Sunday Music

At 09:00 I stood ready, gestiefelt und gespornt, booted and spurred, ready and waiting for the call. The call came and said that additional thirty minutes or so would be needed. Yeah, make my day.
We trundled off an hour late.
I pushed the car down the Rhine valley through thick traffic, half of Europe used this autobahn today. Somewhere near the Swiss border I left the car and the unpunctual person took over.
Because of the late start and the heavy traffic I missed not only the train I had spotted, but also the one an hour later, and finally took the one in the middle of the afternoon. The ticket for the fast trains would have come at a hefty cost of nearly one hundred Euro, the cheap solution came at a quarter of this – and I would arrive only an hour later. Of course with four changes of train instead of two, but this is okay, it prevents me from sleeping, what I do not want, I want to look out of the window. So it was the cheap solution.
Finally tumbling off the platform of destiny I bought some bottles of beer and allowed meself a cab ride to my doorstep, epitome of luxury. My body spent (a little more than) twelve hours being transported through space.
I thank GOd that I do not have to start driving tomorrow in the ddm*, but that there is one last day to take care of necessities, like the wash, phoning the parents of the kids, doing stuff. Then I’ll be ready, Tuesday I’m back to professional glory.
The forecast says that there is heat, 32°C, to be expected over the next days, absolutely dry, only next weekend will bring rain, then the temperatures will drop dramatically. One never knows What the Rain Will Bring, as Mr LaFarge (Ger., Eng., website) says, right he is.
I hope you enjoy this Sunday Music, and that we all face an un-dramatic, perhaps even enjoyable, week.



*damndarkmorning, coined by the venerable Savannah.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I got a little tired and very nervous just reading this! Late start — oh dear! Four trains — yikes!

    Glad you are safely back. Try to have a restful day Monday.

  2. Glad to hear you made it safely home. I like to look at scenery, too, if I’m on transportation. How lucky & smart of you to pick the right ticket.

    Years ago, I used the buses to make a long trip (my first) to Chicago. It was an amazing trip, & the bus was the most economical choice. On the day I was to return, a storm delayed our trip to drop me off at the bus depot. When we arrived, the bus I was planning to take had left twenty minutes earlier. I was offered the next bus, due to leave in four hours. But here was the amazing thing: That next bus was the express, so for about the same as the regular fare, I would arrive home just an hour after the first bus, because the express, even though it left four & a half hours later, didn’t make any side stops in other cities, but drove straight for my home on the East Coast, stopping only for gas & small rest stops. I was elated, because I got to spend four more hours hanging out with friends in Chicago & one more opportunity for a delicious Polish hotdog!

    Here’s to wishing you a wonderful week & better weather & nicer traffic conditions! Be safe!

  3. No worries LẌ : They were on time – and even drove into the correct direction !

    I slowly nurse the idea that you are hotdog-fixated Eroswings … you should see a specialist, Jimmy’s perhaps.

    Now I have to think of cheap thrills, dear Dinahmow.
    Because I used this train connection earlier I now can compare a bit and recognise changes, see more details. It was very nice to see autumnal landscape in evening light.

  4. Eight o’clock in the evening and it’s dark in Franconia MsScarlet – and just three months and ten days until Christmas. But the Christmas marcipan and the Lebkuchen are already available in the superette !

  5. Tetrahertz ! Caramba !
    I am seriously impressed by this LẌ. Non-invasive and, as it seems, un-harmful. Good for bound manuscripts, rotuli, Makulaturforschung, perhaps also for miniatures.
    Good that he was curious !

    All easy and over, dear Roses.
    I hope you and Dave are well.

  6. What LẌ said – the first comment, not his second one. Lateness brings on waves of anxiety, not to mention changing trains. Give me the express route every time. Actually, I’d even consider Broom for long-distance trips!

  7. I hate to be un-punctual, and prefer to be a bit (five minutes) earlier on the spot. But it’s just me. Jumping trains and getting a little kick out of this, is nowadays is something I can enjoy, dear IDV. In earlier times it would have driven me nuts. Best is to travel with a day ticket, looking around and wandering through places while waiting. Snapping images of non-places (Un-Orte). This is btw something I always wanted to do, photographing out of a train the backsides of towns, simply because one can see tableaus that are totally un-recorded in any way otherwise, and because of the inherent beauty of ugliness. A break from the travel plan can be very nice.

    Do you think, LẌ, this is MJ shaking in front of the guitarrero by any chance ?

  8. I am glad to see You here again Austere !
    The week, naja

    Thank you for this marvel LẌ – I think it is exactly the way it should be done.
    A Finn ? Because of the “hard” pronunciation. Never saw this before, I’ll check the channel.
    Very satisfying.

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