Sunday Music

*cough* – sorry, better don’t come too close to the screen. Of course “holidays” equals “becoming ill” with flue-like things like coughing, sneezing, headaches, sweat and general cotton-headedness. I do not know whether such a word exists, it does so right now : Welcome to the world, new word.
The next days will stay sunny and fresh, with nights down to 3° C, and thick fog in the morning. In fact on Frayday morning I found it difficult to follow a small road. I know it pretty well, but visibility was so low that I could not see bushes or trees right next to my vehicle. All this is over, I will drive nowhere over the next days. And I will not go out, maybe in two or three days, but not earlier. So its reading & sleeping. I should write something, but doubt that it will be coherent. So excuse me please, and do not use this mouse without disinfection first.
Today’s Sunday Music is a little piece Chiaro di Luna (“Moonlight”) performed by the fabulous Trio LESCANO and the orchestra BARZIZZA (Eng.) sometime in 1942. I hope you like the music, and may the dreaded cold / flu / lurgy avoid you, stock up on tissue *tröööt*.




11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Take care & get well soon. I echo the advice of eating some warm chicken soup & drinking lots of fluids. And get plenty of rest. I hope the weather gets better & you feel cozy.

  2. Thank you LẌ – it’s really amazing what you can do with these seedy bolsters, but I think more sooner than later a new one is alright.

    At the moment I am glad with a coffee, some yougurth later dearest Norma

    I depend on the Luftdruck, but do not understand how it works Nikos. At a certain degree of Fahrenheit my brain turns to goop … Edit : See what I mean ? It’s Pascal, not Fahrenheit !

    *Grabs box* – Thank YOu DInahmow ! I think I used up a year’s manufacture of tissue …

    Not yet Mistress, thank you for the offer, but my skin right now says no. As nice as hot water would be, the idea to have to touch something cold, like parts of the bath tub etc. makes me shiver. I feel so weak that I doubt I’d get out of that tub again.

    Rest is it Eros, rest. Tonight was the first time in ages that I felt angst, even a hint of panic. I found it difficult to breath through the nose, sometimes even impossible ; the bed too soft, like something ready to swallow me ; not enough fresh air in the room, but when opening the window fully a terrible gust of cold air would run over me, causing more wheezing, coughing and cold sweat. In the end I got up and sat upright in an armchair in my living room, next to a small lamp. A cup of hot nettle tea helped with the breathing. I even slept.
    I hate it.

  3. I have the cold too, but no time to rest! Lots to be done! If you drool excessively the night before (due to a stuffy nose) just throw a fresh sheet over the bed and wash the whole lot after you feel better.

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