The Ugly

Politics. I had to say something, sorry.
It is not right to assume that Mr Hitler came back fighting from the shores of the Baltic Sea last weekend.
This is what one could be tempted to think when reading the news about the last election held in Meck-Pomm, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – a vast empty region in the North-East of the German federation with borders to Poland.
Fact is that the imho far-right-out, nationalistic & genuine racist “party” called AfD scored 20% of the votes – more than the (in a “great” coalition on federal level) ruling CDU (what translates into christian & democratic union, chancellor Merkel is the head of this party, Ger., Eng.), but less than the SPD (social democrats, the minor partner on federal level, but giving the MP in Meck-Pomm ; Ger., Eng.).
Loosers are the Greens, the “Linke” (the left-wing party, a strange thing of Eastern origin), and of course the old-fashioned neo-nazis of the NPD (nationalist party of Germany – no wonder, those followers voted for the Afd).

The Afd started as an anti-Euro movement among scholars some years back. The founder, a man called Lucke (Ger., Eng., macroeconomics – what can you expect ?), was ousted, and today the joint is run by other figures I will not mention here, and do not link.
When the original AfD was more or less running out of steam, the so-called “refugee-crisis” came along, and in the East (where else, eh ?), oh so angry and fearful citizens started to march & protest, carefully orchestrated by old NPD-cadres, calling themselves “Pegida” – also something I will not touch with a long iron prod.
They are more or less (depends on yourself & what you hear) openly not only islamophobic, but nationalistic & racist, and they are it to this day. The AfD saw a lot of infight, but in the end it became something like the bourgeoise, parliament-ready arm of this “movement”, the new “leaders” had absolutely no qualms about rubbing shoulders with the “concerned citizens”. And all what hangs there.
And here we go.
The old nazi party, riddled with scandals about money, unfit personal, confidential informants etc. simply is going to vanish.
The AfD is the new pool for all & everything right of the middle. This gives the Bavarian CSU (a local-only sister-party of the CDU) some headaches because they always bragged that there would be nothing else right of them – a concept they successfully executed over the last sixty (!) years. If you look closely right from the start in the late forties – ahem ! – but this is only a minor theatre of war. Let me say it clear : They always sucked up the Nazis. But this time …
What the last election showed, and very possibly the next one in Berlin will confirm, is the simple fact that roughly 20% of the voters are more or less open racist. The AfD is not known for nuances : All people of islamic faith / Muslim – whatever may be the “correct” name for those non-Christian deity-killers – oh excuse me, scratch that, those were the Jews ! –  heck, all of those fuzzy-bearded camel-shaggers who came here for blond women & free cash, are terrorists and need to be concentrated in camps.
We need walls, and a fortified border – not a European one, but a national one. Because “Europe” is of course the kickoff of all evil, and Merkel is Satan’s grandmother. And if you do not like this, fuck off to What-Ever-Stan, and leave us true Germans alone – throw in the curse word of your choice here.

BTW – all this, just a little  overdone by me, is a kick in the groin for all those people of Turkish background, who live in this country since the sixties or so. Who helped to build this economic, who had a hard time here, who finally found their own ways to what is called “integration” – a blank futile fraud, a terrible word stuffed with ideology – anyway : All those humans of Turkish origin, who after years had the possibility to build their own churches – yeah, they call it mosque, what is the difference, eh !?-, who after years finally found a way of peaceful coexistence / communal life and all, who live their life next to other peaceful “German” citizens – and all of a sudden they come up with the faith !?
Shall them wear a green half-moon on their clothes ?!

Please excuse me, venerated reader, that I ex-aggerate this – but it is really hard to listen to those people. And I confess that I gave up. I had enough of this over the last months with my co-driver, I listened to this whining for a long time.
Starting from my co-driver, it boils down to something like “We do get nothing – they get all !” via the gender-thing (“They just want to fuck and treat German women like dirt !”) to finally “All terrorists – they want to rule here!”.
So it is substantive envy (“they” do get all – “we” get nothing) ; it is fear of sexual aggression and rape ; it is something that was actually canalised by the “Pegida”-movement, in German “Fremdbestimmung”, heteronomy, the loss of liberties, freedoms (practised or not), new values imposed / forced upon them good law-abiding-oh-so-Christian-citizens.
Of course, it is clear that there are no answers when one asks who “they” are ; where one law-abiding-Christian-citizen gets less than others and is in fact cut from things (money, benefits, whatever) because of refugees ; where & when the mullah forced them the last time to the Frayday prayers.
There is nothing.
Just a big ol’ Kuddelmuddel. Just fear and not one single spark of self-thinking. If you are friendly, call it something like “overextension” ; if you are less friendly – and a bit more realistic -, call it the limit of their intellectual possibilities.

Anyway. They are not going away. Sadly the social-democrats, under their current “leader”, a man who is interested in his own fat belly only and who just wants to be “Kalif anstelle des Khalifen, (Ger., Eng.), are just a “Schuss in den Ofen”, what my dictionary gives as “lead balloon”. That is a nice & friendly translation. In German I use more colourful words.
From 1977 onwards, the terrible year of terrorism in Europe (especially Germany), when my political consciousness started to come into existence & became a part of me, for nearly forty years, I voted either for the “red” party (SPD that was) or for the “green” party, never ever for the conservatives. (Think Kohl.)
I may have written this on my blog before – or may have mentioned it elsewhere, I forget – but the best thing Germany now has, is chancellor Merkel, GOd may bless her.
I really hope she will take it one more time – it is what these heartless, inhuman, anti-humanistic, greedy little suckers deserve – a healthy kick in the teeth, by a woman who grew over limits other people never knew existed.

I am not concerned for Germany, I really believe that the German democracy is strong enough to outweigh these idiots. (Otherwise I had to become a refugee & emigrate.) And Meck-Pomm is only a part. But see & understand that the new right is in other federal parliaments also, especially the East (where else ?!). And next is Berlin, which carries some symbolic value to it.
On a European level I am very concerned. The AfD makes contact to the Polish nationalists, the simply crazed out Slovakian idiots, the Hungarians under that tinpot-Fuehrer Orban, the strong Front National in France, those well-established guys in The Netherlands (and all there !), and the idiots around Mr Brexit Farouge, or whatever his name may be.
They all come together in the European Parliament, an institution they oh-so-terribly despise, but use and suck out like a lemon – like vegans running a McDonald’s for pleasure & profit.
It sucks.
Enough of this nonsense. I am tired. I want a glass of white and a fag.
If you followed me up to here, venerated reader, let’s hear some music now, hope you enjoy it : Let’s tango !



(Sorry, published a bit too early, still needed correction. But now it stands, hach !)


13 thoughts on “The Ugly

  1. Princess says:

    In politics it seems that nowdays it takes far more than two to tango… “Bed hopping” alliances are rife. Politcians seem only focused on their own careers and blinded by popularity polls whilst lining their own pockets and building their own retirement funding. Global population movement for what ever reason is an ideal breeding ground for State based Fear/Hate/Xenophobic campaigns which seem to be the Modus Operandi for political parties with no evidence of real forward planning past the next election term. I long for a political party that can demonsrate a clear focused and long term plan for the future that will benefit all citizens by closing the gap between the “haves and the have-not’s” without the fear mongering or the Bullshit statement ” This poicy is in the National interest”

    how’s your dance card looking?

  2. This is exactly what is needed, dear Princess, a “real forward planning past the next election term”, “a clear focused and long term plan for the future that will benefit all citizens” !
    And we have it not here. We have on a European level the renaissance of short-timed national interests – no idea how to solve a problem, another wall will do. Right now. And “right now” counts, because it sets facts for the next months & years, and apres nous le deluge !
    They skip their responsibility. They simply use it as a means of personal enrichment – we had some very nasty examples here over the last two years – and they’ll use anything to get their rotten game going.
    The “leader” of the SPD is not the worst of them, but he acts like just another, exchangeable droid – it is a shame. And of course it is ok to have very lucrative jobs in some industries, especially as secretary for The Economics … One could barf all over the place – it would always hit the right one …
    In the end the oh-so-revolutionary Greens from yesteryear and some parts of the oh-so-christian union are left over to make some decent, rational, responsible politics – and heavens, I would never have thought that I would write something like this in public .

    I only hope that Merkel does it one more time, than understands and grabs the chance to be free, to kick all bastards in the balls, and really chance this society. She has the guts, she has the chance and the brains for this. It would be real fun – and stir up a lot in Europe.

  3. My household budget does not extend to throwing money away on gambling.But if it did…I would like to see good odds on Angela and i would throw my wine allowance on her.
    The Brexit vote worried me still does, because Nigel Farage is a nasty little fellow.But, despite all the loonies in the Tory Party (Conservative Party) in England, there were some good thinkers in Parliament and good thinking will be needed in the EU.

    Here in Australia we, too, have seen a rise in muddle-thinking racism. It is sickening and worrying.

    I’ll pass your link to a friend who, I am sure, will be gratified to read your words. Dan ke, meine freund. [Long time since I learned rudimentry German, so I might have “buggered the gender” so to speak!]

  4. I tend to think of the politics of Berlin as Beamer-torching building-squatter lefties with a sprinkling of Pirate Party to keep it interesting. I am having trouble thinking of AfD doing very well there. ???

    Why is it that the AfD and NPD are rooted in the old East Germany? That seems to me to be counter-intuitive to me. ???

  5. It’s Farrage with a long a, but in Sarf (south) London, it’s “Farridge”. He’s an OA and is “foreen” (Hugenot) and is married to a German female (I presume this as he is reported to have had children – micro-farridges).

    I don’t think the political system is for thinking people these days. People of my former acquaintance voted “brexit” for their “grandchildren”??

    I don’t understand German politics so I will read your essay several times. My sole understanding is that following a proportional vote, it operated under a consensus system whereas in UK we have “us and them” politicians each with narcisistic personality disorders slagging each other off in a decaying old building next to Parliament Square.

  6. Thank you for speaking up against the idiots who stir up trouble & are no good to the entire country. So long as honest, brave, wise, & good people speak up, the idiots are kept at bay. This is the downside of democracy: All citizens, including the idiots, are allowed to speak & vote.

    To combat the idiots, it’s best to focus on the triple E: Education, Economy, & Exchange of ideas & information. All three promote cooperation, diversity, & unity. If people are educated, they make better/smarter choices. If they are provided economic opportunity, they are driven to be better people, to take better care of themselves & their environments. If they are engaged in exchanging ideas, they can work on finding solutions to common problems & take initiative to try new ideas & explore new economic, health, & beneficial possibilities.

    Whenever I see or hear the word “Polish”, I automatically think big, delicious sausage/giant hotdogs! The first time I visited Chicago, my friend introduced me to the Polish hotdog sausage–a huge, smoky, delicious bratwurst in a hotdog bun with grilled onions, pickles, sauce, & a side of French fries. It was delicious! And everytime I visit Chicago, I go get a Polish. It’s kind of sad that the first thing that comes to my mind everytime that I read or hear the word Polish, I automatically think, “Mmm…delicious hotdog!”, & not about the Polish people or Poland. I can’t help it. A Polish is the best hotdog I’ve ever eaten!

  7. At the moment it would be wiser to keep the wine allowance, because the political “friends” are busily plotting how to kill the queen. But the killer is not (yet) in sight, and the kingmakers are still holding their feet. They wait for after the next election. But when you look realistically at the staff / personal, there is no successor, yet.
    No worries, no gender-muddle, dear Dinahmow.

    That’s Berlin. The North-Eastern steppe is different LẌ, as is the Thuringian jungle. And all what is called “Saxony” is best travelled in a large & reliable diesel-SUV, 4×4 preferably.
    The history of the Eastern society is different from the West’s one. They never had the generational conflict that was “1968”. They had a very different idea about their society & state, where fascism was magically rooted out – all the fascists landed in the West of course – and never discussed the continuities. 1945 was no clean cut, it was a brake, there was a pause for some years after the allies had taken over – but in both German states the old staff (“We need specialists !”) was reactivated after 1947.
    The GDR of course always understood herself as the “better” state, the “better” republic – something to be proud of – while in the west “Proud to be German” was one of the slogans of the NPD, and everybody understood it so.
    After 1989, especially after the looting by the “Treuhand”, those in the East woke up, looked around and found themselves in the middle of the steppe. And those who stayed, many went away, described & still today describe themselves as victims. They are the poor loosers tricked by capitalists, lying Wessis yadayadayada. The answer is of course to strengthen the self-consciousness and to get rid of all and anyone who is in some way “guilty” – “order” needs to be restored, because “this would not have happened under the Fuehrer”. All this started circa 20 years ago when they burned houses of migrants – these were blacks in those days. They started to beat the crap out of the Vietnamese who lived in the GDR (“Fidschis”), and they generally behaved like dumb idiots, some killings are still not solved. But this was the generation of 20 years ago.
    Eroswings’ three “Es” are good. The economy in the East is still not good. Most of the projects started with pomp and trallalah twenty years ago are dead. There are no “Blühende Landschaften” Kohl promised.
    The exchange is limited, there are literally empty regions, especially in Meck-Pomm. Exchange with whom ? The Wessis are notorious gangsters, the Poles are crooks – so the superhumans must talk to themselves. And that’s exactly what they do.
    The “education” is different from what we saw. Twenty years ago it was the “Glatze” with beer-can and the ability to scribble his name. Nowadays it is different. Racism is not something limited to the people who do not read, visit a museum or indulge in something what is usually described as “cultural activity”. The drunken mob yelled SiegHeil twenty years ago – the new kids do better. The AfD headhoncho in M.-P is prof for iura at the university Greifswald. A part of the new right is especially targeting universities and academies and recruiting there, notably the socalled “Identitäre Bewegung”, comes from Austria.
    They understood that it is important to have the citizens aboard, not to drive them away.
    All this culminated when refugees arrived, and Ms Merkel said that “we’ll do this”. And all of a sudden they again marched in the East (“We are the people !”), because of their fear for the Abendland. And because there is no serious and objective press in this lousy state (“Luegenpresse halt die Fresse !”) nobody understands them and they have to talk under themselves. Voila – there is a nice little cosmos of intolerance, racism & national chauvinism, made in GDR.
    To be fair – you find this nonsense in the West too. But it is different. These Abendland-marchers never really succeeded in the West.

    Sorry Nikos – what does “OA” mean ? And while the old palace needs restoration, the parliament will be abolished for eight years and The Queen takes over. I like this idea.

    Please see my longish comment to LẌ, Eroswings
    So you polished the plate, eh ?! Eh ?!

  8. I appreciate you speaking out about the state of affairs in your country so that we may glean some insight into what’s going on, from the perspective of one who loathes racists as most of us do.

    “Kuddelmuddel” has become my “word of the day.” Very onomatopoetic.

  9. Oh, dear. I’m hopeless with politics – I just bury my head in the sand (or take Broom high above the clouds – which it struggles with these days) until it all goes away, and then get on with things as normal or as near to normal as one can).

  10. The world will, dearest MsScarlet, and I am pretty sure that we have a good chance to survive the madness too.

    What is the matter with broom IDV ? I hope nothing serious. The sand-thing is something I do now & then, but at times it is necessary to look around.
    And the UK has nice ling tradition of taking in political refugees. So if there is ever the real chance of an AfD-chancellor greeting Pres T I will have to swim towards the white cliffs of Dover …

    Sh** – exactly what not should happen LẌ. The problem is either hydraulics or Pálinka. And this video illustrates very well how damn narrow it is between the boat and the bridge(s) !
    The second incident within a short time. They have to take action in some way. It seems that Freya needs extensive repairs.

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