening. Frayday afternoon on the other hand …

    There are seemingly more idiots than usual dear Norma. Tomorrow I have to attend a fresh-up first ad course, perhaps just in time.

  4. As it seems my first idea was wrong. The killer seemingly had a connection to the barbarians. He either radicalised himself, or – if the video that supposedly shows him blabbing the usual nonsense is genuine – they managed to place a sleeper here. He came here alone a year ago, went through the usual process, was actually working as Praktikant in a bakery with the option of learning the trade & getting qualified, had moved into a guest-family some weeks ago : A model refugee.
    He split the head of the father of the Chinese family. After the train stopped he jumped out and attacked a lady who was walking her dog in this garden area. Then he ran towards the village / part of town when the police apprehended him. He choose to attack them and was shot.
    A German politician twittered the question why it was not possible to shoot him and making him unmovable / immobile / “Questions !” .
    I find this idea a bit unrealistic. When the axe-murderer runs at you at 23:00 on a damn bicycle-path you shoot, and if he drops dead so be it. There is always an internal inquest after the use of a weapon, and German cops are not especially trigger-happy. Nevertheless I find it very annoying that the politician in question now has to face vile abuse on twitter. All these “social”-media-nonsense is nothing but a giant magnifying glass, and it embiggifyes often things that would better stay unseen & un-heared.
    The interesting question remains whether the barbarians actually managed to bring a sleeper in, and if so perhaps some more ? If this is true, how are they triggered ?

  5. Immobilizing shot? Herr Politician has seen too many cop/western shows on TV!

    Police training is to shoot “center mass” to stop someone as quickly as possible who is a grave threat to the public or themselves.

  6. Actually I wanted to post something along the line “TGIF”, but some blokes in Munich deceided to start a shooting.
    Nobody knows right now what happened. As the latest news says nine people were shot to death, an unknown number wounded. It is possible that one of the attackers is shot too. Police searches for three persons with “Langwaffen”, what means nothing else but that they carry not (only) pistols or revolvers but rifles. Where these (possibly) three shooters are is unknown.
    The Police voted for an all-out-approach. Actually the background is not clear, it may range from a gang-related crime, via something personal to real terrorist, perhaps islamistic, background. Time will tell. As I heard in a video of the official police spokesperson the work at the crime scene is not finished yet , so here is no verdict about the whole thing.
    They are working on it.

  7. Just saw a video shot from above (maybe fifth floor) that shows a man on a parking deck (early news said it started at a parking deck), who is yelled at by another, Bavarian speaking person, who is obviously standing down on the ground, or perhaps hangs out from a window of the house the video is taken from on a lower level. The person on the parking desk yells back, saying something like “having been in therapy”, “the need to buy a gun”, finally shots are heared, the camera man covers.
    If it is genuine it may show a psycho who snapped and started to resolve his problems with a gun.
    But there is strong need for clarification. Officially three shooters are sought after.
    It’s all a big muddle.

  8. Definitely no reason, dearest Scarlet.
    They are all madmen, regardless of whether they sport a balaclava, brag about their time in “the institution”, or are simply drug selling idiots. Idiots who take a gun and shoot to kill, really devastating. But all will be better under President Trump.
    Sorry, I climb under my duvet now. At least it is strongly raining and I can see real great lightning outside. *mwah*

  9. The violence is already there Austere – and in other places it occurs more regular & in a bigger scale – over 80 dead & more than 200 injured in Kabul lately. Let’s not forget what has happened in your city.
    Now places are affected that were not yet touched by it, like France, Franconia …
    The guy in Munich simply snapped, and put his phantasies to work, but because he was of Iranian & German origin some blockheads will desperately try to use this rampage for their agitations.

    A part of the planet’s population seems to have lost all culture and civilisation. The paint on the surface is thin, underneath sits a violent caveman.
    Your empathy honours you Roses.

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