Sunday Music

What a fine weekend, Monday included. Lazy in the sun. This evening the temperature dropped, rain is to be expected for the next few days, time to crawl in the house. The cellar waits to be explored, things and stuff must be taken in hand, and a decision whether to keep or to let go needs to be made. I have the feeling that more things will go than stay.
This Sunday Music is a title called Painting Box * by the Incredible String Band (Ger., Eng.), folksy types from Scotland, who seemingly hung around either the Hippie trail (Ger., Eng.) or Marocco, but they also made it to that farm in Woodstock. The background singer Christina McKECHNIE (Eng.) got seemingly lost sometimes in the late Eighties in Arizona, well after her time with the Incredible String Band.
I hope you like the music – love, peace & understanding !

* Track 3 on the A-side of The 5000 Spirits or The Layers of The Onion (Eng.) – yes, in those days lps still had titles !




10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thanks for sharing the hippy music. They do sound psychedelic! I hope you enjoy your time off & the rains bring y’all relief from the heat. Sometimes, it’s very liberating to clear out the clutter & let things go. Good luck!

  2. They were new to me too LẌ. I only have a vague memory that a friend owned this album back in the late seventies / early eighties, together with stuff by Little Feat and other late sixties groups. In fact it was a stack of lps, most without the outer sleeves or jackets, only in the inner jacket, that was left behind by a tramper whom my friend’s older brother took in for a day or two sometimes mid-seventies. The tramper unloaded the hippie lps at my friend’s to travel lighter, and we were introduced to hippie music. Perhaps the bloke was on his way to Marocco, Mattala or Goa.

    Thank you Eroswings. I think I slowly get into the swing to clear out, maybe I’ll get radical and minimise to the max … Like that Greek philosopher, who threw away the wooden cup he still owned when he saw a boy drink water from his hands …

  3. Hooray! Rain! An excuse to stay indoors. In fact, it’s raining here now – we’ve just had a thunderstorm roll over.
    FIngers crossed that you find something rare and valuable in the cellar!

  4. Sorry IDV, LẌ, until now the only thing I found is a cold – not as evil as the daemon that caught you LẌ at your last trip to Europe, but a minor relative. The other thing is that a friend popped up and asked me some historical questions. So I started a little bit of search for literature and am writing a small text.
    Yes, I am lazy.

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