Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Last week saw me dutifully doing all the right things. And on Saturday, like a model citizen, I was doing dishes, laundry & the bathroom. On Sunday I felt absolutely no inclination to get up, so I stayed in bed, reading, gazing out of the window and listening to other people’s lives. It surely was one of the last fine late-summer days, I admired the light, and enjoyed the occasional breeze, but did not go out. I barely made it to the letterbox.
This morning I drove through rain into a beautiful morning, clouds in rosé, all fresh & crisp. I should have been walking around the hills when I came home, instead I laid down, tomorrow …
Some music to hoppel through the week : The Whitefield Brothers (Eng., about die Brüder Weissenfeldt) with Safari Strut (Earthology, 2010) – hope you enjoy it.
Let’s hope for a relaxed and relaxing week !




19 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I was going to ask: Do you have to pick the children up again? But then reasoned that this was a particularly stupid question. Wouldn’t hurt to leave them there for a couple of days though, would it?

  2. That sounds like a nice weekend. It is cooler and raining here today, very nice.

    PS: Special thanks for last week’s musical selection. I put your version of Gassenhauer plus four others on the USB music stick for my Jeep.

  3. I am sure MsScarlet, some parents would give a deep sigh of relief when I’d announce that the kiddies would stay over night f.e. Some at least are very happy when I pick the little lovelies up in the morning and drive off into the sunrise …

    At the moment it is a very strange light outside. The whole day was overcast and foggy, a bit November-ish but warm, like a damp towel. Everybody I asked feels tired.
    Klasse LẌ – I’m a DJ in Texas now !

  4. Sorry, escaped me Nikos – I saw in the Intelligence Gazette called DailyMail that there was some fus about “The Archers” and a crime (?), but I have no clue what it is all about.
    Touching the touchy issue of radio on the bus, and of course the music programme – I could not enthuse the boys for Miles Davis, but So What fell on fertile ground, so to speak.
    I am still experimenting with stuff ranging from French lute music to punk, but there is still no common middle ground reached. Black Crowes are not bad, so. I guess there is a need for more Jazz guitar.
    My new co-driver happily told me last week that she likes “old music”, but before I could rattle on Gluck and some of the new recordings (die gehen ab wie Nachbars Lumpi !), she defined it as Boney M and Abba, so I could chip in Les Humphries Singers to her delight. You see, radio Omnibus is still difficult. At home I have an old Roehrenradio, I wonder whether I could hear London …

    [off-topic welcome, LẌ !]
    Very close ! If he’d had gotten up – or had sitten stright up – it would be a “headless pilot”, not in a topless bar … someone did not see the Red Flag.

  5. “Intelligence Gazette” = Daily Mail. Now that’s an oxymoron!

    I confess I shuddered at the “old music” from only the 70s. But guess what? The other day I was in a Big Barn hardware store and they were playing Santana’s “Black Magic Woman.” Yes, I sang-along.(well, I was the only customer and the one staff man didn’t seem to notice!)

  6. Enjoy the nice weather while you can! This weekend brought the rains to finally cool down our hot, sizzling summers. It’s a nice change, but I’m gonna miss the heat in two months or so.
    Glad to hear things are fine on the driving front with the new co-driver. Have a great week!

  7. You were in for some magick sticks, dear Dinahmow ?
    A simple “Scheiße / Scheisse” (= shit, merde) would be a little bit … scrawny ? The pilot is remarkably modest, I am sure that I would have used some beep-words.

    MAHLER had it all long in advance, dear Norma

    Thank You Eroswings, I’m up, up & away …

  8. “I felt absolutely no inclination to get up, so I stayed in bed” – I’m glad to hear that you’re already practising for winter. It can be a bit of a shock to the system to suddenly go from busy-ness to lethargy with no adjustment period 🙂

  9. BLAMM !
    Yes, going out with a bamm, like H.S.T. Or a suicide bomber. Oh LẌ, it is terrible sometimes.

    Do NOT over stretch, take time, please, precious Mistress MJ !

    I am begging for Your pardon dearest Z, I have to read it all !

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