Book on a Chair

Yes, the latest internet frenzy, the newest “meme”, it finally reached the tranquil room I inhabit, it’s Book[s] on a Chair !
MsScarlet did it, IDV did it, sort of – and gently asked me whether I could take “a photo of the book on one of your chairs or seating conveniences ?”
Of course I can, who could resist his Norfolk charme, and her Devon ways ?
No one.
I am clay in the sensible fingers of my venerated readers.
Here are pictures of HATJEs book that is mentioned in the previous post.


HATJEs neue möbel 6
HATJEs neue möbel 6



HATJEs neue möbel, aufgeschlagen, furniture designed by HIRCHE on the right
HATJEs neue möbel, aufgeschlagen, furniture designed by HIRCHE on the right


Just another view
Just another view


Quality of the pictures is so lala, I’m still weak and shaky.

Edit :
How could I forget LẌs Book on a Chair ?!
Lola and Nikko will ignore me for the rest of my life. Thanks to IDV for alerting me of my mistake.

21 thoughts on “Book on a Chair

  1. Not only have you completed a brilliant meme Mr Maggs… but I suspect the makings of another… “Books on My Shelf”… This could be the beginings next interweb craze. Have a joyful and productive week once you have recovered from all that pacture snapping of course!

  2. Leaves the question what chair to use, dearest MsScarlet ? A Rietveld, others – so many chairs, just one arse ! ?
    The shelves are dishevelled & dusty, cramped too. Assuming three minutes per book, I guess it would take around three hundred hours. Books create dust, the heating dries the air, no wonder I have to drink …

    I am heavyly using tea and vitamins to fight back the cold or whatever it is, dear Princess, tomorrow morning I have to bring my vehicle into the garage for winter tyres, I’d like to return undented in all respects.

    Damn it LẌ, escaped me – my brain is still mush !

  3. Oh, you did it! Splendid! And you’ve gone one better than the rest of us (with the possible exception of LẌ, I believe?) by not only photographing a book on a chair (the book about chairs, no less), but also showing us what’s inside!

    I apologise for all the exclamation marks. I got carried away despite Ms Scarlet’s earlier warnings of the aformentioned marks bringing about a “1984”-esque future.

  4. Thank you for alerting me IDV, LẌ’s, Lola’s & Nikko’s Book on a Chair is added. And yes you are right, they show their favourite Kliban drawing.
    Feel free to use as many marks as you like !

    You are unprizable, dearest Scarlet.

  5. I did make an attempt at this book-on-a-chair thing, but, it being a rocking chair, I found it difficult.Especially when a cat jumped on board to see what it was all about…sigh…
    And now I have to beat a chair book on a chair. sigh…
    But very well done, Sir,especially while suffering from some lurgy!

  6. Lovely fotos. I quite like the contrast of black & white art fotos of furniture on a natural, rich wood color chair.

    Get well soon. Have a warm cup of tea & some warm nutritious soup. Be safe & be warm.

  7. “a book in a book shelf, the book having pictures of book shelves ” – so far I understand, but I have a problem with “you would need to philosophically visualise that” Nikos. The philosophical visualisation … maybe I can find someone’s imagination of Borges’ library, or a Matryoshka … Needs some further thinking.

    You do not have to beat nothing, dear Dinahmow, it’s not a contest ! And I am sure cat on a rocking chair would be welcomed with great fanfare by our readers.
    The lurgy lurches on.

    Thank you for the tip LẌ. BTW on 18th of November it will be 31 years since Calvin caught Hobbes with a tuna sandwich.

    I just returned from my trip to the garage. I have no idea how they can work there with the doors open, but on the other hand juggling those wheels surely keeps’em warm. I feel like returning from the fridge, but it is far from freezing or so. Right now just anything under 21° C feels like ice to me. Over the last days I learned to like tea.
    Thank you for the good wishes Eroswings.

    Just for your viewing pleasure I linked the pictures to the files – I do not understand why they did not open when I put them in yesterday – I blame the mush head.
    Yes it is The Crossbow, dearest Mistress, a dangerous weapon that fascinated me since I saw them as a kid in an medieval arsenal. A well organised group of men armed with good crossbows can even stop attacking knights in full armour, the medieval equivalent of modern tanks.
    PAYNE-GALLWEY, Ralph : The Crossbow. Medieval and modern, military and sporting. Its construction, history & Management, with a treatise on the balista and catapult of the ancients and an appendix on the catapult, balista & the Turkish bow. London 1995 (First published 1903)

  8. And if we are able to nuke one of those quantums the book will stay absolutely safe from any intruders ( = readers). I need a quantum of vino fino now. Isn’t “Quantum Books” a publishing house of ill repute ?

  9. Eroswings

    I just commented on your blog. I think my comment vanished. Then made another comment, very short, just “Eh ?”, and was asked by something I never encountered before for my full name – is this a normal thing, like caused by the damn French bot, or is this something sinister ? Where do I have to sign ?

  10. Ooh, thanks for the heads-up of Calvin & Hobbes 31st anniversary, Mago. I can feel a Calvin & Hoobes-a-thon coming on…

    I hope you’re feeling better?

  11. No worries Melanie, they are stored at different locations … I am not crazy like those who want to have one exemplar of every book ever printed, this is not a modern craziness. One man whose name I forgot, an Englishman of course, tried this in the 19th century, of course ruining himself and the whole family in trying. He had different storing facilities over Europe, notably France – I still have the Romantic idea that one of his magazines will be found …

    Concisely condensed dear Squirrel, as it behooves the natural scientist.

    Thank You IDV, I am better. No more headaches, rarely sneezing & coughing, breathing very much improved. Hoobes – maybe a result of Hobbes’n hootch …

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