Sunday Music

They didn’t bite.
But some perverse mosquitoes decided to bite me, especially in my left leg & foot. Must have been an exquisite sadistic pleasure for them when I furiously scratched my skin to be freed from the terrible itch for some minutes, until it came back. When I lay bleeding the monstruous munchers bumbled back to their lake, burping, filled to the brim with my precious, sweet blood, finally giving me some rest in the morning.
It was hot & still is while I write this, at ten in the evening, over 30°C. Now some lightning can be seen in the distance, dramatic, behind clouds.
Traveling could be such a nice experience without this packing up and leaving part. Especially being left behind is always new and never satisfying. Anyway, auf zu neuen Ufern – und wenn’s auch nur die alten in neuer Beleuchtung sind. Time to get it together. So this Sunday Music is a nicely pumping piece by Mr Eddie FLOYD (Ger., Eng.), who once knocked on wood, called People, Get It Together Now, as demanding today as it was in 1969 – hope you like it. Now come on here, you week !



30 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I hope they’re not Zika mosquitoes! [crosses self despite not be religious]

    Friday night the high school football game was cancelled after about seven minutes due to lots and lots of huge nearby lightening strikes. (That’s about the only thing they will cancel a game for.)

  2. I hate mosquitoes. They love biting me! So I always bring bug repellant when I go outdoors to the woods or areas frequented by mosquitoes.

    You’re right. The hassle in traveling is all the packing & unpacking. That’s why I’ve learned to travel light over the years. But I hope you got to enjoy some lovely views & experiences in your travels.

    It’s hot here, too. But I much rather prefer the heat over the freezing, aching cold any day! I can always take a cold shower to cool off or take a nice swim or sit in the shade to enjoy a breeze. Have a great week!

  3. Seems to be the wise decision to cancel the game LẌ. One does not want to have a flock of fried footballers fall around …

    Yes Dinahmow – I had found a video for the song on yt where the author tells a lot of details about the labels, who is who, who is related to whom etc I found it interesting, but visually unattractive, so did not link it here and did not bookmark it. But it is out there …

    I can still improve my “travelling light” Eroswings, still have not found the middle, the equilibrium – sometimes I run out of clothes and wonder if I would be too dumb to count to five, sometimes I carry back a bag of unused items.
    The mosquitoes changed their behaviour towards me over the years, it is not that bad anymore as it used to be. But I think that the reaction became stronger, more itchy.
    Heat gets to me. I grew up in a relatively cold area, still today I have no problems to put my hands in really cold water, or with freeze and strong winters. But when the temperature rises over 28° C for more than two days I fall apart.

    I once came into a hostel room that was decorated with Moskitomatsch. It was very impressive, but I refused to take samples Nikos

    Sorry to disappoint you Norma, but I have no plans of parenthood for the near or far future.

  4. No synths, no samples, no sequencing, no autotune – just musicianship expanding one chord into infinity. Sheer delight, thank you.

  5. To neglect the soup may be a venial sin (“eine läßliche Sünde”) under these circumstances, dearest Z.
    Glad you like it Tim. These guys just pick up their instruments and go on, very analogue ! I especially like the backgroundsingers’ “Whu !”.

  6. Oh, I saw those horrible photos of the poor reindeer struck by lightning earlier. If only lightning could be trained to get rid of mosquitos, eh? I just drink lots of gin & tonic as the quinine repels them (or something…).

    Great music! Thanks, Mago

  7. Looked a bit eerie IDV. Just read that lightning killed a herd of cows somewhere, more than sixty animals.
    Yes, I think it’s the strichnine or something in the tonic water.

    Very nice LẌ !
    They are great in making axes – in fact it looks like a medieval “STreitkolben” or “Streitaxt”, auch “Kriegshammer” (here is a list) – but their “Hackstock” is crap !

  8. I hope it nailed it ! (Thank You, thankyou !)

    Something else LẌ : There is this phrase “To Whom It May Concern” at the beginning at a letter. At least I once learned that it would be this form. This is correct, yes ?
    I ask because I just read this article about the letter of Dr. med. Bornstein about the super-duper health of Mr Trump. The letter is reproduced & starts with “To Whom My Concern”. Isn’t this a bit of an unusual formulation ?

  9. “To Whom It May Concern” is proper form when one writes a letter that is intended for an unknown recipient. In this particular case, the good doctor is assuring whoever reads the letter that Mr T**** is in good overall health.

  10. But he does not write this.
    The good doctor admits that he “wrote” the letter within five minutes while a car was outside waiting. No clue what about this car – perhaps Mr T**** waiting for the letter.
    No wonder that the good doc then used this – in my humble opinion – rather senseless formulation.
    Whoever may be interested in his concern – about what btw ?

    I think it’s just a lousy fake.

  11. Oh, I didn’t read the letter. I’m trying to ignore anything to do with this retched campaign.

    In some Presidential races, the state of a candidate’s health may become an issue. Mr T**** may well be trolling Ms C****** about the rumors of her bad health. I personally have no reason to suspect fakery of such a letter.

  12. In the end it really makes no difference who put this thing together. I just stumbled over this formulation in the first line of said letter and found it strange & irritating.
    I mean, the dirt is flying etc. and when one candidate shows a letter written by his personal medcineman to prove that he is healthy and hence fit for election & office, it should at least be formally correct. But again, the good doc was in a hurry, a pen may slip. Or the good doc simply did not care about this at all.

  13. Poor darling Mistress ! This seems to be a bit strong. When I look at the climate charts in wikipedia the average highs from 1971 to present reach circa 26°C in July. Heatwave must be the right description.
    Did you sunbath and tan ?

  14. :-)
    Hello…. actually I wouldn’t want 28 degrees for three months either….
    T**** article on the radio right now…. with Nirage Farouk….. HELP US, HELP US NOW.
    Meanwhile, what theme is this??? I am looking for something sleeker so that I don’t have to sign up with

  15. “Nirage Farouk” sounds very fitting for this terrorist.
    The name of the theme is EDDA, yes … for reasons I can not re-call “Suit” or “Suits” and “Libretto” are still in my head, perhaps I looked at them and thought they could be an alternative.
    I generally look at the typography, and on the arrangement of the comments. Another thing is the navigation through the blog. I prefer the one-column-design, and hence have a look at the footers, sometimes they are not aesthetically satisfying.
    Good luck with the search, dearest MsScarlet !

  16. The temperature is lower today, thankfully but will climb again tomorrow.

    The Mistress doesn’t purposely sunbathe but she’s often outside in the sunshine; walking, cycling, gardening, reading a book, enjoying a fruity cocktail. The Mistress slathers on the sunscreen and yes, she tans, lightly.

  17. The Mistress doesn’t purposely sunbathe but she’s often outside in the sunshine; walking, cycling, gardening
    A well known tampon advert immediately springs to mind…

  18. Thank you Mr Mags – I found EDDA….. but then I discovered EIGHTIES… which with a bit of tinkering with the fonts seems to suit. I will do some further housekeeping another day. I can only do so much before I start ripping out my hair. Quite frankly, baldness does not flatter me.

  19. We linger around the 28° for some days now. The weekend will see thunder & rain and a drop to 20° on Monday – but the heat will return with 30° and more from middle of next week onwards. We’ll see a really hot first half of September. In earlier years these were the days of the first fog, colourful and falling foliage … but it’s good for the wine !
    Enjoy the summer Mistress !

    Is 80ties the one you actually use, dearest MsScarlet ? I should not give in to the temptation to tinker around with the layout – I should urgently write an article to have the damn thing out of the way … aaaaarrrrgggg ….

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