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A beautiful day in light cold air – I spent it happily looking out of the window, wrapped into a rug. I think it is justified to turn the heating on now, despite the fact that there is still no frost yet, I’m getting weak …
Today happened something strange : For the first time in years I actually looked into a catalogue offering books, instead of throwing the tempting thing into the bin. I found some interesting titles & toyed even with the idea of buying one ! Dangerous stuff.
Last weekend’s deplorable lack of Sunday Music shall be forgotten : Here comes Frankie TRUMBAUER (Ger., Eng.) with his gang and delivers a Shivery Stomp, interesting what one can press into less than 2 minutes and 50 seconds. I hope you enjoy the music, and that we face an un-eventful week !



25 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. ♪ ♫ Well, it’s cold over here, and I swear
    I wish they’d turn the heat on. ♪ ♫

    London Homesick Blues

    Some cold air sounds good to me. We have had a few mornings of coolness, but far from cold.

  2. This music reminds me of the old black and white animations and early cartoons of yesteryear…
    I too raise a glass to an un-eventful week. Spring may finally arrive down here it is running quite late this year…

  3. Driving over a bald hill last week, I think I saw the first white “Reif” over some greenery. Temperatures are between 3 (in the night) and 12 (on midday) degrees Celsius. Now I have to search for London Homesick Blues !

    I hope it is now reasonable dry in your garden Princess !

  4. I will not be tempted by the Candlewick bedspread from the Scots of Stow catalogue, nor will I be seduced by the zip up tie from Innovations. I have standards! Catalogues that fall out of magazines are indeed dangerous.
    Have a good week, Mr Mags!

  5. You’re not the only one considering having the heating on – My feet are freezing, and it’s not even as cold here (yet)!

    As the Vulcans say: May your journey be free of incident (the Vulcans being those pointy eared logic machines, like Spock, from that Star Enterprise United show :) )

  6. Are you wrapped in a rug or just a very heavy blanket?:)
    Do you have Norwegian Forest Cats in Germany? I need a good dark oak forest setting of a short story that involves a Woodcutter and three dryads with the ability to change into Norwegian Forest cats, I don’t think of Norway as having dense forests, but what do I know? I’ve never been to Europe, its just in my blood. It seems like this story should have been written already, but I can’t find it on the internet. Can you help me please? I would have emailed you directly, but I think I got carried away in my email pruning and lost yours. :(

    I am busy writing and wresting with mountains, but all good.

  7. Perhaps wearing a knit hat or sweater will help you stay warmer without having to turn on the heat. I like cool weather only because it helps me fall sleep faster. I like to browse through the furniture catalogues & flyers, where I try to imagine myself living with the furnishing in that display setting. Most times, it’s not my style. But every now & then, something interesting or new or creative gets my attention & inspires me to try something new.

    Have a great week & pleasant weather!

  8. “Zip up tie” – this sounds promising MsScarlet ! I always wanted one of those electric ties that blinks. Sadly this catalogue of books was sent to me by the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, despite the fact that I had ignored them for years. Yes, I once was a good customer …

    Well, in a way the whole journey is the incident, dear IDV

    The neighbour of a lady I drove with for some months, has two of these Norge mouse killers. Very nice animals, larger than the average house cat here. And according to the lady, who has two small young cats right now, the Viking cats are astoundingly friendly.
    As far as I know, Norge indeed has dense forests – they produced million tons of paper for ages. According to what I have read on the interwebs the South of Norge sees “Laubwald” (trees with leaves, Oak included), while the Northern part sees “Nadelwald” (trees with needles) ; 30 % leaves, the rest needles. If I remember it correctly they stopped chopping trees some years ago. The Norwegians are a very very nature-friendly people, but of course they still kill whales. But at least they eat them.
    Off the cuff I know no story involving dryads changing into cats – first I have to find out what dryads are. Is this a Fargo-woodchipper ? Then I guess I do not need to know more of the story. I wonder whether the motif-index knows something about changing cats, its a bit Melusine-like. I’ll send a mail, dearest Proxima.
    BTW I wear what we call a “Decke”, made from 100 % plastic fibre, thousands of Amyls had to die for it ! I have this thing for ages, it is indestructible & keeps me warm.

    I already a wear a knit hat, made by my grandmother. But it becomes too hot now and then and I have to take it off.
    Yes, I like to look into furniture catalogues and such flyers too – very often I know then what I do not want to have. I also like to look at adverts when houses are for rent or for sale and marvel over the pictures of people’s living rooms – sometimes it is creepy Eros, really. Some seemingly do not spent one second about what they are photographing and to what use they put the image, and hence you peep into people’s lives.

  9. I was happily jigging to the music when Scarlet’s comment about a zip-up tie stopped me. I thought she meant zip tie, like we use to hold cables neatly.But no! Apparently it’s a real thing.A slippery slope, I say! Boys and girls should learn to tie their ties properly.None of this nonsense!

  10. LX just linked to my favourite catalogue. In fact, I’ve visited their store in Seattle many times and purchased numerous items for myself and my friends.

    I don’t know why they say Disneyland is the “happiest place on earth” when clearly Archie McPhee is the happiest place on earth.

  11. I have a “Screaming Pickle” around here somewhere that I bought at Archie McPhee’s two months ago. How funny to visit a Deutschman’s blog to find that a Canadian likes a store here where I am. Ha,ha,ha

    Thank you for the information about Norway! A Writing friend’s mom just arrived from Norway, maybe I can join them for lunch and learn new things. I have a theory. It occurred to me as I was loading the washing machine that I have been working on this theory off and on since high school, which I must confess was well over 20 years ago! I seek relationships/common threads in folklore throughout the world.

    Here’s a quickie: Dryads are tree nymphs in Greek Mythology, nature is often depicted as a female entity, women are often depicted with cat-like features, Native Americans among many other cultures once held (or still do) have a belief in shapeshifters (people who change into animals and back to human) as a shamanistic ability. What is a Shaman, but a Witch (female or male) by European terms.

  12. I confess that I have no idea how it works Dinahmow although I read the description.
    I remember that as a young kid I had one or two “ties” that were all ready and fixed over the shirt’s collar with the help of some metall stripes that stood out at the sides of saied tie.

    Et tu, LẌ ?

    I confess that the “Yodeling Pickle Video” has a dadaesque quality to it, dearest Mistress.

  13. I would have to look into the “shapeshifters” and see whether I can find German or European examples, besides the “Werwolf” of course.
    As for the “witch” – careful here, because the “Hexe” is usually understood and defined through the Christian tradition, as a person who has a pact with the devil, that is how Thomas Aquinas explains it & all others follow. Before this there is a “magic woman”, a “zauberische Frau”, about whom we do not know, simply because of the lack of sources, at least for Germanic beliefs – simply because those guys did not write. One would have to look into the Nordisc sagas.

    Tu quoque, Proxima ?
    This blog should be renamed into “Yodeling Pickle Society”.

  14. Ha,ha,ha “The Yodeling Pickle Society” is a great name!

    No ‘Tu quoque’. Its a theory that until now I have never discussed. I am only arguing with myself, so I don’t think that counts. :)

    Can we ever really know what we have lost? For so long history was written by men of certain pedigree. “History is written by the victors.” (The internet can’t agree who said it first.) I think there are similarities between the Germanic Celts and Native American tribes of the Americas, in the sense of what has been lost in the oral traditions. Most notably on members of these communities’ that could not be easily defined by the Christian narrative. A broad brush to call them “witches”, but very few if any, I doubt, were actually in league with the devil. I wish there were better words. Especially now with people “reclaiming” words for their own use the hippie “witches” and the neo-pagans.

    I would love to hear if you find any shapeshifters beyond werewolves and vampires.
    Thank you my friend!

  15. The “tu quoque” was aimed at the “yodelling pickle”, Proxima : LẌ came up with the catalogue, The Mistress with the Yodelling Pickle (YP from now on), then You saied that You own one – what leads to at least three of my venerated (and in Your case, earliest) readers who own a “YP” – coincidence ?
    We think not !
    So renaming this blog “Yodelling Pickle Society” has something to it. I think MsScarlet, would join in.
    I found some “man-to-cat-shapeshifters” – and I will bring some very boring posts about this. In a nutshell, they all proof that the idea of “magical women” turning into cats is a) an old one, and b) can be found in a lot of places, basically all over “old” Europe, and some other places too. Nothing new, sorry.
    But You made me look in a lot of books I had not used for ages – ha ! I pity my readers, y’all have to bear it now ! And I even will walk (!) to The Library tomorrow, just for You !

    Instant Carma : GOd is Great and Just ! Praise The LOrd !
    I can very much relate to the driver of the car with the dashboard cam and to the busdriver. A white 5er bmw nearly killed us last year, an idiot in a silver 3 nearly bonked me off the road some weeks ago. The nuisance in a living area, where I pick up the last boy, drives a brownish 5er, too shy to use the difficult exit to the beltway that is just 50 meters or so from his garage, so yelling at me when I help a boy to climb in is easier, yes it’s okay that we have no guns here, believe me LẌ

  16. Email received! Thank you! II was going to post the pickle here, including a video for you to hear it, but I am not allowed. :( I will email it to you. If you would like him posed with a blank or any other backdrop let me know. I may be unavailable for a few days, the media says we are in for an epic storm in a few hours. I am well-stocked and ready to hide in the basement.

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