Sunday Music

When I awoke this morning, I glanced at the clock that sits on the chair at the head end of my bed. It was early in the morning, all quiet, I shortly reflected about getting up but simply nodded off. When I awoke again, I learned to my amazement that more than an hour had passed. Just so. Gone. An hour of my precious life time spent in gracious unconsciousness in a warm bed while fresh clean air rushed in through the open window. All this time will never come back, eine Binse, a truism, I know.
It is the first day of autumn here. The light changed. All the leaves are still green, but it is not the ripe full green of early summer when all bursts with life, there is a tinge of yellow, more visible in some trees, less in others. No fallen leaves yet. Dramatic amassements of clouds – time to let a kite fly over stubble fields. To come home to a cup of hot cacao and a buttered roll, perhaps a Laugenbrötchen that comes with big chunky crystals of salt. (I, blushingly, confess to dunking.)
Today I finally took that thick envelope out of my letterbox. In September I will drive a new route, new kids, new co-driver, different point of compass, roads very different to what I had over the last six months. But all this & what is connected with it, will only next week be important, not now.
All different, all the same – another unbearable truism, sorry.
And because it is autumn & because I feel a bit melancholic, and because there is no trace of the promised final sprint of summer, and because time is such a cruel master, and just because ! – this Sunday Music is a bit longer : As The Years Go Passing By in the version of Mr Albert KING (Ger., Eng.) and Mr Rory GALLAGHER (Ger., Eng., site), recorded live in Montreux 1977 – hope you like it.
Here’s to a relaxed and peaceful week !



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Here, Laugenbrötchen are called “pretzel rolls” or “pretzel bread” when rolled out into a mini-loaf. I like the rolls with butter for dinner and the bread makes good sandwiches. No dunking though. [shudders]

    Best wishes on the new route and co-driver. A new set of kids to teach some music appreciation!

  2. But but – dunking – ! It can be done without “le slurp” ! Of course there is always the danger of “le splash”, but hey : Live dangerously !
    Salt on the pretzels only ?
    I think I know the lady in question. I’m pretty sure it will be a good partnership. And You just reminded me LẌ that I have to take all my CDs out of the vehicle before I return it !
    I will check this next Wednesday, and take my stuff out.
    Then I plan to move the bus around a bit, it should not stand idle for weeks & weeks, and to combine business with pleasure, I can take some stuff to the dump – what nowadays is called the “local civic waste collecting point”, or Wertstoffhof : We separate the stuff by materials (wood to wood, electronics here, plastics there) before it goes into the landfill … At least dangerous fluids and explosives are filtered out.
    The bus will be full with kids, no wheelchairs. Really wonder what kind of gang these will be !

  3. You might have lost an hour to sleeping, but your dream-self gained an hour – “You only live twice” as Nancy Sinatra sang…

    I know what you mean about the changing of the light. However, I’m not ready to welcome Autumn just yet. I’m determined to convince Summer to stick around a little bit longer.

  4. Seasons change. And when they do, they remind us to take the time to look around & enjoy life. I also enjoy dunking buttered rolls into hot tea or coffee! The mixture of textures & flavors is awesome!

    I hope you enjoy your new assignment! Change can be nice!

  5. Oh, I do not think that the time spent in sleep is “lost” IDV. At times it is as if sleep would be an entrance into the opposite world. Usually I “do not dream”, what simply means that I can not remember my dreams. But there were exceptions, when it was very livid, ongoing and coherent, even after longer brakes spent awake.
    I hope you win the argument with Summer.

    Fellow dunker ! I am happily looking forward to the new assignment, diversion delights. And another co-driver is always exciting.

    This is sun-kissed, happy Franconia, the land of Baroque & wine Nikos. We have spring, summer, autumn – and a few weeks of fog & rain we call winter. In England summer is reduced to some days, perhaps a week, in July or August. Or, according to other models, summer happens between eleven and twelve on Thursday.

  6. I am the ‘other model’. I think Mr Devine is being a tad optimistic, my feeling is that it’s been Autumn for the last 4 weeks at least. The wind and rain is a bit of a clue. The wind blew some leaves down at the weekend.
    Have a good week, Mr Mags!

  7. Thankfully the leaves are still all in place, dearest Scarlet. At the moment I would not like to hear the rustling of yellow dry & brown leaves when the wind hunts them over the street, into corners … nah, not yet …

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