Sunday Music

Another Monday edition, sorry about that, but things happen. So excuse me while I keep on being busy, or at least I try looking so, and have a little song called Japanese Sandman performed by Django REINHARDT in the Paris of summer 1937.
I hope You enjoy the music, and that this week will become a little more gentle in its course. Thankfully next week will be a vacancy, what a happy prospect.



18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I should fill my vacuum with thoughts and manage to bring them down to paper (or at least channel them through my fingers into this machine), but sadly there’s only a small headache and free floating nonsense available, sometimes even not the latter, because that would require additional “thoughts” & they keep hiding in the fog … Sorry MsScarlet, I am slipping slowly in a vegetable state of consciousness … do potatoes make a sound ?

  2. In my own experience, I usually found that carrying around something — papers, tools, clipboard, wires, anything really — was the best way to look busy and not be interrupted!

    Guten woche!

  3. Thank you for the tip LẌ – I think I’ll use some papers, perhaps a clipboard. No wires dangling out of my vest, this may be lead to misinterpretations nowadays …

  4. Wonderful selection. I have been far too busy, working 60 hour weeks for the past month led to my patient being injured. While I’ve been found not at fault, I do feel it was the fault of muddled thinking on my part. I’ve been pretty shaken by the whole sordid mess.

  5. Thanks for sharing this lively tune. I hope you feel better & enjoy your time off. Do something nice for yourself & take it easy. Sometimes, inspiration comes in the most unlikely & unexpected places, when you’re doing something else. Have a great week!

  6. Cheeeriooo old chap … the small headaches were fought with water, mostly. It worked. Now the water falls from the sky through dense fog, truely a ddm Hoppelschaum … I do not give up the hope that you’ll post something again one day in the distant future. Right now it is great to see you around here !

    Darling Cara ! I have a bad conscience, I have neglected you. Sixty hours – I could not do this anymore, it would kill me within six months. I can not work twelve-hour-shifts anymore.
    I am sorry to hear that something went wrong. As I know you, even when it is absolutely clear that you did no wrong, you will accuse yourself, you will always search the mistake or wrongdoing on yourself.

    No time off yet Eroswings, next week : Actually it is putting on that nice water-proof working jacket and stepping out in the cold rain. What after all is a great experience in its own right.

  7. Sitting in a pile of 60 boxes of books awaiting arrival of strong men, Django has cheered me up during a totally catastrophic month or two of upheaval (*) at Nikos World Towers with the problem of the cat’s litter tray still remaining .

    *Moving to upstairs flat to vacate ground floor for Granny Nikos World in case you were interested

  8. I used LX’s carrying papers with me as I wandered aimlessly talking to colleagues. It was an open plan office and occasionally I’d put a piece of paper on their desk and they’d point and tap different sections of it as we talked about plans for the weekend.

    No point getting old, if you don’t get crafty with it.

    Don’t run yourself into the ground until your vacant moment my darling. xx

  9. Bonus tip! I also found that having a messy desk during the day was a good move. Each active project’s papers were in separate folders scattered on the desk top. If someone dropped by with questions, I could whip out the appropriate folder. It also gave the illusion of efficient multi-tasking! At the end of the day, all of the folders would be put away and leave a nice clean desk top to give the illusion of organized efficiency!

  10. It is Django, but Stepan I did not hear Dinahmow. I’m steaming along …

    Oh, the cat’s litter tray problem, difficult Nikos, I hope it will be sorted out, and your living out of the box will be finished soon !

    Thank you LGS – we still have an aeroplane to built.

    So that is what all these people do in the large office spaces ! I do not intent to run meself into the ground Roses, but I have to admit that the floor comes a little bit closer. I will be thankful for the next week without driving.

    Oh dear – multitasking ! I am terrible at this. I become nervous when folders pile up on my desk LẌ, so try to have as less as possible stored there. Also in the car, I have things put away. It drove me nuts when one of the short-lived replacement-co-drivers scattered things around.
    I aim at having a clean desk next week. actually I have lying around only papers for the different short texts, copies and some books. When all is written and finished, my desk will be flawless i its shiny emptiness … as if …

  11. Rum and coke, a nice diet in the spirit of H.S.Th. dearets Proxima – about cats soon !

    Great that you dropped by Savannah – the fun is limited at the moment, but I’m a gonna get that basted right by the balls ! (Just returned from The Infomaniac, sorry.)

    *cough* So that cheap plastic bomber is at least good for one thing, showing old Golfs who is boss on track ! Really, those Saxons have nothing better to do LẌ

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