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Sunday Music, Monday Edition

What a big moon it was last night. And astoundingly, as yellow and bright as he hung over the land in the clear night sky, only very little light came down. In other full moon nights I could see single branches on trees, there could even be the wisp of colour in the greenery, over meadows tinted with the moonish glow – but last night it was dark.
I read a little book titled Der Dandy und andere Monologe und Erzählungen by Christof STÄHLIN (1st edition Autumn Zürich 1986 in HAFFMANNS Helfende Hand Bibliothek, very nice little tomes, a drama that they went banquerotte), and was taken by the author’s use of the German language. Then I vaguely remembered the name in connection with these Sixties folk singers around Burg Waldeck.
But STÄHLIN (Ger., Obit, epitaph) was different from them, a real master, and lover, of the German language. And as all decent Germanists should, he tinkered with the old masters of Baroque literature, something that sadly fell out of fashion since the Eighties. STÄHLIN was a poet, and a master of observation, as not only his texts in the mentioned book show. And he was one of the first who played & sang old English music, notably DOWLAND. In the late Sixties he published his version of Away With These Self Loving Lads (wiki). I could not find STÄHLINs take, but here is one from 2012, Hillary HUEBLER soprano, Gideon WHITEHEAD guitar.
I hope you like the music, and may we all have a peaceful week ahead.




16 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Yes, it has been as though someone has switch a light on outside. I keep waking up and thinking it’s morning… proper morning, not middle of the night morning.
    I like her frock. Very frilly.

  2. It’s amazing just how magnificent the night skies look when we find the time to enjoy their dynamic beauty. Moonlight is ever changing & magical. And it’s mesmerizing how the moon & stars move across the night skies–the wondrous waltz of the celestial lights.

    It sounds like you read an enjoyable book. Have a very enjoyable week with nice weather & lots of peace. Stay warm & safe!

  3. Jessas, in Wesel of all towns … I do not get it LẌ. Is it my age showing, is it general unconectiveness, something else ? Have I missed something ? I have no idea about these clowns, really. Just pranksterism ? A statement ? Suicidal tendencies ? I have no clue.

    It was strange last night here, as if the light would stop twenty meters above ground. Maybe the aliens did it. Thank you for “frilly”, dearest Scarlet.

    I very much enjoy it when I have the possibility to see the night sky more clearly, in areas with less light from a city. On the Schwäbische Alb one can see the milky way. This may be nothing unusual in Texas, but it is remarkable around here, at least for me.
    Yes, Staehlin’s book was very enjoyable. The weather is still warm, even a bit damp, but rain will come and the temperatures will drop. I think there will be fog in the next mornings.
    Thank you Eroswings.

  4. Caramba ! Never have heared about, forget seen something like that !
    The last picture resembles like the moon looked here last night, dearest Scarlet. My camera is not suited to produce an image over such a distance. I have tried but the results are not satisfying. I wonder how it will be in November, when it shall appear even bigger.
    BTW has the moon a gender in English ? It is der Mond and die Sonne in German, opposed to e.g. la lune et le soleil.

  5. The music is not really my cup of tea, more cello is needed, I think. The singer looks as though her and I could be related. In the English language I think the moon is typically given a female pronoun. Maybe it is Robert Heinlein’s fault with his book, “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” There is a song by the same title that has been redone many time. Of all the ones I found I think I like the original the best by Jimmy Webb. This one also has a nice photo collection of moon pictures.

  6. I was first confronted with word gender when learning French. With le/la I have a 50% chance of guessing correctly.

    German word gender was a shock with case thrown in: der/das/die/die den/das/die/die dem/dem/der/den des/des/der/der! I just stick to guessing between der/das/die. Sorry.

  7. Mitzi says:

    Yes it was a whopper. Strangely boats and cars are often addressed as she and the penny falls machine on TIpping Point is addressed as a ‘hard mistress’.

  8. “Punkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich – fertig ist das Mondgesicht.”
    A children’s rhyme, dear Mistress.

    DO what Montaigne told a man who asked him about the difficulties of the Italian language and about his shyness to use the language : Just Do It ! It is absolutely unimportant whether you get the forms right der/das/die LẌ, first their will always one be who “recognises” your use of the language as local (“It is Sicilian !” – “No – Southern French !”), and second : The gesture and the spirit count : People will react friendly, because one at least tries to talk to them in their language. I did serious crimes to French and Italian and no one made me responsible for it !

    Boats & Cars ? WHy not aeroplanes, at least ? Mankind is mad, Mitzi … I never have heared “penny falls machine” before, thank you. And as always, it seems to be best just before it comes out.

    Awwwh, that’s nice der/das/die LẌ !

    Now let me step out into that cold wet ddm (Thank You, Savannah). Thankfully no fog yet.

  9. I returned from work late on Tuesday night under the strange light of that big yellow moon. Well, when it wasn’t obscured by clouds. It obviously perturbed someone, as a crash (hopefully no one was seriously hurt) forced me on a detour through winding country lanes.

    Peace to you too, Mago.

  10. Some nasty crashes around here lately, IDV ; thankfully I was not involved in any, it just happened after I had passed or before I entered those roads.
    Peace brother !

    I have never seen such a thing before LẌ, let alone heared. As I learned from the wiki entry he made only three of them : One perished in a fire, while the other two survived, one in Paris, one in Vienna.Great find !

    Great News Roses ! WIsh you both all the best !

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