Ich Will Silvaner

I had to look into the diary to be sure that it was only one week ago when we gathered in the Lorenzkirche (Ger., Eng.) in Nuremberg to say farewell to our friend M.B. The pastor said she had expected perhaps 25 souls to turn up, in the end there were more than sixty people in the church and at the following get-together – that of course took place at her favourite spot, the Kaffehaus in the local library (Ger.), her second living-room. I came home late, a bit tipsy.
On Monday the festivities for the Tag der deutschen Einheit, or German Unity Day (Ger., Eng.) took place in Dresden. And of course the “concerned citizens” showed up in all their brutal stupidity, this time top brass could not ignore them. Only one reporter described that the “concerned citizens” not only yelled and hollered at the main political figures of Germany, chancellor, federal president and head of parliament, but also made very tasteful “Affengeräusche”, imitations of ape-sounds (“Ugh ugh ugh !”) when people of colour went over the red carpet towards the main events – GOd, who cares about them nigger ambassadors ?
Nevertheless the Ministerpräsident of Saxony, the host of this event and head honcho of the uncivilised masses over there, later described  the whole ceremony as “well done” & “gelungen”, successful. Maybe he’s glad that Merkel was not hit with a bottle.
One has to accept that racism and neo-nazism has reached a certain part of the German society. I think around 20 percent of the population is more or less openly racist and fascist – that is the average : There are areas in the East of Germany that are nowadays totally brown. Notably in Mecklenburg and Saxony.
This is depressing – I never thought that it would come back. But I am a product of the old Western Germany, a state and a society that do not exist anymore, I was socialised and educated there. Those who yell, march and bomb are young, mostly of East-German origin and today stand in a tradition : They continue what their parents started 25 years ago when they burned houses of refugees, of course with the “niggers” and “Fidschis” still inside.
Today it is the “Arabic” migrant – it is absolutely pointless to start to argument and explain that these humans are not necessarily of Arabic origin or of Muslim faith – for them it’s all the same : Simple explanations rule ! The people of Turkish origin I know do look a bit concerned. It is only a question of time until the first mosque is burned down.
All this nonsense is depressing : the brutality ; the stupidity ; the sheer impertinence of those liars & manipulators who gain political capital from the idiocy of stupid people ; the Verbrechervisagen who all of a sudden show up in German parliaments, from local to the federal level. Of course we see a new nationalism in the whole of Europe, a very dangerous development. BTW those states of the “Vishegrad Group” (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic & notorious Hungary, Ger., Eng.) came up with a new word for cherry picking – they now speak of “flexible Solidarität”, flexible solidarity, what means nothing else but that they take what they like (mostly cash) and refute what they dislike, for example refugees. Because they have “principles” you know, like “holy” “nation” “first” or such crap.
But it cost you only three hundred thousand Euro to become a Hungarian citizen, of the “holy” “nation” : If you invest in this shithole of a country they throw their lousy passport at you. So much for “principles” …
This is not very uplifting, all in all.
I drove my kids around, at least some useful activity, and it pays the rent. Other things happened over the last ten days, mostly nice and positive. But I could not drag meself together and come up with a Sunday Music – the first time since … don’t know when I started this, and I am sorry for this breach or disruption of a long run. I like continuity.
Right now I should do some household chores, but frankly can’t be arsed to do this, Monday’s another day, eh ?!
I find it consoling or comforting to see beauty in the wounderful autumn lights early in the morning, when I drive into the rising sun, and in the late afternoon, when I drive West. All the human stupidity, all the brutality will one day be gone, done away with, there is a chance for development towards the ideal, the enlightened humane human being. And all the beauty I see reminds me of the limitedness of my own existence, the mortality of everything that is. It is autumn, and everything has a blue edge.
Rory GALLAGHER, I’m Not Awake Yet, just so.



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  1. I spent a couple of hours pottering in the garden today, enjoying the Autumn. I have had enough of the emotional porn/manipulation in our national press. I have had enough of the crazy talk. I have had enough of that Trump bloke and his sickening regard towards minorities and women. Quite frankly there is bugger all I can do about it other than treat those within my immediate vicinity kindly.
    Hugs to you, Mr Mags.

  2. I envy you for your garden MsScarlet. I only have two plants (one cactus) on the window sill, and one struggling “Wachsblume” in the room. I would very much like to play around in the earth, even when it is wet and cold.
    Ach, Mr Trump – , I am looking forward to his inauguration in November …
    Yes, I think you are right – as so often : One can only be kind to the people around oneself, and hope that this will in one way or another give reward and help to embetter the whole of it. Reading the news is sometimes discouraging, at times one could think that the whole of humankind is simply out of its mind. And some really are, but thankfully not the majority.
    Thank You for the hug m’dear, what a nice experience ! Helps a lot.

  3. Have another cyber hug, my friend.
    There is a very old expression : “all things will pass” But when you are living in the midst of turmoil it is hard to see that.
    Here, it is bright and sunny and dry, before our wet season begins.So this means manual watering of gardens, though I try to plant and mulch in a pattern to make water useful rather than wasted.

  4. What a wonderful remembrance of your friend M.B. at the Lorenzkirche and Stadtbibliothek. She was blessed with kind friends. She will be missed.

    I was taken aback with the AfD gathering 21% in the recent Berlin elections. In Berlin! That puts them squarely with Die Grünen and Die Linke in strength of numbers. Yikes! I was expecting something more like maybe 5%.

    Our miserable Presidential election descends further into a vapid cesspool. One more month to go. Uggh.

  5. Today I’m burning secret papers in anticipation of the move upstairs

    I think we have more brown shirts in England “per capita” than you

  6. I’m glad you managed to find some Autumnal beauty after your friend’s funeral and the ghastliness of those political machinations. I agree with Ms Scarlet’s methods of coping with it all.

  7. Thank you Dinahmow.
    BTW how do you say “mulch”, pronounce it ?

    Yes, it was a very dignified celebration LẌ, and all of a sudden the inner space of the church did not seem to be so large anymore. Yes she is missed. At the end of this month her ashes will be interred in the Steigerwald.
    Sad but true, they arrived in the middle of the society. The AfD is pulling out the old nazi words, like “voelkisch”. They say that the “afro-arabische Lumpenproletariat” will form and murder the true Germans in their beds. No joke.
    It’s only one more month before President Trump will be inaugurated !

    Don’t burn them, bury them Nikos – you never know …
    Pfff – if you can be the better nazis than the original, be it ! Pffff …

    I think her methods include an occasional g&t, dear IDV

  8. I’m glad y’all got together to honor your friend’s passing. It’s always nice to come together to remember, reminisce, & say farewell.

    As for the idiots & racists in politics, I find that as long as good people speak up, stand together, & stand up to those ignorant idiots, the world can be saved & made better.

  9. Ich schmatz’ DIch auch, ha !

    I admire Your positive attitude Eroswings. I do not want to say “but”, but when I do talk to people who actually make racist remarks, who actually show me their silly xenophobic and partly totally inadequate fackbuk-memes, then a little doubt may creep in whether the world can be saved & made better. The world does give a running s*** if we are here and what we, as a species, do or don’t ; the world can do without us easily. I find it increasingly difficult to deal with people who have absolutely no idea of empathy, sympathy, or at least a working understanding of respect.

  10. The ch in mulch is pronounced as in chuck or much.

    I’m so ashamed of my country. The disgusting attitude of so many people has destroyed all my gentle affection and patriotism. I have to switch off from much of it, just to get through the days. The events of this year have devastated me and I can’t see any recovery.

  11. Thank You Z – I really was unsure about this “mulch”.

    I firmly believe that in England and the whole of the United Kingdom democracy is not in danger – I am not so sure about parts of Germany, and think that what we call “Zivilgesellschaft” or “civil society” is in danger there, and almost abandoned in Hungary and perhaps in Poland. And Vlad already killed it, if it ever crossed further East than the Vistula …

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