Sunday Music

GOd, how lazy can a person become ?
Yes, I nursed a little cold. It grew and then I had to throw it out. I feel remarkably well since it left.
I also managed to walk to the library (at least twice !) in the last week, and even got some copies, local books and some from the inter-library system. Not that I have written something yet, but I may have it coming … I finally wrote, re-wrote and sent out the little blurb about the local shooting range.
Other activities included bank-stuff.
All in all it was a combined stretch of time of perhaps three hours of activity.
The rest – ? Reading, sleeping, watching clouds ? More or less so, nothing “productive”. Not one single boring minute.
Now I sit at my desk humbled. Humbled by an email I received earlier, out of which speaks a generous, warm, reflected person. Hug-accepting too.
Thank You.

Today’s Sunday Music is a worldly song by 16th century composer Orlandus di Lassus (Ger., Eng.), a madrigal titled Sto core mio.


Sto core mio se fosse di diamante
Sarrìa spezzato per tanto dolore
Quanto ne provo e sento a tutte l’ore.

Et ben c’afflitto sia più c’altro amante
Tenga dolente e sconsolato il core
Pur non li manca spirto né vigore.

Ma quanto più patisce è più costante
Soffre il dolor se ben fosse maggiore
Di quel ch’io provo e sento a tutte l’ore.


Even if my heart were made of diamond
It would splinter from the sharp payne
I feel and sense hour by hour.

Although I’m afflicted more than other lovers
My heart discouraged and reduced to sorrow
Nonetheless it does not lack neither strength nor spirit.

But how much it suffers and how steady
It would gladly bear an even greater payne
Than what I feel and sense hour by hour.


There is a fourth verse about the lady who causes all this, but singer Renata FUSCO, together with the ensemble Conserto Vago lead by the lute player Massimo LONARDI (Eng.) (published 2006), decided to leave it out. I found no website of Ms FUSCO, only an interview in Italian from 2013.
I hope you like the music. May the coming week bring joy and happiness to all of us.




21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. “God, how lazy can a person become?”

    Well, “a friend” has been glued to the sofa for the last 10 days or so, watching almost all of the Olympics coverage on TV (split to view two different channels), minimal household chores, very few trips to the supermarket, absolute minimal personal hygiene, and feeding the cats!

    Your week sounds hyper-kinetic by comparison!

  2. I feel quite out of things…I do not like marzipan and the silly Cheating Festival is boring.Mind you, I was on the edge of my seat at all those colour comparisons.Will Pantone’s newest colour be Rio Green, perhaps?

  3. Thank you thankyouthankyou ! I’ll sing Your praise all over the web, dearest Scarlet !

    Ah yes, there’s a Sportfest somewhere. Glad that you like it LẌ. I saw pictures last night of a man called Bolt, he ran a bit seemingly without braking a sweat while those behind him had a hard time. I heared it was not bad.

    Can I have your marzipan too, Dinahmow. MsScarlet promised me the things from her plate she does not like. Excuse me please, what colour comparisons ? I think Pantone’s last “colour of the year” was a terrible pink – I think Mr Peenee wrote about it.

  4. Watching clouds is very hard work as they change shape and appearance all the time. It sounds like you’ve had a busier week than you make out?

    ::hopes there’ll be some marzipan left – preferably not mauled too much::

  5. Sometimes it’s nice to do nothing & kick back & relax. I’m like LX, addicted to the Olympics! Where else am I going to see track & field with gymnastics & volleyball & synchronized swimming at the same time? Where else am I going to see medals handed out for walking & girls jumping on trampolines? I could do with less golf & I want much more rugby! In an effort to attract more youths, Tokyo 2020 will feature skateboarding & surfing at the summer Olympics, which sounds awesome, except I didn’t realize that Tokyo was a surfing destination…so I’m really curious how they’re going pull it off…but they got four years to figure it out.

  6. Oh, apparently they’d used hydrogen peroxide in the pool and it went a nasty car-sick shade of green.
    I was being facetious. :-) And of course you may have my marzipan.And my milk chocolate.

  7. Yes IDV, they are volatile.
    (I always wanted to use this word.)

    This ticket will be a little longer than the simple one for speed LẌ. But well timed after all.

    Tokyo & surfing are not together in my mindmap Eroswings. As I read somewhere the watersports must be careful in that bay because of all kind of pollution and dead bodies. In Japan they will have to watch for these atomic monsters too !

    OH – the milk chocolate too ? Thank you Dinahmow !

    One could call it “Popelgrün”. But you know what I find even more interesting ? That there are actually people who match it with the Pantone colours !

  8. Some of my favourite days are those spent doing as little as possible.

    Some may considerate me lazy but I value those days when I can simply read, reflect, and listen to music. And oh yes, watch clouds. I have a huge window on the upper floor with nothing obstructing the view. This window lends itself perfectly to watching the clouds drift by.

    Group hug!

  9. Can’t help LẌ, the more often I look at it, I come to the conclusion that the front end is not done well enough with this grill. All those flowing lines, especially at the back, and then this. It looks a bit like 90-ish KIA.
    BTW the short version in the comments does look good too. I think he used the rear end of a Porsche.

    I don’t consider you lazy. I wish my appartement would be some floors up, then I’d have a better view out into the sky – but it works well enough “as is”. Sometimes the clouds even come by and have a look at me !
    Let’s considerately look over your crime to the language of the GOds, dearest Mistress :) And just because it is a chance to boast a bit on words – I took this test yesterday (there was nothing else to do) and was told I’d know 67% of the existing English vocabulary. I found especially interesting the list of fake words I clicked as “known to me”.

  10. 67% is a very good score, considering English is not your first language.

    I’m impressed when bloggers are able to communicate well in another language. It isn’t easy, especially since there are so many nuances to consider in a foreign language. The nuances are just something you learn as you go along.

    English is NOT an easy language to learn.

  11. Nuances are the key. I still find it hard to hit the right “Ton”. It more or less works in writing, but is very different when speaking, a simple remark done light-heartedly can come out as a totally misplaced and rude comment. And of course there always looms the question of “style”. But I guess it is not arrogant when I consider meself being an articulate bus-driver.
    BTW back in school, when we had to choose the main subjects for our last classes, id est those in which we would have to take the final examinations, I was very tempted to go with English, but in the end stuck with Latin & History.
    I hope you are feeling well.

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