Sunday Music

Sunday Music – Very Late Edition

Cake for Scarlet harvested (in no particular order) an Angel Food Cake made by LẌ, a cake decorated with three different sweets by Z, something a little bit confusing by Dinahmow, and a fruity affaire from Savannah – I hope I missed none ?
All this cake finally made me buy a simple Stracciatella cake from the superette, it did not last very long.

I felt very un-communicative at the end of last weekend, grumpy even. Monday I took care of some things, and afterwards rewarded myself with a kind of “salad” containing pasta, very spicy. No driving for some weeks, my mood has improved since I realised this. Efficiently only this morning, when I awoke panicking, and happily turned around after I realised that I do not have to rise & hurry. Finally I have to write an article and clean out the cellar – and while I’m at it, one or two corners of my appartement gathered a lot of jetsam too …

This Sunday Music is a dreamy, jet melancholic piece by Claude DEBUSSY (Ger., Eng.) titled Des Pas Sur la Niege  (Steps in Snow) from his first book of preludes from 1909/1910. I chose the version performed by Cécile OUSSET (Eng.). If you like, compare it with the one by young Dorothea BAKER (about who I sadly could find no more information), and what BENEDETTI MICHELANGELI (Ger., Eng.)  made from it.
I hope you like the music, & may the week be pleasantly uneventful.




10 thoughts on “Sunday Music – Very Late Edition

  1. Stracciatella? Oh, yum! There is still a little of the Angel Food cake here, but it will be gone by tomorrow. That was a tasty meme!

    Enjoy the break from driving!

  2. Ponita says:

    It takes a bit to get used to *not* having to go to work! Because I work shift work, getting up early when I don’t need to usually doesn’t happen. I hope you find the time off revitalizing.

  3. I had Coffee Cake in the end! Gone before I could take a picture. Meanwhile, I have been like that too – uncommunicative, that is. I blame the news. It makes me want to withdraw. Morale is at a low.

  4. If I could find the card-reader-thing, I could show you an image of that cake LẌ, but for this I’d have to get up & around, but I am much too lazy to do this now, sorry … I am in the process of enjoying the not-driving.

    I believe that I can get used to this soon Cruella de Snip, ööhh … Ponita, sorry …

    Withdraw ? It’s never too late to quit smoking … but that’s not what you mean, dearest Scarlet … Ah come on – you had cake, you have electricity (in almost every room !), you have gilded insults, bottled emotions, nibs&tucks, barrels of ink and finest papers. (I should sent you some specimen from our paper mill here.)
    Let’s avoid the news, at least national and international, local may be interesting, but if not, who cares. Don’t allow nonsense to bring you down MsScarlet, most things we can not change, so just let them.

  5. Modern nonsense this telex, let’s stick to the Hellschreiber !
    When we used telex, we could only be un-communicative to just one other participant – today we can be un-communicative to the whole internet !
    This is progress Nikos.

  6. Sometimes, you just need some time alone to do what you need to do & just recharge, recuperate, & revitalize yourself. Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself, because you’ve earned it, & because it makes life so much more fun when you do enjoyable things. Enjoy your time away from driving! Best wishes on your plans & goals.

  7. Oh, I love that feeling of relief when realising that one doesn’t have to get up and go to work!
    I’m sure you’ll feel even better once you’ve got your article done and the flotsam and jetsam cleared out.

  8. Thank You Eroswings – I am trying my very best. A strange side-effect of all this is that I have no urge to smoke for some days, I hope it stays that way.

    Who needs deadlines anyway ? I need deadlines ! Article first, then flotsam & jetsam. Then satisfaction all around. At least this is the plan, dearest IDV

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