Sunday Music

It’s too hot to do something. Just now it is raining again, but it will bring no refection, no cooling down, just more humidity and dampness. I will crawl back on my bed and read. Comics. Everything else is too demanding right now.
Here is a song about Communication, by Slim GAILLARD (Eng., Ger.).
Code, anyone ?
One more week.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Aaaaaarrrrghh….. cody van;;:/77 polllloifgaats sollygrrrrennnig buuukfusterbusterbigboobyladyparts38Ddddddd .

  2. Sometimes, all you need is some good comics to get you through the day. I hope you get better weather. And if it does get too hot, do what I do–take a nice cool shower and try to enjoy the heat, because winter will be cold & freezing & it’ll be here sooner than expected & stay longer than we want it.

  3. Nnnnet LẌ – V whfg abj yvfgrarq gb “Jrfgrea Havba” – bs pbhefr lbh unir urnerq vg !
    V’z abg dhvgr fher, vg’f ntrf fvapr V npghnyyl urnerq Zbefr-pbqr naq V jnf arire tbbq ng vg. Gur thvgne vf “PD” V guvax, ohg V qb abg trg jung ur qbrf va gur vageb.
    Fbeel, V jnf ynml & gverq ynfg riravat.

    Is this an invitation, dearest Scarlet ? You speak in riddles.

    Careful LẌ

    In my case it was Asterix, Eroswings. And of course you are right, next winter will be here sooner as expected : It’s already end of July (!), so we can expect a hot August, but than it will be already autumn – what an exceptionally fast year !

  4. This sounds Greek to me Nikos.
    In fact I am mathematically illiterate, a true barbaros, call me “rudi”. Russell & Whitehead did something called “mathematical truth” or such, tried to “proof” the “truth” of spiritual veritatesif I understood it correct once ago. Even back then I thought this can not work, a spiritual truth is spiritual, dem Wesen nach outside the logos. But of course I may be wrong.
    Wittgenstein I never understood. I only know that he made plans for houses, built one article, and once was in a confrontation with that other Austrian … herrjeh : Popper ! (here ).

  5. Sums up very nicely the history of philosophy and drugs, especially booze. But I doubt that Wittgenstein was a beery swine, he’s so ascetic Nikos, I think he’s more into Klarer

    No way Roses ! It’s rare enough that you come out of the woods, so to speak. At least you DO crawl out and make a sound – something we are all greatful for !

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