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Did write nothing of course, spent precious time idling. I visited a historian today and had a nice two-hour conversation about this & that, including his very impressive collection of Römer-glasses, but not about the topic me / he / we should write about.
In other news, this Sunday will be elections held in the federate state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, commonly known as Meck-Pomm. This is an area in the North-East of Germany, large & empty. There is basically nothing except fresh clean air, some ruins of pre-1989 buildings and post-1989 scams, and oh-so-idyllic prospects. Remember please, “idyll” equals “lack of knowledge”.
Some areas are deeply brown, in the political sense. The interesting question with this election is not if the AfD is in the parliament, but whether it is more than 20 % or not, and / or if this “party” reaches more points than the national conservative party, the CDU. The AfD successfully ousts the NPD – the traditionally far-out-right-wing-party, it’s a kind of NPD-light, acceptable for the more bourgeoise electorate. Those who do not shave their heads and arson the refugee houses themselves, but have a full understanding for those young national hot-heads – God yes, just childish nonsense, neh ?
If you look close and listen to those people you will hear the old fascist talk, if a little bit more civilised, if this is ever possible.
It’s all very dark up there. The chancellor has her election district up North, and it was seemingly a not very amusing visit last week. Anyway, this Sunday evening we’ll know who is in charge in this desert – and how damn dumb the German people can become, torture never stops.

When one has finished the first ten thousand, one should finally have grown up. Slowly closing in to the second ten thousand, one is still grown up & all, but … maybe a bit papery on the edges … perhaps it’s not a too bad thing when Obstinacy slowly starts to take over. Slowly. Kind of Revelation perhaps.
Mr Booker T (JONES) (Ger., Eng.) has the right advice for any situation : Behave Yourself.
Exactly. Just Do it.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The Römer glasses sort of reminds me of Depression Glass, which is a collectable here (my sister has several nice pieces in her collection).

    I have similar dread about our upcoming election in November, no matter which one wins.

    PS: For your last two posts, I have also received an e-mail notice as well as the news reader notice. Did something change on that end? Not complaining, just curious.

  2. I did not know of this kind of glassware LẌ, had not heared the term Depression Glass before. It is seemingly a kind of “Pressglas” – see the German article for more images, and of course the Pressglas-Korrespondenz for more information. It was an industrial product in Europe and astoundingly became a collector’s item. I own some of those “Pressglas”-ware from my grandmother. Pretty thick, strange colours.
    The historian showed me some glasses that definitely were “Pressglas”. But he owns even some real medieval stuff, Nuppengläser like here. In fact he showed me some lockers stuffed with “Römer”, he is close to eighty and started collecting decades ago.

    I changed nothing here. It’s the same theme, EDDA, with all the same settings since I started to use it. I occasionally look at other themes and try them, but this should not alter anything – simply because it is just “try & look” in preview-mode.
    Sorry to disappoint you LẌ, but I have no clue. I also did not notice any different behaviour, like that something would not work anymore or different.
    What WordPress is pushing is their new surface for the user / administrator that comes with a totally different look & feel, cleaner but colder than the old one. But I do not use it, it is still possible to have the older version of the admin-screen and that is what I use since I switched to WP.

  3. I checked my WP settings. Some how, your blog had been added for immediate e-mail notification on 31 AUG 16. I had not modified my WP settings in ages. I follow several WP blogs, but only yours was pushed onto this list. ???

    Anyway, I unchecked the setting. I should only get e-mail notices from your blog when comments are added.

  4. I have a cormorant here that you can use to give your political opinion – Eros has kindly pointed him out for you. Just one use will strip a veneer of civilisation in seconds!

  5. I just looked at the Wikipedia entry for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern which describes it as “one of Germany’s leading tourist destinations.”

    I hope the dark ideology of certain residents won’t harm the area’s reputation.

  6. Sorry LẌ, this escaped me, I do not get email notifications.

    There is something about these cormorants …

    This is a blatant lie dear Mistress and indicates that this article is written by the Meck-Pomm tourist board. This region is far from being “one of Germany’s leading tourist destinations”, it has not Neuschwanstein, Heidelberg or anything comparable – there is nothing. It is nice to spent some days at the coast and in the hinterland, there is even some art etc to be “discovered”, and if I had time and money I even would be tempted to give it a chance – but there are no hoards of tourists : What should they visit ?
    The area’s reputation is down the drain since the nineties when the nazis created their “national-befreite Zonen” / “national-freed zone”, what translated into : Niggers, Jews and what-the-fuck-we-do-not-like stay out or we beat you to pulp. And that is it. If you are not white and blond and blue-eyed you run the risk of bodily aggression.
    It is the land of those who did win nothing from the “Wende” of 1989, where those who are active, more or less educated and willing to live and seek a chance, leave without the plan to return ; a land that has no economic basis, where un-employment numbers are sky-high – and where the moderate fascist movement called AfD grabs the political “leadership”. It is enough to be against all and to blame “Berlin”, “the West” and of course the “shit-foreigners” (those who get all while we get nothing) – it’s all other people’s fault & mistake. Self criticism not allowed. Now let’s burn the nigger house down.
    According to an article in “Süddeutsche” until 14:00 32% of the electorate had used their right to elect. At the last election this right used a little more than 50% (!) of the 1.3 million inhabitants. These numbers speak for themselves.
    Yes, I’m biased. But I have not heared anything positive out of this area for years. Perhaps we should force all the hipsters into this place …

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