Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The last sunny day, in the course of tomorrow the clouds will become dense and there is even first snow forecast for tomorrow evening. It already has become colder.
I feel better, no more headaches and – most important – no more obstruction, I can breathe freely again.
I was remarkably lazy over the last days, have written nothing ; at least I collected a bit more material for one of the articles I carelessly promised to write. Finally I opened an “official” email account I had avoided for some time – and was greeted with hundreds & hundreds of spam-mails.
And because they nowadays come with “real” sender names I started to look at them. After ten minutes I gave up, and became content with a summary overview before I annihilated the next batch – I could not bring meself to press the “big red button” and destroy all in the spam-folder summarily for fear to erase something important or useful. But nevertheless there may have been some genuine mails lost.
But not only the spam-folder, the regular income-folder also was abounding from this damn waste. Another account I have with the same provider is not run over, wonders of electroland …
So I trawled the web and youtube for some Sunday Music. And I found Mr Adrian ROLLINI (Eng., Ger.), together with Allen HANLON on guitar (bio, an overlooked studio player & teacher, who can be found on various recordings from the thirties to the eighties in various genres), and George HNIDA on bass (about whom I could find nothing), playing their version of Loch Lomond in 1948 – hope you enjoy the music.
Now let’s face the coming week. As I hear, the Northern Americans will predestine a new presidente on Thursday – ach, Amerika … let’s see what is left on the 9th of November. Wherever you life, I hope the snow will not stay for long, you have it warm, and may the senseless madness finally come to an end.




15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Very pleased that your cold thingy has subsided.

    Nicely appropriate musical selection. Our Presidential election certainly did take the Low Road!

    Chance of some badly needed rain here. Plus, the clocks went back this morning.

  2. The need for Americans to truly get out & vote is more important than ever! And I am doing my damn best to get people to care & vote! Because choices matter, & I refuse to be silent & do nothing & let the idiots try to control our gov’t. The gov’t only works when the people being governed participate.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee or cocoa to warm you up on those cold days. Be safe & be well.

  3. Despite being a cliche of almost every well known Scottish theme, “Loch Lomond” has perked me up a bit – delightful! And I’m glad you’ve perked up, too.

    I feel for LẌ, Eros, and the rest of our American friends – I’d rather deal with Brexit than their election, and that’s saying something. I just hope the least awful person wins.

  4. Princess says:

    If that chap had learned the bagpipes he’d have saved on paying for a bassist and guitarist to assisit him… Still it’s a nice jaunty frollic.
    Is the election in America? From the 24/7 news coverage here I thought we were going to the polls again…
    Glad you are feeling well again

  5. Ah, the xylophone, a commonly underappreciated instrument.

    Glad you are feeling better! Now to wash the sheets! We are too frugal to burn them, despite your earlier temptation 🙂

    Alas, this election fiasco won’t end on election day. It will undoubtedly drag on. I just hope the American people can remain mostly united despite what drama plays out.

  6. You too turned the clocks LẌ – I have lost count a bit … I hope rain will drop soon, without flashflood !

    As someone once saied : The big advantage of the democracy is that people can get rid of a gouvernement by voting. What first means that they go voting, and second that they accept the result. Let’s see what happens next Eroswings.

    It’s a round of perking IDV ! Everything “Brexit” is a bit hard to understand now from my perspective, it seemed so easy once …

    According to what I read Rollini played a lot of instruments, including strange saxes. And he seemingly died under “circumstances”, after having retired from music all together. Thank you Princess.

    Corned beef & cabbage, is this the American answer to “Haggis”, dear Norma ?

    “Aldi-Schmaldi, hauptsach’ du hast es Arscherl warm !” Aus der Abteilung “Weisheit des Motrorradfahrers”. No need to thank me Nikos, ‘mer gebed gern !

    I only hope that you are wrong Melanie, and that after Tuesday the nonsense is over. It certainly is enough by then.
    Now let’s start the bolide again.

  7. Good to know you are feeling better. There’s a lot of it about. Both Dave and Rowan are fighting a dastardly bug off.

    Yes, the spam emails are a complete pain. Delete. Delete. Delete.

    Snow already? Ugh. It’s wet, windy and grey here.

  8. I have the headache now. I spent yesterday afternoon in bed because of it… and Sunday evening was blurry. We have possible sleet forecast. It is jolly cold here too. I am keeping my head down until the 9th November.

  9. I hope the lurid lurgy bugs off. Here it is wet, windy and sunny – bah, the forecast is always wrong ! I hope the virus or whatever it is will spare you, lovely Roses, stay warm, dry and colourful, m’love.

    This afternoon the headache came back MsScarlet, the left side of my head feels like örg.
    I think it is the car’s door, and / or something with the ventilation / venting on this side. Tomorrow I will switch it all off. Now I eat a payne killer.
    Stay inside, I hope you can light a little fire so you can thaw the ink, careful with the frozen feathers, ach

  10. Thank you for the recommendations Autolycos – both artists are new to me. Interesting to see that Reg Kehoe (what a name !) had a death-metal-bass-player in his group, avant la lettre … he could do Wacken or some such festival right now.

  11. It’s all a bit much now. Kabuki Zero comes back from the dead, Slave Damien now wants to be called Wonder Bear or something, President Trump is still not elected – I have to go to bed.

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